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General Discussion / Re: Inconspicuous trait question.
« on: August 21, 2017, 01:13:37 PM »
How many points did inconspicuous cost? I like to take light step and weak scent, which makes it a bit harder for monsters to detect you (from scent and sound at least) I guess, making you a bit less inconspicuous. It sounds like those two are what you want and the inconspicuous trait wasn't actually doing anything for you from the other replies here, so maybe give those a try.

Thanks for this, I can now role play 9 year old IRL version of me with my .410 youth shotgun(I shot many of my first animal with that thing) thanks to this mod XD.

Don't you think schools became overcrowded after they were jsonized?

Meh, they've always been pretty high population, and they have a tendency to be noisy enough to attract nearby Zs as well.

(Not NEARLY as bad as Home Improvement Super Stores, of course, but nothing else in the game is THAT ridiculous.  Well, except the vault, but that's a special case.)

I dunno. Home Improvement Super Stores don't have that much zombies compared to the sea of undead children in a school, based on my experience. Basically had to use boxing which I stopped using after reaching 11 unarmed just to go through the area - so much bodies exploding from cross counter... there's so much to the point that zombies were reviving in the middle of smashing through all the bodies, basically had to lob a couple of incendiary grenades to simply just cremate the bodies. With all the filthy clothing and tainted meat lying around, it was easy enough to turn most of the bodies to ash.

Like, here's a screenshot of my survivor's latest exploit with a school. Note that the piles of tainted meat further extends to the SE.

Last school I went to I couldn't kill and smash them fast enough before they revived, as well. I even had to repair clothing and just ignore the hits while surrounded, since they couldn't actually do any damage except to my armor when i didn't dodge them. I had made noise with a tank outside before hand though, which made everything come towards me. I've had much easier times clearing Home Improvement SuperStores, but have only cleared out a handful of each the super store and the school, so my sample size isn't very big.

I am having the same problem with NPC infinite loop. Started 2 games today and both died right after this error.
Win 10 x64
0.C-23498-gffc5540 (tiles)

edit: I tried reverting to the last build that worked for me , but I still get this error. I just read on reddit that 6689 seems to be what I needed to revert to, instead of 6690.

I remember back in 0.A/B NPC's were able totrain you in skills, huge shame that isn't the case.

They can still train you in skills - the OP was asking about martial arts styles, which isn't quite the same thing.

My bad, my sleep deprived mind forgot to add "martial arts" before "skills".

Lemme rephrase it.

Too bad they can't (as far as I know) train you in martial arts styles other than brawl.

I think they can teach you meleeunarmed, which in turn has you auto learn brawling. If you see my post above, if you ask them to train you directly in brawling it will train one of the other skills they have. If none of those are available it will train you in the last skill that was successful, whether they have it or not.

I have this happen, and will tell you my temp workaround until it is properly fixed. If I ask them "Can I have some equipment before leaving the shelter" before going to do a quest or if you chose any other option other than "I need no payment" once completing a quest I get the same problem where it says I owe them a certain amount of money when trading. If you do chose "I need no payment" once completing their quest, they will give you whatever you want and teach you whatever they know with a 100% chance.

Also if you get them to come with you before completing the quest, and have them teach you anything while you have a quest active from them, it cancels that quest, so don't ask unless you want a quest in your mission log to stay there for the rest of your game without being able to complete it. Maybe there is a way to remove it, but I haven't looked into it. Solusphere told me about that one when I made a NPC bug thread last week about NPCs training skills. Here's the link if your interested.. not much there i didn't mention here though.

General Discussion / Re: Kind of annoyed to be honest....
« on: August 18, 2017, 12:52:10 AM »
Yikes I didn't know about blood, I guess that might be why a lot of games have the "no gore" option.. maybe it ships default for that region. Are games like cs:go and call of dooty not allowed, or just allowed with no blood?

Do I need to be putting iron sights on my crossbow or heavy crossbow? I thought I read that most ranged weapons come with some sort of base integrated sight or something, but am still a tad confused on this.

How can I set up safe mode so that dogs trigger it at 5 tiles away, but everything else stays the same. Every time I try and set it up, it seems to work for a bit and then doesn't when I save and start later, and sometimes even during game play. It just acts like safe mode is off.

7570 damage on a grabber zombie with my first ever 120mm tank hit. XD

As I recall, plants that are ready to harvest won't wither away, so basically you can plant a massive amount, and only harvest the stuff you need.

I was wondering about that, I have just planted a couple sections on a farm that were pre-plowed where I'm holding up in as my base of operations until I can make a nicer roaming vehicle.
I remember one of my earlier runs I had forgotten I planted some stuff and came back like a year later and the plants were still there ready to be picked.. I just wasn't sure if I was getting a full yield or not since I didn't have much experience with the farming mechanic yet.

According to the wiki, it cuts the hoarder morale debuff by half, and in general if total morale is negative it'll reduce it by 25%.
Ah so that's what it meant by antidepressant it doesn't give joy it just suppresses negative morale.

Yeah the wiki also says it can enhance the effects of other drugs, as well, but I haven't used it yet. I was hoping it wasn't like real life where it takes multiple weeks to actually start working.

Are you guys happen to use Stats through skills?
The Calculating of the new Stats might be the cause of a change in max HP without raising your current HP.
As I understood, all of you did either read books or crafted, which would cause skill progress and activate the script raising your attribues when you reach a new level in one of your skills.

I've had this happen too, and I'm thinking Kadian is on to something here, because I have spawned into the world with a new char a few times with half a tick of damage on everything but my legs as well. I also saw in a youtube video, I believe one of Rycon Roleplays', where they started with the same damage, so I thought it was just something I didn't understand yet.

What does the protective lenses bionic do? Eye protection? Doesn't the anti-glare compensators do that already?

The protective lenses add a shield over your eyes to protect from particles and whatnot, like when you get blinded from a hit or from boomer bile and I guess maybe even acid from a spitter.

The anti-glare compensators protect from light sources, like from flash bangs or a welding flame. The anti-glare I guess doesn't actually protect the eyes from any physical objects.

At least that is the way I understand it, but I could be missing something.

looks like deoxy beat me to a reply, but it might still help so going to hit post anyway, hope that's OK

I'm not even sure if NPCs can teach martial arts anymore.

I don't think they can, at least not brawling(which is the only one I've seen them offer in my short time of playing), which like you said you learn anyway I believe through the melee skill. When I ask an NPC to train me in brawling they just teach me the last skill they trained me in, whether they have the skill level for it or not.

On one hand, figured out how to raise close-range skills past level 7.

On the other hand, knowing how to raise it to level 11 remains a mystery. Tried encumbering the entire body where encumbrance on each part was at least 50-70, with torso at 120+ encumbrance, wielding a scalpel (since I want to train piercing and that one is at level 11 already). Nothing happens.

In fairness I'm trying this on a lone zombie dancer which I spawned for the purpose of figuring it out. Still, the fact that nothing isn't happening despite my survivor suffering some crippling penalties to movement and combat is not a good sign.

I'm stumped. Has anyone managed to raise it past 11 in the current versions of the game? Is there anything in the game files that'll hint to how to raise it past that level?

I've gotten to 11 in piercing, 25 in swimming, and 22 in rifles on my current survivor, but it's from the bug where when you ask an NPC to train you brawling they train you in the last skill(i think) you asked them to train you successfully, whether they have the level in that skill or not. I've kinda turned it more into a test run/debug run now, just trying to see how some of the later game content works before I restart again I guess, it feels kinda cheesy though that I got those skills so easily.

I do get the message "you need to attack tougher targets to train your xxx skill higher"(or whatever it says) when using my machete, it alternates between bashing, peircing, and cutting actually, when I thought it just had bashing and cutting damage.

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