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The Library - Lore, Stories, and Creative Endeavours / Re: Zombie shark
« on: August 02, 2017, 02:59:54 PM »
Wait, do we have a sea in the game?

Not it is not possible.

Either you have wander spawn enabled, so zombies can spawn in your safe area, or have it off, so nothing will spawn at all.

Pain already drops all the stats that morale would, except for the no-craft thing.

Too painful/distracted to craft anything.

Better excuse than being wet or unhappy.

Now I wonder why a NPC headshots you often, while you can't kill them in the same fashion.

They don't dodge your attacks, but the bullets tend to avoid their head and torso.

Oh, about the second one, I'm curious why I can't see things inside a cabinet from a distance. I thought they are similar features, but it appears not.

1. How about let the player lie on the ground so enemies from a distance have more trouble spotting them?

2. How about omitting some details if the object is far away? (depending on how big the object is)

Example 1: you can tell there's a humanoid there but you are not sure if it is a zombie or an NPC.
Example 2: small objects on the ground stop being visible or become obscured (Computer Science 101 --> a book --> something)

Sigh, I recall dirty cloth used to work in crafting, but sadly they don't now.

Reminds me of the old days, when I played as a medieval peasant, I collected all containers including cans from the grass.

I have a question, do those metal doors destroy items on their way when closed by a winch?

It so maybe it's a good way to get rid of unwanted items.

I wonder why you don't lose morale points when you tell a robber to fuck off before killing him, but lose morale points if you kill him when he is looting you.

Most frustrating when the components are hard to collect, more so when your end game goal is ruined because of that.
Some high level crafts have a chance to fail even when you have decent intelligence.

While there could be other solutions, maybe we can have a switch in the options menu that disables this feature?

Not a bad idea. I'd like for instead of the item simply disappearing, for its components to be left behind; scrap metal, conductors, thread, and the like.

You reminds me, the materials are all consumed when the job is done. Which is also unrealistic so why bother destroying them in the first place?

For example, you are making a sonic screwdriver which is super hard to make. You will need 1 week to finish it. In the last hour, you suddenly have a different ideal and cancel the job. You lose nothing except your time.

And let's forget how you can salvage ingredients from half-cooked food.

And as can be seen, the grass textures dont seem to line up, and so its covered in black lines everywhere

Maybe you can try with and without software rendering.

It seems to be a bug of the game, not really the fault of the tileset.

Well, in that case, Dragon Kung Fu is more powerful. It is ridiculously strong without even decent dodge skills.

Similar tech is Zui Quan from Self-Defense Classes, but I don't know how efficient it is comparing to Aikido but consider it is a less powerful version of Dragon Kung Fu.

Are you sure?

Maybe it depends on how many points you put into melee skills.

I just tried a normal black belt, he could barely beat one hulk, let alone 8.

Should need a machine in hospital.

That makes sense. Or maybe have someone to help you.
For example, those replace body parts (eyes, limbs, for example) with cybernetics.

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