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i also made this really REALLY misarble wiki... like seriusly, i searched "Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead" and it gave me 6000 pages to go through, there was age of empires, how is that even... anyeay heres the like, am RainBoom in there btw
You wrote the game name wrong...
This game is years old, we have wiki already.
Btw, did you read the first post, this forum is closed, don't expect answers. :)

New forum:
CDDA wiki:

My impression is the infection is more common but less deadly, most of the time it is heal without any medicine. In the older versions i had to find a disinfectant to prevent dieing, nowadays i just wait out. But it is not a new change, i think it is like one year old.

Well, then maybe it should damage the body.

- sweating if running or doing hard work, to make it a problem in cold enviroment
- on-fire flag for monsters which damage the monster and its attacked target
- crafting recipe to change back the pair-of-sock-mitts into pair-of-socks

Yes, i miss the bury-our-fallen-NPCs feature too. Netzenk idea could be work.. i hope! :D Anyway you can make a sign as a "headstone" with the construction menu and you can write on it with spray can i think.

Also there are cemetery in the game so the objects are in the game, hopefully a dev will implement them as constructable items.

For dynamic spawn you can enable the wandering spawn. Zombie hordes will be in almost every cities and they are attracted by noises so more will come with time.

The problem is with the automatic reloading for example if you have just few batteries maybe you don't want the game to reload your soldering iron because left you without batteries for your flashlight and later you have to walk in the dark in a city because you left your soldering iron in your base. So i think using batteries from the inventory without reloading would be better.

It is the same with the pills, maybe you don't want to use your disinfectant because this was the last zombie you wanted to kill today and you don't mind the pain because you want to craft for the rest of the day and you are healthy enough to survive a zombie bite.

I think it is really hard to make an UI which easy to use for players and can handle exceptions. Maybe the easiest solution would be an "auto-resolve" button which would pop up all the fixable problems and you can confirm them or disable some of them.

Someone could explain to me why autothings are necessary? Because i think it is a wrong direction. Maybe you see some tasks as a chore, but it is part of the game, the game reality. Seeing it as a chore is like viewing ordinary zombies as time wasting obstacles because they are weak against a mid-game character. There will be auto-killing against weak monsters in the future? Auto-hunting and auto-farming? My problem is everyone has a different opinion, where is the limit?

I think auto-actions are wrong. If something is a chore then it should be rethought not automaticed. Making foods and eating them is a chore? Simplify it. Make every food big enough to fed the characters for a full day. Make it a daily rations. And let us eat two or more rations. It is realistic? No, but make the action less annoying.
Tool reloading is a chore? Discard reloading for tools. Let them use their charges from the inventory. Just show us how many charges we have and will be used.

Pills are problems because the overdose effects. Maybe you could just give them full day effect with a warning for possible overdose. But maybe it is good as it now, after all the pain is in the game to give instant regret without killing the character instantly. It should be a problem not an auto-resolved annoyance. Btw i see no problem with the pills, i simply set letters to them so i can use them without hunting them in the menu...

The clothes are problems because the temperature is too detailed, only few different temperature would be less chore because every clothes could defined to a temperature. Now the characters sometimes needs to wear or take of their socks because the temperature changing just a little, but enough to make the temperature uncomfortable.

I know it sound wrong because i talk about simplify things which are very detailed and awesome, but if some tasks are a chores, then the game is too detailed.

I see you fixed it. Thank you, i can't wait to die by it next time. :D

My opinion:

1) Until you level up your melee and dodge skills the most important attribute of the good weapon its to-hit bonus. At start i prefer makeshift crowbar, it has +2 hit and can open doors so i can loot for better stuff. Later the to-hit bonus is less important, get some weapons with serious damage. Very important to get fit clothes with minimum encumbrance. They greatly reduce the taken damages, a simple leather jacket will save you against most weaker enemies. Also weapons with block feature will save you from a lot of damage.

2) Strength is important for good melee and for more Hit Points. Perception is good for ranged attacks and to detect mines.

3) Day raids, because you can see everything and you can plan your moves. Around corners you can peek and spot enemies in time. I walk until a zombie spots me, i retreat few tiles to prevent other zombies to spot me, i wait until the zombie get close and then i kill it. I lure them one by one until they are gone. If the zombie is strong i set a bush or discarded clothes on fire and i lure the zombie into the fire. I hit the zombie and then run one tile away, with this i can poke it to dead and it can attack back fewer times. If the monster is too strong i run through a house and i close every doors behind me. If there are different groups of monsters i lure one of them into an other one. If they are closer to each others than to me, they will attack each others and i can run away or kill the wounded winners.

4) Never tried it.

edit: blocking weapons

I think there is a bug in the mattack::chickenbot, the grenade launcher used only when range is exacly 38.

Code: [Select]
bool mattack::chickenbot(monster *z)
    case 2:
        if( dist <= 20 ) {
            rifle( z, target );
    case 3:
        if( dist == 38 ) {
            frag( z, target );
        return false; // Weak stuff, shouldn't bother with

    return true;

Exacly, also - as i know, never tried - spears can be use as ranged weapons with few tiles range because they have long reach.

Yes, a character status on the screen would be a good change, i frequently miss the deep bite messages and later wonder why i'm infected. Maybe the top row of the screen could be used for character status? This would add more space for the map and messages on the right side.

BTW, status changes should be colored messages also it would be good to add some alarm sound to them, so the player could not miss them.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Re: Car wont drive
« on: January 04, 2017, 10:19:15 PM »
If you can start the car but you can't accelerate it then maybe your car is overloaded, too heavy.
If you can't start the car, is there any message why it is not started?

You see, you are the only living human in the cataclysm. The others was humans too, but now they are just blob driven living things. I'm sure you already noticed their lack of common sense and their similar behaviours. The blobs raise the dead and heal the living as they mend the wounds with their own alien matter. This change the living as their brain and other vital organs mixed with the blob matter. Sadly, this is the fate of every survivor, soon the humanity will be gone and the Earth will be inhabited by living shells mimicking their human predecessors.

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