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*Litppunk fires his DMR if hits Benedict's 2nd head cracking the skull!*

Benedict's 2nd head goes limp

*Biker 2 and 3 full-auto fire their SMGs, Benedict's body is riddled with small caliber bullets! further more the bullet spray hits Benedict's 1st head and 4th head!*

*Momotaro pulls a large block of C-4, charges at Benedict and jams the C-4 in the hole opened by the metal spike's explosion and back flips back to his original position*

Momo:"Everyone gets back!"

Benedic the abomination:*tries to take the C-4 off, clawing at it, but its paws are too distorted and unwieldy for such a task*

Biker 1 jumps away and assumes a fetal position, Helena runs and jumps away covering her head, the mutated dogs run to Biker 1 , Biker 2 and 3 look at each other and haul ass in an inelegant manner, Litppunk is already a safe distance away and turns his back to Benedict

*Momotaro presses a hidden switch! the block of 3kg of c-4 detonates from within Benedict! sending a shower of gore everywhere!! *

every living thing  and object in a radius of 60m is now covered in blood and guts

{Benedict has been struck down}


Biker 1:*looks up* "is... is everyone ok?"

Biker 2:*wipes chunklets of Benedict, from his face* "I will check on Carl" *runs toward Biker 4*

Biker 3:*Squeezes his long luscious hair like a piece of cloth and a lot of Benedict's blood comes out* "I will check on Brian!" *runs toward Brian the mutated dog*

Helena:*gets up* "aw gross!" *starts wiping her back*

Momo:*shakes his body like a dog.... Slash and Eric do the same*

(given what you did with Brute and the needle, I though that would be something you would do :P )

What is this?, good but possibly hard to implement ideas? not on my watch!

Terrible idea:Holiday events!

Since the game does not use months, but ratter seasons we use those, so every 25 of winter if your survivor has not done anything bad (eaten people, killed innocents, etc..) a survivor in a red coat comes to visit you and leaves you a present, if you have been bad however...
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so be good, because post apocalyptic Santa is always watching
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what other seasonal events could the game have?

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: October 30, 2017, 04:54:15 PM »
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*Litppunk fires his DMR the bullet hits Benedic's 2nd head piercing the left eye!*

*Biker 2 and 3 reload their guns*

Biker 1: *stands up* "Eric, Slash get back!"

Benedict: *stands up, the mutated dogs still holding on, Benedict's 1st head bites Slash's torso trying to pull him off, Slash won't let go, the 1st head pulls harder, Slash gets pulled off taking a chunk of Benedict's body with him!*

*Eric listen's to biker 1's command and stops biting and gets away from the monster*

*Slash turns his body and bites Benedicts 1st head on the side, tearing apart the left cheek!*

*Litppunk fires his DMR it hits Benedict's 1st head grazing the skull!*

*Benedict's 1st head howls in pain, dropping Slash from its jaws*

Helena:*fires her silenced Sig Sauer pistol, it pierces Benedict's 1st head, through the mouth and up to the back of the skull fracturing it (imagine a diagonal line passing through the ceiling of its mouth and also the very back of the skull)

Benedict's 1st head goes limp

Momo:*fiddles with his armor*

Benedict's 4th head stands back up and howls!

{forces remaining

Mad Dogs: Biker 1, Biker 2, Biker 3, Biker 4 {serious concusion}, Brian the mutaded dog {concusion, wood spintlers in torso} Slash the mutated dog{major bleeding}, Eric the mutaded dog.

Litppunk&company: Litppunk, Momotaro, Helena

Benedict the Abomination: 1st head{serious bleeding,Limp}, 2nd head{bleeding, impaired vision}, 3rd head{bleeding from neck}, 4th head {minor bleeding}, Body {major bleeding}

(The maps, I decided to make some maps to try to reduce confusion, so I googled for a free mapmaker and found this: its pretty neat!)

As everyone gets out, the monster tries to climb out and the cabin collapse on top of it!

Helena:"I don't think that will hold it for long"

the monster tosses logs aside as it pulls itself out from under the rubble

*Momotaro presses a hidden switch!, the metal spike's C-4 core detonates!, causing a small explosion within the monster's body!*

{a chunk of Benedic's lower body explodes!, the basketball sized wound is now gushing blood}

Benedict the abomination:"AAAARRRRG!!"

*Biker 2 and 3 full auto shoot their guns at the monster, the monster body is riddled with small caliber bullets!, heads 1 and 2 are hit by the bullet spray!*

*Slash and Eric the mutated dogs charge at Benedic and bite its body with full force! they latch on firmly*

Helena:*takes aim*

{forces remaining

Mad Dogs: Biker 1{laying prone}, Biker 2, Biker 3, Biker 4 {serious concusion}, Brian the mutaded dog {concusion, wood spintlers in torso} Slash the mutated dog{latching on}, Eric the mutaded dog{latching on}.

Litppunk&company: Litppunk, Momotaro, Helena

Benedict the Abomination: 1º head{minor bleeding}, 2º head{minor bleeding}, 3º head{bleeding from neck}, 4ºhead {limp}, Body {major bleeding, mutaded dogs latching on, laying prone}


Benedict's 4th head's nose begins drawing air

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Momo and Helena run after Litppunk and stand, weapons at the ready in front of the door

Biker 5: "it's right there in the cor-"

*an enormous dog head breaks through the floor boards and bites biker 5's entire lower body*

Biker 5:"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" *Biker 5's legs are crushed, a torrent of blood spewing forth*

a horrid amalgamation of flesh begins climbing and breaking the floor, a cacophony of barking and howlings, with a single voice that emerges from all mouths

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most of the monster's body is still in the basement

Biker 1:*drops the tool box and jerry can* "what heve you done!?"

Biker 2 and Biker 3, run to the front, guns drawn and gaze in horror at the monster

*Benedict the abomination swallows Biker 5, crushing him with its teeth* {Biker 5 has been struck down}

Biker 4: *fires his UZI at Benedict, the bullets hit its body, the monster seems unfazed*

Brian the mutated dog:*leaps at Benedic biting it with the full length of his jaw at one of Benedics necks, the monster howls and screams in pain* {Brian has latched on firmly!}

Brian the mutated dog: *Barks happily and eats the treat... in a rather awkward manner all the while waging his tail*
Biker 1:"there we go"

In the kitchen there are several bottles and jerrycans of water, along with bags of cocaine and marijuana, there is a pot full of potato stew

Biker 1:*takes the jerrycan of water and turns to Litppunk* "so, where is this ca-"

Suddenly the sound of floorboards splintering can be heard coming from the living room!

Biker 4:"what the fuck!?"

The dogs begin barking in alarm as the whole cabin begins to shake violently, a loud voice coming from below can be heard


portals opened all over the world it came from those, and also the blob infected the scientist and staff who then went outside, maybe I also think it contaminated the water, further more the people who died when they were experimenting with the blob were disposed of irregularly (you can see some of those inside a waste disposal sarcophagus)

Helena and Momo circle around through the woods, and are now approaching the back of the cabin still in the woods for cover.

Reaching the garage there are some disassembled motorcycles, oil puddles and boxes and shelves with engine parts

Biker 1:*mumbling* "radiator hose... where" *picks up a box* "there you are!" *takes a a brand new radiator hose, then takes a toolbox* "we don't keep water out here so head inside with me and we will get you some water" *he heads to the front door and opens the door*

inside the cabin there are another 2 bikers plus another mutated dog right next to the door

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Biker 1: *to the dog* "hey Brian!"

Brian the mutated dog: *starts licking Biker 1's face*

Biker 1:"No get off" *laughts* "stop, I got shit to do"

Biker 5:"Alright, that is enough Brian" *spots Litppunk* "who is he?"

Biker 1:"some guy whose radiator blew  or something, gonna take a jerry of water and fix his car"

on the northeastern corner of the cabin there is a large hatch, loud noises are coming from it

Biker 1:*to Litppunk* "its in the kitchen, come on"

XE037 is the blob, an extra dimensional entity that is what causes the zombies and the mutated animals (ever see those blob enemies?, that is the cause of the zombies) when someone dies for any given reason (so long as it does not make the body unusable, missing head, pulped etc...) the blob gets inside said corpse and puppeteers it around, eventually mutating it into more powerful forms (acid zombies, hulks, boomers etc..) basically the scientists of America figured out a way to open portals to another dimension which is where most the weird stuff comes from (flaming eyes, shogoths, the blob, etc...) it also caused a massive acid rain that killed most of the world's population, and since there were so many corpses lying around the blob was able to take possession of those unchallenged, and that is what caused the zombie problem in the game.

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Biker 1: " ?, what is the matter Slash?"

Slash the mutated dog: *begins sniffing the air, growls*

Biker 2: *looking at Biker 3* "I think he smelled something, what is it boy?, a squirrel?"

Biker 3: "Eric  smells something too!"

Eric the mutated dog: *Sniffs the air and starts walking in the direction of the group*

the Bikers look amused, the Dogs are sniffing around

Helena:*Quietly takes careful aim at the closest dog's head*

Momo: *gets in a ready position*

As the group moves parallel to the trail, it becomes noticeable that the dirt is very soft as if recently moved, further up the trail a faint noise can be heard


Followed by howls that are much louder


Continue moving through the trail the group stats to notice large paw prints in the dirt, they are about the size of a human head

Helena:*wispering* "I never saw paw prints this large before..."

*Momo unsheathes his katana*

From the distance a clearing can now be seen
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From your position you can see 3 Bikers partying around with 2 Mutated Dogs near the parked motorcycles

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