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How do you imagine the drive train would work Coolthuhu?

An actual multi-tile piece traveling across vehicles or just an abstract "drivetrain connection" installed on each engine.

Well, i'm back again. But this time, i'd like you to draw my mega-OP character.

Stats, mutations, etc.

Pale skin, yellow eyes, cloak,  suit of power armor and a katana. You get the lord of the sith package.

Well I cant do a screenshot because its in fullscreen or something but im a farmer in the swamp with a riot truck, police armor, riot helmet, cowboy hat, fishing wafers and a makeshift macuahuitl

 <3 cant wait to see what you draw

I drew the riot armor the helmet and the swamp, but not the rest. Hope its enough...

I finally found someone to lend me a drawing tablet, took long enough.

"C"lose de windows so the curtains are down, then examine them, a prompt should appear.

Permission to post this elsewhere? Obviously I'll credit ya. Doing a text LP elsewhere, would be cool to post this and all...

Sure, feel free to use it like that .

Oooh, me! Here's my current survivor...

This was a run to get me back into playing, so the build is pretty dang minmaxed, plus a first real try with StatsThroughSkills.
Maybe a pic without the headgear, perhaps? Is cool if there's a helmet and stuff. Feel free to ignore the jewelry and other useless junk like arm warmers since that'll be more work.

My tablet died halfway through so I had to finish inking and paint it using a mouse. Its a tad simpler than originally inteded (had to skip the guns and bags)

But its done, survivor #1, green knight

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: Make a monster ract to being damaged?
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:22:51 PM »

I'll go forth with it then.


But, answering your question, it seems the team is plans to start the whole release process in June or July

Since Im sitting by heaps of free time why not do this again?

Basically just submit a screencap of the @ screen, your inventory and the bionic menu if you have bonics. (Please place them under spoilers to help the readability of the thread)

And i'll  draw them, or at least I'll try.

Here's a drawing of my avatar and (typical survivor) so you know what type of results to expect:

(click to show/hide)

Last time I played I remember a "speed" setting for monsters. It replaced the old "slow zombies" mod. I quite like the functionality, really! But it affects all creatures, right? Isn't there a way to make it affect just zombies?

I haven't played in a long time but I'm planning to go back, so I decided to clear this doubt. I really wish there was a way to make it just affect zombies, but I won't complain if it can't!

It affects everything.

See PR 19398. Seems making the rule selectively enforced is not easy

The Toolbox - Code Help / Make a monster ract to being damaged?
« on: June 02, 2017, 01:26:25 AM »
I'm halfway through making a moster whose gimmick is teleporting randomly and frequently. I would want for this same ability to have a higher chance to  trigger  after the monster has taken damage.

Problem is that Im not entirely sure about the proper wat to do that.

I was thinking to add a new monster exclusive effect  "efffect_monster_was_hit" and then make void monster::apply_damage() add the effect everytime a monster  is damaged. Maybe limit the aplication of said effect if the monster has a certain flag.

Then make the monattack check if the monster has said effect and up the chances to teleport based on it.

Is this a decent way of implementing this behavior?

Not everyone of them spawns afaik Flesh Angels and a pair of robots  never spawn

Anyone know what happened to Coolthulhu?

He's been completely inactive for a month,  which strikes me as quite odd.

There're very few contrbutors with merging rights. And only a few of them are active.

But is the nerf intentional?

Not directly, but the nerf enforced what mapmakers most likely intended.

In short:
The intended version was that "chance" field means "chance to spawn items here". This is easy to understand and obviously The Right Thing. So any mapmaker who doesn't experiment would probably treat it as obvious.
The old version - bugged one - had "chance" meaning two different things: when "chance" was 100, it meant "spawn this thing here". When "chance" was below 100, it meant "keep spawning until you roll a number lower than chance". So "chance":90 meant "keep rolling and spawning stuff until you hit that 10% chance to stop rolling".

Some map features may need updating now, because any mapmaker who understood the bug has most likely tried to work around it.

Alright, thanks for your answer!

I'll update my stuff once I have time

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