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But is the nerf intentional?

Not directly, but the nerf enforced what mapmakers most likely intended.

In short:
The intended version was that "chance" field means "chance to spawn items here". This is easy to understand and obviously The Right Thing. So any mapmaker who doesn't experiment would probably treat it as obvious.
The old version - bugged one - had "chance" meaning two different things: when "chance" was 100, it meant "spawn this thing here". When "chance" was below 100, it meant "keep spawning until you roll a number lower than chance". So "chance":90 meant "keep rolling and spawning stuff until you hit that 10% chance to stop rolling".

Some map features may need updating now, because any mapmaker who understood the bug has most likely tried to work around it.

Alright, thanks for your answer!

I'll update my stuff once I have time


old, long-standing errors in the spawning code got nipped.

'chance', one of the variables that changes measurement depending upon what json code you look at, was not used correctly in any, of its instances.

But is the nerf intentional?

Have spawn rates been severly nerfed?

It seems loot from stores has reduced about tenfold.

When you say problem for high tech game. Is that just for CBM Installation and reading speeds?

Yes, that and hacking computers/robots.
But I thought 8 int prevented you from reading the lab journals and some other books, but it turns out you can still read them, just very slowly.

So 8 int is more like a mild hinderance, actually.

A good min-max character for starting out is

Scoundrel profession
 -12 strenght
 -10 dex
 -8 int
 -8 per

Night Vision
Animal Discord
Addictive Personality
Truth Teller



Makes you competent in melee, grants you very good starting gear, and none of its negative traits is a hinderance for combat.

The low int might be a  slight problem if you want a high tech lategame,  but  this class is good for learning the basics of early and mid game. 
Per does nothing particularily useful, its sort off usefull if you want to use long range guns, but thats not really an optimal playstile.

I was able to fight off the angry moose and the horde of zombies out front with my katana, now that I have some decent skills. Behind the pantry, there's this weird locked room in the basement full of "Blank body corpses", and pillars and stuff. I've been able to breeze through most of the zombies easily. One more question, can you OD on aspirin?

Aspirin in the game has no OD risk, you can chug bottle after bottle and nothing bad will happen to you.

That said its effects wont stack indefinitely, I think you reach the cap with 4 aspirins but i cant check at the moment

Is a Cathedral a good place for a home base? I keep hearing about how people build theirs there, because of the stone walls and all. I have a jackhammer, if any re-modeling is necessary.

Their basements make decent bases, but they are not the best. You'll need to seal a few doors.

The best bases right now are firefighter stations, or some custom built armored RV.

Because it keeps with traditional naming of skills and its descriptive of what the new skill does.

Our other stats have only 1 name at a time.

Traditional as in it fits in with the classic rpg stats (strenght, constitution, perception, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, willpower, charisma and luck).

Wisdom are willpower are often merged into one as are strenght and constitution (which we do in CDDA)   

 I would name it:


Because it keeps with traditional naming of skills and its descriptive of what the new skill does.

The radio said “No, John. You are the demons”
And then John was a zombie.

Going over a landmine with a tire detonates it, and if the cabin is closed it will protect you from explosion
Going over it with non tire frames won't detonate the mine.

You can't defuse landmines under vehicles, you just interact with the vehicle instead

Not likely its intentional.
Maybe we should change it to one of the fake numbers reserved for Hollywood. Or to a FEMA office.

Other than Krav Maga and Tiger Kung-fu which martial arts are the best right now?

It's been a very long while since I tried those, and they've been balanced several times since then.

Used to use them for the first night raids when playing 10+ city sizes. But now that they are choked to the brim with sewehanas the sewers are more dangerous than the surface during the early game. I still  use them to hide from hordes occasionally.

I wouldn't know what to do to make them more interesting. Maybe add underground public infrastructure, say power substations, water pumps and service tunnels running parallel to the sewers and subway

The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Re: Upset
« on: March 08, 2017, 10:03:35 PM »
See this Github issue

tl;dr: Building didnt offer enough benefits to warrant its own skill.

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