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Quick, Fleet-footed, parkour expert.
Outrunning your problems was never that easy.
Avoid Hulks.

Oh, btw, I dont know if it still works in 0.B, but starting with a martial art (I think I went for Krav-Maga mostly), picking a profession that gives you unarmed and putting an extra point into it worked fine in some previous games. By fine I mean that I had no problem with "surrounded start" and bashing a hulks face in at day 1. Might have been nerfed though

Pick Quick, Fleet-footed, Parkour Expert
Smash a Locker, grab a Pipe. Grab a rock, craft your very own crowbar.
Fine versus Zombies. Outrun/Outparkour and bash heads.
Be careful vs wolf packs, cougars, bleeding is nasty.

In my current game I set up in a motel.
Most likely because it was the first thing I came across (besides Labs and Bunkers)
However, it has plenty of relatively enclosed space to park and work on vehicles, an unlimited watersupply and tons of rags to make myself some clothing.
Also has a junkfood supply, however I picked junkfood intolerance.

Mi-gos say very appropriate things sometimes. Once, a mi-go popped out of a portal (because of attention) and woke me up by saying "I've been looking all over for you."

This would give me the creeps. At least.

Announcements / Re: Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead version 0.B Brin released.
« on: November 17, 2014, 06:44:36 AM »
This. Is. Awesome.
I was about to leave for university, but the lecture is hardly worth my time, even under normal circumstances. And now.. well.

Crazy post-apocalyptic scientist madness incoming, I guess.
Wierdo experiments containing winged woman and people who survive headshots.
I guess.


It actually is pretty hard to keep up with the story with only a post per month. Consider posting more :D

-Already got back from the dead twice while waiting for the next episode-

Much wait.. very hurt. wow.

Poor Kevin indeed.
Btw, why doesnt maria follow the cartracks in the fresh fallen snow? ^^

He was not eaten by a zombie or worse.
Praise the prophet!

I think the mutagens Claire enjoyed are connected to this ^^

I think Claire pretty much covers the masterzombie thing for now.
How would Kevin escape from that bunkerthing anyways

I still think it should be possible, because I do not want cata to stop my while I do stupid things.
Maybe with a nice "Do you want to blow up yourself by welding a higly flammable tank to a vehicle (Y/N)"

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