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The Gang Opens Up An Entirely Different Can Of Worms
and solves my BOAT PUZZLE
You issue the order to Pimblokto. He gives you a thumbs-up instead of nodding and then faces the wall. Bracing with one foot back, his arms shoot forward- [Strength] [6 + 3 = 9] vs [9] -and his hands collide with the steel. A resounding gong-like note emanates from the wall, and then a crunching sound as the servos inside his gloves whizz and whir, digging themselves into the metal. He pulls to the left and the thin bolts holding the wall into place rip out of their sockets and the wall itself peels back like the lid on a can of sardines. However, on the other side is something pretty far from salted fish.

The room behind the wall starts off at the same width of the lab, but tapers off quickly as it becomes obvious it's built inside the hollow chamber between the lab and the bow of the ship. The walls, ceiling, and floor are lined with a reflective foil of some sort and all sorts of cables and wires run from a hole in the floor up along the wall, around the ceiling, under the foil, all drawing an electrical circle around the thing in the center of the room.

Floating in the center of the room is a grey metal sphere, about the size of a basketball. Several yellow warning stickers dot its surface, all written in sino. Covering its surface are several small glass cylinders, topped with a cap of metal and each sticking out about half an inch. Occasionally one will sink into the sphere and become flush with the surface, only to pop back out with a hiss of steam. There are none of these cylinders on the bottom of the sphere, however. The sphere itself slowly rotates in the center of the room, held aloft at about chest level by some unseen force. The hairs on your arms and neck stand on end as the machine is revealed, and you start to smell ozone. Worse yet, a familiar feeling of vertigo begins to return to you.

The humming behind the wall begins to get louder, and you feel the ship begin to tip some more. With nobody at the helm, whatever effect the rudder was having has completely gone and now the ship seems to be rotating a few degrees. The steel underneath your feet creaks and grumbles, and you start to hear rushing water outside.

Eser peeks out into the lab. "Lovely." they say. Walking out into the lab, they inspect some of the beakers and odd tools, finally stopping next to the strange sheeted object. They poke and prod at the sheet, trying to divine what could be underneath.

Ok I PMed Eser's power to you, Dusty

I have shotguns skill just 1 so maybe that's the case. But anyways, bandolier is tagged as 'very bulky'. Pointless to use that stuff it gets you overburdened.
"Very bulky" is kinda misleading, it just means that it can fit over mutations. You'll find the same tag on all of the XL stuff. As far as I know it doesn't change encumbrance.

Pimblokto nods as best as he can in that helmet and thumps off, headed towards the bridge. Meanwhile, you step around the corpse and get to tapping. The metal is hard, but as you hit it, it makes a unique sound, like a steel drum. Hitting it harder makes it sound more like a gong. In either case, it's a long shot from a dull thud.

You hear something clunking across the floor and in the doorway appears your friendly local robot, Pimblokto. In his usual robotic tone he says, "I have arrived to assist you."

"Mhm." Says Eser. They form two tight fists with their hands and tap them together. "Seems like we don't have much of a choice."

You grab the radio receiver and give it a few clicks, but only the snowstorm on the other end responds. However, the ship hits another wave and as it's jostled by the force the receiver suddenly gives a loud screech, and then- a voice. It came through the receiver as clear as day.

"-ink I'm getting something! Life sign near the bow!" A short pause. "Yeah it just kinda appeared, bio signature says male, mid 20's." Another pause. "No, I don't know why!" The voice sounded like Maria, and she sounded frantic.

Well that was one heck of a semester. Anyhow, I'm done with school for the next few months which means more updates! More action! More adventure! More convoluted puzzles! Did I mention more updates?

The schedule will stay the same for consistency's sake, one big update around midnight in the Ameri-zone. Conversations and small actions will be updated as soon as I get to them, buuut there should be fewer skip days now that I've got all this free time.

Other than that, just remember that if you guys have any more questions, comments, complaints, rotten tomatoes, this OOC thread and my PM box are always open. Maybe not for the tomatoes but you know what I mean.

The Gang Starts Seeing G-g-g-ghosts!(?)


The ship's rudder stays where it's at, but you feel the wheel start to resist your turn as you get closer and closer to the whirlpool. Now it's coming into full view, swirling, churning waters opening up into a deep, cold watery depth. The ship itself creaks and groans, and the nose begins to pull towards the whirlpool. Inch by inch you are slowly losing control of the ship. You see Maria make a wide pointing motion with her arm towards the ship and the speeder banks to the right, bumping up against the bow of the ship. It looks like they're trying to adjust the course, but the speeder is dwarfed by the enormous metal ship and doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

The ship's radio receiver crackles with static, and the deck of the ship starts to tip towards the left. The fire extinguisher on the floor falls over and rolls towards the left side of the bridge. Rain patters in through the broken window, and lightning strikes off in the distance. The storm seems to be getting worse still.

The key handle sails off into the storm, and you grip the ship's wheel. Spinning it all the way to the right, the ship groans and creaks again and you swear it feels like it's turning back against you. However, whatever force is there isn't strong enough to contest the rudder and the ship begins to move to the right of the whirlpool.

As you do so, the vision ahead seems to waver, like the air above the pavement on a hot day, and lights flash and dance in the water around the whirlpool. The speeder's engine revs and you see it pull up along the left side of the ship, lining itself up with the bow. Another wave buffets over it, but Maria doesn't seem like she's going to go back in any time soon, pointing her strange instrument at the ship and yelling at someone inside the vehicle.

((another small update while I go hunt down Mrnocamera))

As Shima zooms past, knocking into Eser they nearly fall over but instead end up spinning on their heel a couple times. They look jostled for a second but just keep walking without saying much of anything.

When the vat clangs Eser spins around, expecting something. As the silence returns they squint at the mysterious machine but continue into the elevator all the same.

Eser claps their hands together. "Great. Three out of five." they quietly follow Emery towards the door. "Go democracy."

Eser gives a short sigh. "Well. I'm out of ideas." they say. They nod towards the door at the end of the hall. "I'm going to go open that." they look at Aapeli. "...Or maybe we could put it to a vote." Their voice drips with sarcasm.

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