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they use tier cannon agaist cars, infantry is attacked with other tank weapons so they are not that big threat too

for weapons i still suggest car ramming, there is a reason why my cars got thier vital components in back not front

fast travel for players? im curious how this will work, maybe corssing a bridge with large car will not be that hard anymore

yea, vaults are crowded but its nice to kill them with fencing, just bring enought food and water because every group will lock your movement until everyone nearby is dead but after your controls get locked you can kill them while being idle

thats why i like a7 laser rifle, when you get a lot of power with a way to generate a lot of it too you basicaly have silent light recoiless accurate machine gun what do not need to reload

well, technicaly eating muschrooms and plants is not killing so you can hunt on triffids and fungaloids, you can alslo forage bushes in wild and raid empty camping sites

yea, i got m240 and its working fine, its lying in my cart in case of need to high firepower and fire rate when stealth is not an option

yes, but you can only recrut neutral npc, that bandit trying to kill you with .22 pipe rifle is never going to obey you

That is unless you manage to get and install a super-mega-ultra-rare CBM on a troublesome NPC that makes them obey everything you say...

it looks like survivor trench coat but without armor and more storage, i think survivor should be able to craft something like that with enought materials and skills (well, it would be even easier than survivor, just get recipe how to make it if it have to be foldable)

i support this idea, rimworld like wound system would be realy nice, i realy liked rimworld health system, it was realy detailed yet still game like and it generated interesing gameplay, it would probaly require to modify most of existing healing items but i think its good direction

making base what we can strategically manage would be interesing, while i think that raiders should be only human a firefight of your followers with raiders or sound of gasoline generators and trees falling on ground will make enought noise to summon zombies if there is horde nearby, they could alslo follow sound of engine of your looting party truck, df system of stockpiles and labors would work fine

but sending teams to automaticaly loot would be useless because of stupid ai or staright op if they just walk outside of reality bubble and spawn some loot when entering it again after some time, i think that we should have some better way of commanding npcs what are walking behimd us, ability to tell them to chop trees or help you haul your loot

but there is one large issue, optimalization

actualy we have already some storyline missions what are much WIP and some complete random missions from random (and sometime starting) npc, probaly there will be missions to assist factions in creating better communities, not sure how player faction will look in future

yes, we got rock bowl what you can use to boil things, you need cooking 1 to autolearn it (seriusly, wtf?) and uses survival skill to craft (that makes sense)

if someone vist bunker for first time in his old world he will see your new bunker

actualy you can cremate in boiling lava

personaly i used lockers or crates as a sarcophagus, better than leaving them just lying on the floor

well, actualy crates are furniture what can hide items, creating a grave should not be that hard, you dig a open grave what is basicaly a pit what works like open crate and then you reseal it by filling it with dirt and then you can even construct decorative tombstone or something on it

it even would make graveyards even nice place for robbery, maybe someone took nice jeverly with him to afterworld what you could sell to someone if you are okay with disturbing thier rest

you can carry them in pet carrier if you need it i had few of them defending my wooden cottage in forest they were nice agaist zombie dogs and other lone hostilies i just had to put them in pet carriers when i was home they mostly stayed near it so i just put them in pet carriers when i had to go on looting

alslo i think that pet carriers should be craftable, we can make complicated pneumatic weapons, gauss weapons, swords and armors but we cant make cage or pet carrier

and pet carrier do not look complicated too, a survivor without plastic mold can alslo use steel in place of plastic to make makeshift one anyway
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