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Genetic mutation when inbreeding with related NPC's.

we have solution for that, mutagens probaly should be enought to fix that!

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: December 01, 2016, 09:07:18 PM »
mutant, cyborg and canibal walks into a bar
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I think the game needs some more exotic and absurd materials, particularly for vehicles. And why not melee weapons.

- marble plating (fancy)
- granite plating (opposite of fancy)
- [pick your DF rock mineral] plating
- plastic plating
- PTFE plating (birdcrap-be-gone)
- platinum plating
- aluminum plating
- cast iron plating (black, regardless of tileset)
- gold plating
- safety glass plating
- rubber "plating"
- kevlar plating (w/steel backing)
- titanium plating
- lead plating (heavy, requires only hammer to repair)
- ice plating (melts above 0C or, say, instantly at 5C)
- damascus steel plating (very fancy)
- brick "plating"

- depleted uranium plating

you start to derail this thread

new npc in refugee centers who will mark another refugee center what needs your help on your map

it depends how they treat ME!

be nice and im going to be nice too
but most survivors are stupid enought to attack well armed bionic survivor with just pipe rifle what cant even penetrate my light armor

you can repair damaget things by fire but that burnt in name remains, feel free to be on fire as long as many times as you want but make sure to repair your things

if my memory is well only falling celling when zombies bashed down wall managaged (or mininuke exploding in hands) managed to damage you so why you need bigger gun?

i never had issues with hordes with too good hearing, when im starting to get loud im mostly in my armored truck anyway or away from base with escape plan

i just wear 2 sleeping bags over my ordinary armor, its still cold but its surviveable for long enought to make diamond weapon

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: November 06, 2016, 10:47:35 PM »
its worse when parents dress thier kids as poor kids and command them to beg on the streets, its worse than rich beggars because person who earns money that way even do not need to sit on street and beg for money because his/her kids do it, i saw something like that on my holidays in warsaw

at least some people earn money with hard work, some students in warsaw during warsaw uprising aniversary wear old fashioned clothes and sing songs from that time period, bars and restaurants where they sing suddently get more people, they get money, ovner of bar or restaurant earn more money too

i upgraded 3 months old experimental and world no longer launch, decided to delete it

Actualy there are survivors who can survive mininuke explosion on thier hands/pockets.

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You say that you have RM13 armor and A7 laser rifle, but no gun and ammo pile where you can arm your meatshields?

i need to find new set of rivtech armor, i just leaved it somewhere in lab two worlds ago

they removed night vision from this suit? because i hated to use it just because ot this night vision

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