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It was enough to spoil the fuel efficiency tests until it was locked down, and I'd guess it would be quite significant if you compared an empty vehicle to an identical one stuffed with a survivor-load of miscellany.  If you compare with and without a handful of items, I would expect the effect to be infentesemal.

Yes additional weight hurts fuel efficiency.

Yep, suspect that's a remnant from when items were only allowed two materials.

Never looked into that conversion, depending on what you're trying to do it might make sense to look into jquery, which we use to do analysis on the json from time to time.

Announcements / Re: New main site, new forums.
« on: March 23, 2017, 03:18:59 AM »
The hosting is a premium service, if I self host it would be more like $50/mo.  That would be a bit of a stretch for me, but not out of the question.  The alternative is something like half that and stay on smf.

I'm going to contact Discourse again on the off chance that we can work something out or if the numbers are misleading me somehow.

I'm also going to just get an instance spun up on temporary hosting and see how it handles the level of traffic we generate.

A patron to diffray the server costs isn't out of the question, though I'd want to earmark some of that to give back to GlyphGryph for the hosting he's provided for years now.

Announcements / New main site, new forums.
« on: March 22, 2017, 06:13:32 AM »
As I'm sure most people are aware, we had a forum outage recently.  The cause if this was me not keeping up with my responsibilities, specifically I got a message from GlyphGryph that his hosting would be going down, but I misinterpreted this as meaning the website was going down, not the forums, and then I didn't follow up on it.  To be clear his message wasn't unclear, I was just being dumb.

Once the sites went down I started looking into options (also we have hosting offers from community members), and what I'd *like* to do is replace with a GitHub sites page (see here for the first draft) and replace with

Why?  There are a number of reasons, but it boils down to:

GitHub sites is just free, they have a hosting model that's not significantly more expensive than serving your source code, so they just tack it on as a value-add.
Discourse is normally a bit pricey, especialky for their hosted service, but we qualify for their open source plan, meaning again, free.

I'm not a very good sys admin, and the people running GitHub and Discourse respectively are good sys admins.  Additionally, time I spend managing these sites is time I don't spend working on dda, so it's a win win all around.

GitHub sites is pretty much designed to do exactly what we want it to, it's highly available, wired into repository metadata, and incredibly easy to update.  On the other hand is a custom Ruby/Heroku site.  I barely know Ruby, and I know nothing about Heroku, which is a big part of why it's not updated.
Discourse is similarly much more modern and feature full compared to smf.  To me the most outstanding features are community management and mobile support, but a lot of the features are really compelling, take a look at the Discourse homepage for the main ones.  Also check out their demo site to see how it works.

The GitHub sites transition is pretty much a done deal, it's already up, though we haven't flipped the DNS over yet.

The Discourse thing is very much a work in progress though, I got the go ahead to get started about an hour ago and there are a number of technical issues to address before we can migrate.  I want to hear from the community whether this is a change people are interested in.  Migrating will be pointless if we lose half of the community in the process.

Some questions you might have:
Will the posts in the current forums transfer?
Yes, there's a content transfer process, and we should be able to copy everything over.
Will my account transfer?
As far as I know, yes, you can keep using the same account.

Uhhhh yea if you read this far you get to find out that this probably isn't happening.  The open source free plan covers up to 100K page loads per month, the current forums handle 70K-140K page loads *a day*.  I'm not sure if there's a workaround for this, but I'll keep looking into it.

Update, Discourse contacted me, we're go to migrate.  I'll be posting a new topic in a bit to discuss it (not going to unilaterally migrate) and give some details, but at the least they'll have us.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Android Version
« on: March 21, 2017, 04:37:59 PM »
Aah yes the natural enemies caching and memory meet at last.  We just keep layering caching on everything (as you say, typical for desktop), so it's no surprise we hit some limits.  There are a number of areas where we can reduce memory footprint in general, and some of those graphics caches could be made optional, so there are some things we can do to head this off.

Have you looked at anything outside the tilesset overhead?  It sounds like that's going to dominate (quick check, run with and without tiles and compare), but there may be some significant bits in the main game code as well.

Real talk, the guy that has been paying for forum hosting for the last 4 years (GlyphGryph) wants out.  He notified us this was happening and I dropped the ball transitioning the forums to new hosting. He bailed us out by reactivation his hosting so we're back up for now, but now it's temporary.

I contacted Discourse about their open source plan and will consider transitioning there if they accept our application.  If that falls through we have someone else that has offered to host (probably on smf still) that can do it, and if THAT falls through I'll handle hosting myself.

Side issue, we're transitioning the website to GitHub site hosting, the first draft is here .

General political argument moved to trump thread.

I used to test the game on an asus eee 700
That's a 900MHz mobile cpu with 500MB of ram.
I regularly test the game now on another netbook with a sub 2GHz single core CPU and 1GB of ram.

You'll be fine.


so, there's no way for true privacy/safety online, even off line.
IDK what you mean by "Safety", but nothing about these leaks indicates that there is no way to maintain privacy on or offline.
The security community has been aware that various fedral agencies, mostly the CIA, NSA, and FBI, have been finding and stockpiling 0-day exploits for various pieces of software for decades.
There are active exploits for a lot of systems, but not all, and most aren't passive exploits, they require a directed hack into your computer before they can be triggered.
How do we approach this situation ? As a nobody, i am not really affected, as long as i remain a nobody. But, keep in mind that any idiotic, compromising or sensitive shit you ever put on any electronic media can be stored and used against you years from now, and that is scary.
Well, don't say idiotic, compromising or sensitive shit online, that was easy.  If you need to communicate securely, there are a number of options that aren''t compromised.

No it's a fixed number, will be replaced in more recent experimentals.

That's an oops, should be something in the 555-01?? range.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: LUA Mapgen Problems
« on: March 11, 2017, 03:11:26 AM »
Just a warning, LUA support is under the axe, we haven't had any significant use out of it, and we've sunk a LOT of effort into it, it's probably going to be gone by June or so.

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