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The problem here is performance. Item piles can have any number of items in them and scanning 1000+ items per turn would kill weaker computers.
It's doable, but not doable simply.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Coolthulhu's patches
« on: July 23, 2017, 10:20:35 PM »
Are you going to expand this for other things

At the moment just common sense quality of life stuff and making sure that experimental changes aren't forced before they're ready.
If you have any other cases where "working as intended" is not good enough, I can include those.

I'd like to add more player info displays: current painkiller value, radiation, hunger, thirst etc. - stuff that a good player can figure out already, but a new player will struggle with. Some of those might be halal in master branch, if I avoided displaying the exact numbers.

Later on I'm thinking map memory. One incredibly useful feature in any loot-heavy game that DDA lacks.
Now, map memory as an idea by itself isn't controversial, but my implementation would most likely be - I'd like to make it truly useful, by allowing searching the memorized items and not obscuring anything.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Coolthulhu's patches
« on: July 22, 2017, 07:34:50 PM »
Current newest version:
Currently only Windows build, will try to set up GNU/Linux next time

Changes from current master:
  • Restored normal distribution ranged accuracy math - compared to current master, it greatly buffs early and midgame ranged, but leaves endgame mostly similar
  • Getting hit in a mending limb for 0 damage won't reset the mending process
  • Allows using jacks stored in non-adjacent vehicle trunks
  • Includes BrettDong's "NO_CBM_PAINKILLERS" mod -

Turn hardcoded swim fin modifier into json flag.

Turn hardcoded swimming effects into two values: base bonus and strength scaling
Have this bonus be wrapped in a structure
Nest this structure in both items and mutations, so that you can apply swimming bonuses from both in the same exact way

Add NPC-to-NPC-to-player disease transmission model.
Add long-term game mechanics such as: sex; reproduction; aging; tool wear; industrial production.

Leave it for very, very long term (possibly never). NPC AI is very far from being ready for this.

Add z-levels. The current z-level system (0.C exp.) is awkward.

That's incredibly vague.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: Getting world data
« on: July 18, 2017, 06:49:48 PM »
Look up coordinate_conversions.h
Not the most intuitive thing, but it's usable.

No need for strength checks, just forbid it for non-tame animals.

I'm pretty sure we are in feature freeze right now (I don't see any official info on that, though) so it will probably have to wait for 0.D.

Warm/cold status means that your body part temperature is above/below a given threshold.

Every heat source (or cold source) affects your equilibrium temperature. Your current body temperature will go towards the equilibrium - faster if the difference is greater.
This is calculated per-bodypart, except for eyes. Adjacent (connected) body parts share some heat.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: Getting world data
« on: July 18, 2017, 03:29:06 PM »
The code you listed should be getting tiles in local map coords, not screen coords, meaning look command should not be affecting anything.

You can't easily get tiles outside 0-131 range because they may not exist.
You can use mapbuffer::lookup_submap to try to get a submap, but expect nulls for submaps that aren't loaded into memory yet. Also expect submaps in memory that aren't part of the currently loaded map to be unassigned without warning.
Submaps that aren't generated will always be nulls here. You could try triggering a load with map::loadn, but it may have side effects.
A side-effect-free (as long as you run it serially, not in parallel with the game) way would be to create a map object and map::load a submap with it, but expect that to be relatively slow.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: Getting world data
« on: July 18, 2017, 05:52:55 AM »
What is the question exactly?

What do you want to get and what you're getting instead of that?

Every piece of armor with warmth generates heat (it's not really insulation, just +heat).
Some mutations cause heat or loss of heat.
Being hurt, hungry, tired or having common cold decreases heat.
Standing outside cools you down based on wind power (mostly random) and you being wet.

Sitting inside a car (has to be on inside tile and vehicle has to have batteries), wearing a powered power armor or using a climate controller CBM move current heat status one step to comfortable (scorching -> very hot, chilly -> comfortable etc.).

Ok so then why exactly when I add disable sights despite the gun mod in question have a sight dispersion stat that when I give it the disable sights tag it makes the sight dispersion600 instead of the sight in questions stat? I know I asked this but the answer I got didn't really answer why it changes to 600 instead of 30.

What is aim cost on the sight? If it's 0 or less, it will not be treated as a sight.
If it's unspecified, it defaults to 0.

All sights (except the one that comes with the gun itself) are treated the same regardless of their slot. Underbarrel laser sight is not any different than scope, except for the visible stats and the slot it occupies.
Sights only differ by the shown stats and by having or not having the sight disabling flag. The sight disabling flag only affects the base gun sights, not any mod sights.

Every gun sight has two stats: lowest dispersion (sight dispersion) and aim time.
Lowest aim time out of all available sight is used. A sight is available if current aim dispersion (internally named recoil) is above its lowest dispersion, unless it is disabled.

So if you have a rifle scope (high aim time, low dispersion) and a laser sight (low aim time, high dispersion), you will have low aim time until you reach high stability, then it will slow down to rifle scope time.

Any particular reason Sensory Dulling CBM doesn't seem to allow for CBM installation?

No, just an omission. Will probably be allowed soon.

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