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The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Bases and NPC crafting
« on: September 24, 2017, 02:03:30 AM »
That "taking over the submap" sounds alarming, as does the information tracking struct.
Submaps are fragile and there is a lot that could go very wrong here.

PR as soon as possible, even if it doesn't work yet.

It is. They should exist for the sake of simulation, though.

If it's for the sake of simulation, then they certainly shouldn't have quantized coverage either.

Now that I think of it, allowing multiple layers per armor item would do what we want with very little new code.

Could be made simple by artificially restricting the layers to some easy to understand formula. For example, allowing only 2-3 layers per item, with material thickness divided by layer number (ie. halved for second, then /3 for third).
Then layers could be expressed as a coverage triple. For example: 50%/75%/100% would mean an item that always applies at least 33% of its resistance, 75% of the time it applies at least 50% of its resistance, and 50% of the time it applies all resistance.
Not sure about acid/fire/environmental, though - those ignore thickness.

I suggest that there should be only 5 degrees of coverage: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100.

If there was a limited selection, it should be 100, 95, 90 and 85. Anything below that is too unreliable to count.

The whole point is having no skill be the one true skill, you either need to invest in multiple skills or have strategies to allow you to deal with certain scenarios without doing so.

It should be like this, but it isn't. And adding more enemies may actually worsen it.

Cutting weapons are clearly the best because of katanas, niten, machete+silat/eskrima, monoblade+combatives.
Introducing more armored enemies would hurt cutting skill, but it would also hurt stabbing skill.
While stabbing is better at armor piercing than cutting, it generally doesn't have the raw damage to get through armors - cutting does. Ironically it's the least armor-piercing (IRL) swords which are the best at it in the game: the japanese swords (with niten). Piercing weapons lack the heavy hitters of cutting, that's why they don't compete well (awl pike exists, but is very slow). The only really strong piercing weapons are rifles.

This is partly due to a weird mechanic of multiple damage types: each damage type takes 100% of reduction from armor. So a fire axe (20/20) against a plate armor (16/16) will deal only 4/4 damage before scaling. But a katana (4/31) will deal 0/15.

I almost wonder if what we want to do is divvy up the surface of each body part into ~100 zones, and have armor state which zones it covers.

Managing that sounds incredibly tedious, not to mention that everything would need those new values applied from scratch.

A simpler way could be to just divide items into two categories: general protection and padding/supplement/vital protection. Then instead of rolling "coverage roll" per-armor, it would be rolled once, with general protection using the roll as is, but supplemental using 100%-roll.

For example, an attack rolls 97% on armor avoidance (really good) and thus bypasses all general armors below 97% coverage, but hits all supplemental armor above or at 3% coverage.

This would also naturally translate into dodge benefits: dodge would lower attack's armor avoidance, while high attacker accuracy would bring it up.

There is an old problem that would need to be addressed here: at the moment all attacks bypass coverage equally. A sledgehammer can hit an opening between glasses and the head and strike in the eye directly. By adding a armor bypass penalty (that couldn't be compensated by accuracy) to attacks, it could be possible to have armors that protect from fists perfectly (regardless of accuracy and dodge), but still fail to protect from daggers and stings.

And duct tape for armor... really?

Survivor suit includes duct tape in components.

The nerf involved dropping a 1.5 multiplier on armor that was there since ancient times and only existed to satisfy some even ancient-er multiplication due to how math was handled.

I did want to add some buff to compensate at first, but I didn't have a good idea of what could that be, and others decided it's fine for the nerf to be just a nerf. Armors are still vital, so it's not like we exchanged "all armor all the time" to a nudist paradise.

Here's an updated list of "what to wear":

A really good thing happened: leather is now generally better than cotton at protection. This wasn't intended, but it's good because now leather actually exists instead of being only a material for survivor meme armor while being outclassed at other applications. No more hoodie-wearing thugs everywhere, we Mad Max now.

Everyone needing to have options for dealing with armor is not a "variety is lost" scenario

Under current melee damage mechanics it somewhat is - at the moment melee skills are strongly tied to their role.
Katanas are stupidly powerful mostly due to that stupid martial art, which grants flat damage increase (this goes before all scaling and armor). Without it, they only get 7 (pre scaling) cutting damage on zombie soldiers.
So if the armored enemies were tailored to defeat niten-powered bullshit and actually managed it, they'd also be highly likely make non-niten cutting weapons not worth specializing in. And specialization is the way to go - when you need thousands of hits to level up a melee skill, it's not worth putting them in the subpar one.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Re: Parks and recreation mod
« on: September 20, 2017, 12:51:42 PM »
You need to do it for all the mods that update ground cover, or at least for the last one you load

Needs aim cost displayed somewhere - as in, moves/seconds to reach

Announcements / Re: Latest experimental features.
« on: September 20, 2017, 12:06:04 PM »
Rather major nerf to armor is in - flat 33% to 50% loss of armor (actual loss is 33%, but weaker armors benefited from rounding).

Leather and kevlar padding (from tailor kit) rebalanced - now it has a constant bash protection/encumbrance ratio of a fitted hoodie (pretty good, but nothing special). Leather padding has cut protection identical to bash protection, kevlar has bash like leather, but cut +50% over leather. In other words, leather-padded hoodie has protection and encumbrance of two hoodies, while kevlar plated has bash protection and encumbrance of 2 hoodies and cut protection of 2.5 hoodies.

Acidia's urban expansion mod got more buildings

Diesel V12 engine and a truck that uses it added

Batch crafting no longer grants less xp than crafting everything individually. It makes it beneficial to batch-craft when grinding now, because you only take one focus hit.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Re: Parks and recreation mod
« on: September 20, 2017, 01:29:30 AM »
The mods need updated base terrain definition
Find the regional data and replace "default_groundcover" with this:
Code: [Select]
"default_groundcover": [ [ "t_grass", 4 ], [ "t_dirt",  1 ] ],

I'd totally believe that we have next to no meaningful balance right now though, so there's room for improvement.

Melee weapon balance is actually relatively good, at least compared to things like food, mid-game armor and so on. There are exceptions, such as Niten, but overall it's one of the best balanced parts of the game.
Early game armor also got some attention, but things do start to break once kevlar is considered. Then all balance is thrown out of the window the moment powered armor (true power armor and the rivtech one) appears.

This s exactly the kind of thing that you shouldn't be using to tweak the values, instead make a note to add more armored enemies.
If you balance one side of the equation in isolation, you achieve balance at the cost of variety.

DPT is actually a good measure of weapon damage for other reasons: slow weapons tend to deal with encumbrance better (at same base DPT), but are weaker at lower encumbrance, as tend to overkill more and need to be dropped or stashed more often.
Ironically, trying to balance it by adding more armored enemies could easily lead to situation where variety is lost, because everyone needs to be trained in the use of can openers. At the moment, the number of armored enemies is too low, but it matters already (in early game): meeting a zed soldier is a good reason to switch from a knife to a pipe or even a rock. It disappears later on because the armor formula is too flat (katana can easily pierce soldier armor).

Either way, modified DPT is the only viable way (that I've seen anyone present so far) of getting the weapon variety actually happen. Letting some weapons be worse (barring obvious "tiers" like aforementioned knife spear vs halberd) would certainly affect weapon variety negatively.

Pretty cool. I can tell you from experience that the combat chainsaw is fairly lackluster. While on paper it looks like twice as good as a fireaxe, I'd take even a fireaxe anyday over it.

That's why I linked the wiki page. +1 to-hit is worth roughly 10% increase in DPT there. That's not a mathematically derived number and thus it's not rock solid or anything, but it's a good estimate of "should I pick x over y".

Good idea
Though you could just PR the changes instead of having them only as a mod.

Some suggestions:

I have a really good bad idea:
Have firearms deposit lead with each shot, so that every shot results in tiny bits of lead shitting up the place

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