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patches up the victims while he talks to greg. Well your boss is clearly no use to anyone, probably get a bullet in the head if he continues to be such, which means you must be in charge now. That said, what's up with your gang that they would try an attack like this? After he sais this he puts a bullet in the heads of those that won't recover.

cool. Careful of the attention

do you have to wear it, or only hold it for the effects?

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: October 17, 2017, 02:13:46 PM »
It's usually done via "play by post"  basically there i a forum were you post each of your actions and there is an independent dice roller so you can't just lie and cheat.

thats how the divine RPG thread went. Was fun till it died, cuz DM had something they had to do that was to time consuming.

Hm, It wouldn't go with the samurai theme but I have a Power armor helm in the truck if you want. Been tinkering with it, but I can put it back together. Got some stuff for that wound too. Dam near magic, won't even leave a scar. Won't speed up the healing much more than normal though.

goes to check on the various bikers  to see if any can be fixed up easilly. To biker 5. (smiling real big and friendly) Hey. I'm Litppunk. What's your name?

Well, you certainly seem to have spooked our mutual friend here, do you suppose you'r mere presence scared him straight? *Leans in over biker* Or do you suppose we'll have to put him down for good? looks up at the prisoner lady, Maybe you could tell us if he's worth redemption? Gives her a big friendly grin as he walks over to her.

Lit starts walking over to the bearded motorcyclist. Giving any of the other gang members the stink eye if they look like they might reach for a gun. He holsters the DMR and pulls the glock

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: October 16, 2017, 06:49:15 PM »
XD fair enough

I already added a "sneaky" trait, that makes sneak toggleable like running and walking, it uses the same key.
While sneaking you move slower and the sight range of monster is reduced a random distance between 10 and 20.

It works very well with shadow step trait, that almost nullifies walking noise.
Still need to make somehow a scent masker, as zeds still gets you by it scent. But in general I think that the scent is one of the biggest problem for sneaking as almost all monsters fall back to it to track you.

could go the I am legend route and throw down some bleach where you don't want to be smelled, maybe an acid. Or get very wet or very dry somehow. Some kind of CBM could be a solution, or a scent changer mutation to make scent suddenly change to something completely different, maybe an advanced version of chooses what you smell like and when.

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:31:56 PM »
resized for readability

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if you guys have any good games about to start send me a PM. I'm total noob but interested.

General Discussion / Re: Last Survivor Posting (Bubb is back~)
« on: October 15, 2017, 09:55:59 PM »
<.< lessons have been learned and the counter post will occur before link clicking

there are very few creatures that would be even remotely considered "stealthy" most that could potentially call claim to this category would only do so by accident. shady zombies would be the biggest exception I can think of.

using the same system proposed:
A skilled perception character being able to see shade Z  from further away would make sense. So I don't see a gameplay problem there. Triffids and such would get a small bonus for being  'in the woods' and such, but that shouln't count for much, since they are walking around not attempting to be stealthy. But maybe things like that would be harder to notice for say... a running character?

Thinking along the lines of same roll for perception that mines get, with possible extra penalties for the sprinting, and out of breath/recovering breath turns (if mines don't already get this same for them)

- sorry I feel like Im bababling, I am running on 5 hours of sleep around noon, after having not slept the previous night and its currently midnight 1 in the morning agian. If anyone needs I'll clarify my deranged thoughts later.

Im letting Daz Z take too much of my time....

yes both are running small caliber. Im using DMR. so yeah a marksman rifle.

(Cool :D)

Litppunk starts firing again, going for the biker underlings. The RC drone shoots one in the leg! The flying drone is almost in range.

Lit hits the cease fire button for the turret.

While the others are distracted Lit pulls out a remote and begins fiddling. On the driver side of the vehicle a small drone car drives off into the woods (its going to circle around behind them once it gets far enough away)

Shortly afterwords a small flying drone leaves at ground level flying in front of the tactical RV towards town (it will get a decent distance away before rising up into the air and coming back to hover over their heads.

Once they are launched lit clips the controller/monitor to the inside wall. Occasionally leaning in to fiddle with the controls he mostly just watches the Japanese man with a bored, but interested look on his face.

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