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Can a charging station and a load of rechargeable tools be substituted for the vehicle crafting stations? e.g. instead of a welding rig I would have 2 rechargeable welders and 2 rechargeable soldering irons (2 of each so that one can be used while the other recharges). I would also get 2 furnaces to replace the forge rig, 2 hotplates for the kitchen, and 1 or 2 chemistry sets depending on how many I need.

What would the drawbacks be? I've read that the charging station is horrendously inefficient, but that post was from some time ago.
I would say it is efficient on space however unlike the forge rig and whatnot the charging station will constantly consume power weather or not there are batteries to charge.

Exactly this.  If you're using enough things, the efficiency isn't a problem (if you're charging a LOT of things at once, it's actually more efficient, but that's hard to do consistently unless you have quite a few copies of each tool), but for usual usage, yeah, you're trading space for power - you waste more power, but you save more space, and the cost is more messing with things (or just leaving it on and wasting even more power).

Personally, I find that saving 3 spaces isn't really worth it (4 if you go really crazy and do without a KitchenBuddy, but then you have to mess with purifying water), but I also put a lot of effort into having enough cargo spaces so that I don't need as many spaces for storage.

You are now going to be the reason I search every trash can I find. Unless my intent is to smash them for scrap metal.

Really?  For a handgun and a few bullets?  Trashcans are one of the best places to find HACKpro!  Also, you can very rarely find the elf-a book in nearly any trashcan.  ALWAYS check trash cans!

get rid of the acidic discharge and leaky bionic FIRST (most i4mportant, by a LOT).

This. None of the other bionics do enough damage by themselves to outpace healing while sleeping, but the leaky bionic will slowly but surely tank your health stat, and therefore your healing rate, to zero.

I generally do acidic discharge first, actually, as it does damage AND hurts your health - not as much as leaky discharge, but still significant, AND it actively hurts every body part, so somewhere in the neighborhood of six times the damage as itchy metal thing (or more, if you have high intelligence, since you can resist scratching).

I'm playing as a failed cyborg because why not, is there any way to stop the scratching that's slowly killing me? It's not like I can sleep heal because I wake up scratching more

Short of removing the Itchy Metal Thing bionic, which takes a substantial amount of Medical, Electronics and Mechanics skills and a First Aid Kit, no. Playing as a failed cyborg is rough. That's why you get such a big point bonus for it. It's definitely POSSIBLE to remove all their failed bionics, I've done it twice before, but it's a long, hard road.

I've done it quite a few times, and itchy metal thing really isn't THAT bad - get rid of the acidic discharge and leaky bionic FIRST (most i4mportant, by a LOT).  If you can get your health back up, itchy metal thing is just an annoyance - it really doesn't hurt you all that much, it just interrupts a lot.  I usually don't bother getting rid of it until after I've gotten rid of the bionic stiffness thingy (the melee penalty is a pain) and the noisemaker (because it's hard to sneak about when you're randomly ringing the dinner bell), and maybe even some other stuff.

One thing that actually HELPS is to leave in the one that makes you tired - as much as your sleep gets interrupted, as long as you've gotten rid of the first two, you can still get enough sleep to heal faster than IMT hurts you.

I remember back in 0.A/B NPC's were able totrain you in skills, huge shame that isn't the case.

They can still train you in skills - the OP was asking about martial arts styles, which isn't quite the same thing.

Don't you think schools became overcrowded after they were jsonized?

Meh, they've always been pretty high population, and they have a tendency to be noisy enough to attract nearby Zs as well.

(Not NEARLY as bad as Home Improvement Super Stores, of course, but nothing else in the game is THAT ridiculous.  Well, except the vault, but that's a special case.)

And the streak is over. After noting for who knows how long on how I never seem to find the H&K Railgun, I find one in a lab barracks.

Heck, not one, but freaking two of them, on different barracks on the same lab.

Yes, this game has a problem somewhere in the random code - clustering is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too common.

(And before anyone even goes there, yes, I actually do have an statistical education, and I do understand that some clustering is normal in a truly random system.  The problem is that clustering of items is RELIABLE in this game.)

Note: it's possible this has been remedied - I haven't updated in a few months.

Only thing though is that we make Phillips head screwdrivers.

A butter knife (or smaller flathead screwdriver) can actually function decently well for most phillips head screws.

I completely agree. Although right now my interpretation of the screwdriver set is the it is a box filled with different sizes and types like flat,start and maybe others.

This is another one of those things that make me want to make a mod that adds a lot more makeshift things but I don't really have the time,drive or patience to really do so.

Yeah, the "set" I assume is "exactly the right tool for almost any situation", so I get why that would be really hard to model making (minutia and tedium).  Do you include all the sizes of hex-key, do you include that funky triangle one, etc....

But the basic one should be stupid easy - butterknife + fabrication 1 or something.

Also yeah I find it a bit dumb that you need duct tape to make a screwdriver. Sure you need to grip it somehow but if you can make a rod with a philips head by hammering it together this is where I say if you can't find the tape just edit the recipe and say you made a grip out of tightly wrapped rags or something.

Take a rod of metal, say 12".  Sharpen one end into a screwdriver.  Bend said rod 90 degrees at about the half-way point.  Bam, no "grip" required.

A screwdriver SET?  Yeah, you need specialized stuff... but a basic screwdriver?  Heck, a butter knife works passably well for most things.

Buckwheat is easy enough to find in woods. Just examine 30 odd bushes and you're bound to get 5-10.

Depends on the time of year.  I don't think I've EVER found any in spring, exceedingly rarely in winter (like once or twice ever), and very rarely in summer.  It's only common in autumn.

I can't stop getting it in summer. Admittedly never found any in spring, but I assumed it was to do with my survival level, rather than the season.

I haven't updated in a while - they must have changed it.

Buckwheat is easy enough to find in woods. Just examine 30 odd bushes and you're bound to get 5-10.

Depends on the time of year.  I don't think I've EVER found any in spring, exceedingly rarely in winter (like once or twice ever), and very rarely in summer.  It's only common in autumn.

Oh. Unfortunately Zeds can climb out of pits, also they take a while to dig but you can also fill said pits with spikes and or glass. Unfortunately it looks like you best bet is to get away and either fight gen on the fringes or make a distraction to draw them away.

Fire is your friend.

At night (when it's not raining), place some fuel in a 3x3 square (a few 2x4s per square, or equivalent) close enough that they would see in the day time.  Then light the square closes to them.  Wait a couple of turns to make sure they see you, then run away quickly.  The zombies will converge on the last place they saw you, and the fire will get going....

Just don't forget to come back an hour or two later and pulp the corpses.

Security bots pose another problem, with their guns. That said, usually there's so many zombies around that they empty their guns by the time you see them... that said, some end up in closed rooms and you might be in for a nasty surprise.

Can they actually run out of ammo now?  I haven't tested it in quite a while now, but they used to have infinite ammo.

Somebody around here set up a one time vehicle with a 55 gallon drum attached filled with diesel, then set off a c4 under it, or some such silliness, and it killed everything in the reality bubble, or something insane like.  Also put a 10 level deep hole into the ground (when they came back later).  Whoever that was, post the pics again?  Because that's pretty much the winner of this thread.

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