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Are mutagens midgame contents? Or endgame? How can I know if im ready to use them?

If you have robust genetics, you can usually get away with dabbling a bit even in the early game, if you happen to find some.

If you have more purifier than mutagen, you can try some pretty safely.

Serious mutagen usage (like trying to break a threshold or getting a fairly tailored set of mutations) is usually considered late game, as it generally requires lots of supplies, high skills, lots of time, a chem set, and a safe place to get strung out.

Nope. Smashed corpses are supposed to be completely deanimated. Necromancers can't rez them either.

I'm a little behind, so maybe they fixed this, but basically the rules on "can they get back up or be rezzed by necro" are as follows:

If the name is in yellow, even if it SAYS pulped, they can get back up.
If it doesn't say "pulped", even if the name is no longer in yellow, they can get back up.

Basically, sometimes, when you've been away a while and come back, some of the corpses may not be pulped, but they lose the yellow label.  Also, sometimes when you kill stuff (especially low HP stuff, like child zombies or skeletal dogs), you do enough damage to get the corpse to "pulped", but it stays yellow.  This last one is fixed if you smash another corpse on the same square, but they aren't eligible for smashing alone.

As I said, I'm a bit out of date, so those may be fixed - Coolthulhu?

shoun't be :/, i seacherd handcuffs and no results, it says if am creative i can escape, how to i remove the electric handcuffs?

I haven't been cuffed in a LONG LONG time, so this might be out of date, but it used to be that you could just wait until the charge ran out, then they could be removed.

I have heard that someone is working on making a vehicle tile that will allow having two vehicles to occupy the same space, and including the weight of both, but only take engine power of the main vehicle. A flatbed tile kind of thing. don;t think its finished yet though.

That would be phenomenal.

2) Is there any way to park a vehicle inside another vehicle? Or make a trailer hitch sort of thing? I'm thinking about turning one of the swivel chairs into a rolling gas tank to make siphoning easier, and I'd like to keep the sucker after I'm done. I haven't tried, but it seems like you can't siphon gas from one car directly to another very easily.

Not yet.  This is a very commonly requested feature, but towing brings some very difficult issues to solve.  In the short term, making something that folds is usually the best way to go (use the folding parts pack, make a foldable cart that has a cargo carrier in it, and put a tank or jerry can in that - that's about the best you can do)

I have pushed a little for either making all 1-tile "vehicles" inherently foldable at the volume of their parts or to just make EVERYTHING foldable at the volume of the parts involved (or larger, in some cases, I guess), but the devs don't seem to want to go that far.  The first one might happen, but the second seems very unlikely.

Hopefully, they will add some kind of "merge/tow" function sometime soon.  That would be very nice.

While we are at the subject of traits — is "weak scent" of any practical use?
Are there any dangerous mobs than use scent to find you?

Essentially all zombies use scent, but they it's third in the list (sight, sound, scent), so as long as there's noise grabbing their attention somewhere, you're good.

That said, when you're sleeping and it's quiet, scent can be what draws almost any zombie to you (including the nasty ones, like predators), so it does matter.

But then, if you only sleep somewhere with reasonable precautions (close all the doors and windows, sleep in the middle of the room, etc), it should be TOO big a deal the majority of the time.

TLDR: it can matter a lot very occasionally, but usually, it's no big deal.

Smashing them. Get a big enough and hot enough fire and you can burn them.

You can also run over them a few times, though that's basically a more fun version of smashing.

Last time I tried it, it also worked to drop them in lava (instantly gone... just like everything else).

a) taking drugs is dumb
b) single pool for life, man

You're missing out on all the fun and challenges.

No, I'm missing out on abusing an INCREDIBLY stupid mechanic (that doing crack, meth, and nicotine all at once makes you smarter (AT ALL, much less double average)).

In unmodded DDA, perception is a dump stat. So is intelligence, by the way.

Perception is useful for a couple of things... primarily trap detection (until you get your trapping skill up to 3 or so - unless it has changed recently, trapping is several times as effective at spotting traps) and Niten bonus.

Int is useful for more things, including bionics installation (VITAL), hacking (very useful), staying awake longer (nice sometimes), and resisting certain things (rare, but nice when it matters).  It also affects skill rust, but very few people play with that on (since it's crazy-stupid-broken-annoying).

I just killed a Thing at the bottom of a mine, and for my trouble, there was the Ring of Unspeakable Suffering, which give -2 to all stats, attention, and smoke... and in return, it gives "I see everything in the freaking reality bubble".  Labs and mines just got REALLY easy.

OMFG silat makes melee sooooo much better.

My pipe spear is like a godly weapon now.  And its better now than before it was nerfed into an improvised weapon.

Silat and Eskrima are, IMO, the best two martial arts in the game.  They are nearly as good as Niten (since it was nerfed from UTTERLY INSANELY RIDICULOUS to just really, really good), and their weapons are FAR more available, and since they are faster/smaller weapons, they are less likely to waste damage on overkill, so in most situations, they get higher DPS even than Niten (once you ignore the overkill).

Their only real weakness is heavily armored opponents, but there just aren't very many of those.

get a disposable car and gently push them aside.

no there is no easy way.

put steel armor on a truck and ram them at low speeds

*sigh* thats what i feared

Well, the fusion blaster rifle used to be a pretty darn easy way... I haven't tried it a while.

Of course, that's pretty late game (both to have it and to have power to burn like that).

Also, if you're in the early game (and it's not too dangerous around there), simply disassembling it can be a decent way to grind mechanics.

However only noise reduction still wouldn't add much to the game, it should also make you 'less visible'.

I don't disagree, but a) it doesn't match the flavor/feel of the game, and b) if there was such a mechanic, it would need to apply to enemies as well, and I don't think anyone wants THAT.

yea.  they're rare everywhere though.

manhacks have them as a rare drop too, and scientists can loose several hacks.

Analyzers drop multiple manhacks when you fail hacking them badly enough.  Low computer skill plus electrical protection can be used to farm analyzers for plutonium.

Also, eyebots call police and riot bots, which have plutonium as a rare drop.

But usually, the easiest source is to disassemble power CBMs.  They are very common.

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Re: Bundles
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:26:59 AM »
Some kind of "set" identifier might better - grab all the objects in this "set" that I defined before.  That would address the issue without the item/inventory problems.  It would also require some kind of interface, which would probably be its own problem (to make not suck, anyway).

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