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When you compare items, why is the higher value for an items price in red instead of green? Is it like that for a reason or is this a bug?

Other Games / Re: What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)
« on: September 26, 2017, 05:40:17 AM »
Modding New Vegas beyond stability.

Haven't modded any Fallout game since like 3, and boy did that game crash a lot. I swear I've seen that "Fallout3.exe has stopped working" message more than I've actually played the game.

I'll be back into C:DDA soon... one can only play Fallout for so long lol.

All four of those things are in the game, not completely like functional, but there.

To turn off zeds, when you're making a world, hit tab once where you select the mods and it'll bring you to the "blacklist" tab and just select "no monsters". I don't know why you'd wanna do that, but you can. It's gonna be super boring.

Npcs can be added through the world defaults (not the mods) by just turning on static npcs and random npcs when you're making a world. Random npcs are usually hostile, just like Rust lmao, and it will usually not go so well unless you're well equipped. Static npcs are the quest line characters, your bandits and other jazz. If you did that and aren't finding any npcs to shoot you in the face, then crank up the random npc spawn rate up to like 0.50 or even 1.00. If you want the true Rust experience you can turn it up to like 25.00.

You can talk to npcs by pressing shift+c, and there is factions, kind of. I don't wanna spoil anything, just use the terminal in an evac center and follow from there.

And your fourth question. I usually see like random npcs that I haven't engaged with yet picking up random shit. I've once had an npc steal an engine off my front yard, and I killed him and got my stuff back... so yeah I think you can loot their stuff they've picked up.

Just remember it's capital c to talk to people, I'm assuming you didn't know that because you were talking about AI dialogue lol.

Mansions should have marble floors and maybe could produce more sound when you stepped on them like Thief. Maybe even an unnoticeable/pointless +5 morale boost when on top of one?

And why are the carpet floor tiles never utilized? I don't think I've ever seen any in anyplace but the home improvement stores or the furniture store (either or, don't remember).

And while I'm typing lol... this game really needs like side streets and different kinds of roads. There's highways and stuff but they are kinda lame cuz they never manage to be that long like a real one and they just feel samey. If someone came along and made a super road revival mod that would be the best, one way roads, alley ways littered with trash, those roads with the gardens and trees in the middle, what about like bike/hiking trails? I could go on forever.

Just some sick suggestions, don't know if they belong here, & don't know if they've been made already, pce out though.

Newest experimental, 6518.

Started a new game as a firefighter for the first time and spawned in a doctor's office for some reason, tried to do it again but couldn't recreate. I opened up the map and there is a fire station like 2 blocks away so they're not absent from my world. I got default world settings (other than the season length and lowered npc spawn rates).  I didn't get any world/map errors when spawning in either.

Barely a problem, just thought I'd just report it to you guys lol.

Announcements / Re: Latest experimental features.
« on: June 08, 2017, 10:37:03 AM »
The 30 tile range limit for firearms was removed, however you can not currently see the range of a firearm. This makes ranged weapons, bows in particular, more realistic to use but slightly more tedious.

They finally got rid of that range cap??? That is like the best news ever, I haven't played in like a month or two, too busy playing AoE2 HD, gonna grab a fresh copy right now and get into a bionic sniper run my lads.

I found two bugs yesterday in the debug menu on the expies yesterday... I'll try my best to word this out lol.

When you try to use the mapgen/map editor to spawn a house or something, you can't press m to move around.

Another thing I found was that you couldn't contain liquids in containers when you wish for an item, I tried to spawn in some diesel but I couldn't contain it. I'd press F and it would just bring up the search thing. (Updated from 6300 to 6305 and you can contain again, still can't move around the map editor with m though.)

I've seen the house ever since 5000 and before. I've almost never seen an Elephant Gun or ammo.

Really? I've found (my only) an elephant gun in a mansion quite recently, the only bullet was the one chambered though lol, I'm sure I found an AK of some sort along side it and used that though. Where does .700 usually drop anyway?

That would be pretty neat, like a small glass greenhouse on the back of a house. Maybe some crates with seeds and stuff.

^They solved the range problem?

EDIT: What I mean is the 30 tile or whatever range cap.

Yeah, I could see that happening if you weren't too familiar with the controls and all that, it kind of just felt natural after a while. Guess it's time to just get used to it.

I don't wanna start a new discussion topic thingy but I've noticed after updating from 5688 to 5698 you can no longer use right arrow to use/eat/whatever, I remember using just the left arrow to select the different "columns" (what you're holding/inventory/worn) and then using right arrow to use said item. Now you have to use enter apparently and I have no idea why... it requires moving waaaay too much when it used to be so easy. Can I rebind somehow??? :(

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