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Does the Chest Rig only hold 1 mag? Back in my army days our chest rig could hold 8 mags, 2 in each pouch with 4 pouchs on the rig..
Do i have to make the Chest Rig and 8 chest ammo pouchs and just imagen they are sown on?
I think the main reason it's like that is it allows addition item storage + a magazine also I don't know if it is possible to have a rig with multiple ammo pouches in the same way as you can have a belt that can sheath a knife and a sword at the same time (since those are separate holsterables)

This, plus yeah, it's mainly a coding restraint in how holsterables work.
Also the entire 'survivors store tin cans of beans in chest rigs because more food > more ammo' thing. Restricting it to only holding ammo, or having to code in removing a number of holstered mags due to storage used, would be a nightmare.

I do think it should have more storage, though. As it is it's barely better than a tool belt or the like IIRC.

If you're underground and there's no zombies underground with you, you're 100% safe.

While we are at the subject of traits — is "weak scent" of any practical use?
Are there any dangerous mobs than use scent to find you?

Essentially all zombies use scent, but they it's third in the list (sight, sound, scent), so as long as there's noise grabbing their attention somewhere, you're good.

That said, when you're sleeping and it's quiet, scent can be what draws almost any zombie to you (including the nasty ones, like predators), so it does matter.

But then, if you only sleep somewhere with reasonable precautions (close all the doors and windows, sleep in the middle of the room, etc), it should be TOO big a deal the majority of the time.

TLDR: it can matter a lot very occasionally, but usually, it's no big deal.

Sleeping by somewhere incredibly noisy with earplugs etc. is a good way for a safe night's sleep. Zombies flock to the noise but none of them notice you.

Directional EMP on turrets can actually cause them to simply 'fizzle out' rather than explode. But they often explode, still, so just throw your grenades.

It's mainly a joke at the stereotypical British gentleman, sipping tea and fencing with walking canes et cetera.

Teashops very commonly contain fencing books, as well as other 'gentleman' items.

I think the way to implement enemy stealth (besides the obviously supernatural like shady zombies) should just be their coloration. Triffids are already hard to tell apart from forests if you're not being slow.

More power armour stuff (modules?).

We already have the code for only allowing power armour helmets and hauling frames to be worn with power armour, so adding more stuff - like magnet-holsters, night-vision visors, et cetera - would just be porting functions over to power-armour-only versions.

Only problem is whether this negates one of the main balancing features of power armour (which is the lack of versatility).

But speaking about perception and sight distance in the dark — I'm pretty sure that at high (13 base) perception my character could still see further in the dark with  night vision than with base (8) perception with night vision. Is that true? How exactly perc effects sight at night anyway?

The trait gives exactly the same extra range as 6 points of perception. This is a flat (ie. non-scaling) increase. Rest is eye encumbrance and light. Not all nights are equally dark.

Int is a very important stat in general, I find, especially as a general utility. Jacked out on caffeine pills, a 12-base-intelligence mutant can hack lab computers with a decent degree of reliability, meaning access to the barracks.

You can just bring a jackhammer or an oxy torch. Wasting 4-8 stat points on a stat that stops being useful will hurt you in the long term.
Even after the nerf to morale stacking, you can still gain 10 morale from smoking 3 doses of crack, 2 extra from meth, 2 from morale, 1 from nicotine. That's all semi-common stuff.
So even if you're a genius winning all the math olympics as a kid, a crackhead chain smoker on meth will still outsmart you.
Winners do drugs until their tiny brain rots (then they go cold turkey), losers who didn't dump int and per can only passively-aggressively tip their fedoras and quote Rick & Morty because their dumped actually-important-stats (that can't be easily buffed) matter for everything else. Unless they are playing in ez mode, ie. single pool.

a) taking drugs is dumb

b) single pool for life, man

c) acetylene torches are heavy and annoying

I don't get why everyone is so okay with downing so much crack and meth. It's just disgusting.

Int is a very important stat in general, I find, especially as a general utility. Jacked out on caffeine pills, a 12-base-intelligence mutant can hack lab computers with a decent degree of reliability, meaning access to the barracks.

Acid rain that deposits acid onto the ground

Acid rain that removes building roofs.

In unmodified DDA, perception is a dump stat - even if you want to be a sniper, you want to take stats out of perception and put it in dexterity. The post-cataclysm world belongs to strong and dexterous blind idiot gods.
Huh. I was always under the impression perception works the same as dexterity for range attacks, while perception ALSO increases your  sight radius in low-light conditions, thus perception being superior since it allows you to avoid enemies altogether.

Seconded. It's why eyewear decreases perception in terms of ranged attacks (as well as the obvious) - if it didn't matter the difference would be minimal.

30 encumbrance unpowered.

Im using bone armor and a molle pack and a flame pack and a back holster.  Thats my summer loadout this year.

>using a holster
>not just using your fists

be gone thot

Alright there's no reason to oppose CBMs to mutagens since you can take both and withe purifier and time you can get rid of the worse négatives.

So from RP persepective what reasons did your survivors had for using it ? harison86 suggested need for power and addictions, what could be other reasons ?

Usually, I'll have my character 'mistake' it for some sort of 'sciency healing potion'. If it gives them super good stuff, I'll probably have them chase after those effects, and if it goes bad, I'll just veto mutations as they only know them to do harm.

If I get to high cooking before I actually find mutagens, especially if I find a mutagen book and read it, they'll probably just make an informed decision based on their circumstances.

One of my best mutant characters (lab start) drank it because they were thirsty and didn't know enough about the real world to know it would be bad to drink.

Basically, most of the reasons I have are ignorance or desperation on the part of the character.

Found rivtech power armor.

Not gonna use it.  too heavy and encumbering.

But I also have 600 power and an integrated tool system.  Now I dont need to find more batteries or an electronics book, because I also have a furnace and a joint-ratchet set.  Now I go for a walk, come back, cook dinner, and then install my heavy duty frames.  Gotta be honest, Id rather be a lizardman or tree than a cyborg from a lore perspective. but this is easily the most convenient upgrade.

This character has just sidestepped the megavehicle blockade.  Ive also already moved my 4 wheels.  I need to pop in 4 more at some point, and I dont have a boom crane.

Having some good success using grenades against secubots in labs.

Isn't Rivtech armour the _least_ heavy and encumbering? My character would wear it unpowered on a regular basis because it was still amazing.

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