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Something related, late last year there was a Wankel engine in the game. What happened to it?

I tried debugging rifles and marksmanship to 20 and targeting systems with it after an unfortunate encounter with a zombie super sniper. No change in accuracy. It reaaaaly is ticking me off.

Just got me a heavy rail rifle and it SUCKS. For some reason I can't hit the broadside of a barn from 15 tiles away even the max range is 60. Was really hoping for something to combat zombie bio weapons and super soldiers.

Butters had a 200 ton death bus going 200mph over the speed limit. Butters hears an NPC.
"Drop the weapon, fucker!"
Butters decides to run him over.
3 seconds later the death bus is a flaming land torpedo and crashes into a factory
The NPC had C4 which exploded under my gas tanks.
RIP Butters

-Going well over 100mph over the speed limit
-"Fucker, I want to talk!"
-NPC comes out of forest, wielding a bat
-200 ton death bus
-"Drop the weapon, fucker!"
-Is in front of 200mph death bus
-(NPC name here) Becomes hostile!
-Proceedes to make NPC a nice, fine red paste on the road
-You hear a deafening explosion!
-Wait, what?
-Would you like to see your death?
-Wait... What.
-Deathbus proceeds down the road 150+ as a burning land torpedo
-Crashes into a factory and collapses the whole thing

Turns out the fucker had some C4 on him and it exploded under my gas tanks. RIP Butters.

Screw it, triple post.
I am going to acend to god hood... USING PRIMARILY LAUNCHERS also ENTIERLY PLAYED AT SCHOOL.

Acid rain that deposits acid onto the ground

Also, does unarmed mean unarmed weapons or just the good ol' fisticuffs?

I don't know if it would be a challenge or milestone but, run down and back up a frozen lab that has atleast 3 floors (Not counting ground level) naked.
EDIT: Oh and no internal climate control

Everything Sabaton ever.

Help, I've found these two animated music videos and I cant stop watching them.

Geoff let go of the person and looks down. Ice crystals start to form on his body.

"Guys, What happens when other guards come?" Says Geoff, weirder out by the temperature changes.

"Argh, What the hell is happening!?"

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