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The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: ChestHole Tileset
« on: March 23, 2017, 10:27:21 PM »
I want to thank you all contributors to this tileset - it is awesome. Maybe because of it I still play Cata for years.

I'm thinking of redesiging my current vehicle, since small storage batteries are so common now that you can breakdown Storage battery to several Medium batteries and each Medium battery to several small ones.  Now its real easy to make the combinaton UPS / Rechargeable mod, you can make a welder, electric forge, soldering iron, hotplate, chemisry set, vacuum sealer, water purifier, etc. all rechargeable, dump them in 1 cargo space with a Recharging Station and have plenty of space left over, and eliminate 5 of the 'vehicle mounted ____' spaces.  Either replace them all with cargo spaces or take two or three out and shorten the vehicle and leave the rest as cargo spaces, you still get at least as much storage as all 5 dedicated stations would give.
Interesting idea. Does it have drawbacks? Crafting speed or tool quality? If not its seems to be thing to nerf) its ruining part of gameplay, but I like this idea. I will create additional version of eMobile with such cargo-station

How do you get yours NPC splints off? They already healed limbs but still wear them.
Also how can I repair their gear?

Smthing strange with metal funnel - when activate:
Trying to put a trap and got confused. And funnel is gone

Swimmers drop those pretty often.
killed near hundred of it and still no. Dont see them in any games(

I like simulation outside of buble in Project Zomboid. But here I would like to choose radius of bubble. And Let NPC walk outside of bubble

From where you get power armor?

Im playing x4 Zrates and still dont have diamond weapon. So I have 3 top geared NPC to guard me while I butchering corpses. Main problem is that they generate corpses faster then I can butcher them . And corrosive/shoker/splitter zombies are real pain in ass, when supported whith hulks and necromancers. So I usually go round at night killing and butchering one by one. But this is so f long(

Where you get milk?

How do you plan to get rid of corpses? My main problem that butchering even with butcher knife takes whery long time. And while Im butchering new zombies arrive and interupt me.
And with x4 zspawn are too many corpses(

dont find any ant hives yet(several years go, 4 towns exored)
And this is rather wierd to eat ant eggs all year.

Here goes my compare table
delta drain - surplus that you gain from main indigriend (nutr minus base nutr of all ind except main ind) per one main ind
delta food - nutr minus base butr of all ind(per portion)
(click to show/hide)

How exactly Ethanol Burer do? I drunk some beer but my energy didnt change(

Burner* - But I want to see Ethanol Burer))

How can I accuratize my bow and upgrade to ++ broadsword?
Before patch it was fire arm kit and welding rig.
Now I cant both(

Oh. Easier just add screenshot then type all items:

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