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Is it true that one can see every possible map feature, if he travels the entire area generated at start?

The co-ordinate starts at 0, goes to 0'179, then to 1'0, then to 1'179, so a 179x179 map seems a default unit, and is exactly what one sees when he reveals map. This is small though, and does not have every features.

How large is the area generated when the player character spawns? How many 179x179 blocks does it contain?

edit: 180x180

Other Games / Re: I made a game: Wanderlust
« on: August 19, 2017, 02:14:04 AM »
I open the link and it returns a 404 error???

I saw a bandit camp where bandits and thugs wielded Glock and S&W. A group of zombies came, killed half of them, and died. I thought, I'd come back tomorrow, and the zombies would revive and take the other half.

Next morning, when I came back, I saw the zombies were all pulped! Clever bandits. I then burnt the camp and threw grenade at bandits who were dancing around putting out fire.

That would look like a modern ADOM, which is good.

New goal: KILL COUNT: 20171231 by the end of year.


It is not many, but happens to be the number of this year when I looked.

In ascii, the fire is 5 while normal fire is 4.

This fire is greater than earthly fire.

edit: you can't cook food with this fire.

For a default year, one needs 56 * 200 = 11200 nutrition.
3 fruit leather gives 3 * 18 = 54.
3 fruit leather requires 1 blueberry and 5 sugar.
100 suger requires 2 blueberries.
So 1 + 0.1 = 1.1 blueberries give 54 nutrition.

208 blueberries can feed a man for a year. 1 blueberry shrub gives about 4 berries and 4 seeds. One needs 52 seeds which grow to 52 shrubs which give 208 berries.

In summer, blueberry naturally appears on field in groups of 5 - 10. After visiting a couple of blueberry colonies, you will get all the seeds needed plus some berries that can be consumed right away.

Farming solves food problem in late game. Oat and buckwheat are also good economic plant, but the seeds take some effort to find.

I once watched a rhymeless batte(???) between Tonza and mi_go.

Thanks! I'll try cotton when I find some seeds.

Walk straight to any direction and you will see "people" before noon...

That's exciting escape! But why does one walk to the corpse in the first place? Does the grenadier drop useful things, or you want to keep a bombless grenadier prisoner?

1L diesel requires: 100 denatured alcohol, 8 lye powder, 8 cooking oil.

60L diesel: 6000 denature alcohol, 480 lye powder, 480 cooking oil.

4 blueberries > 42 fruit wine must > 42 fruit wine > 14 brandy > 250 denatured alcohol. 96 blueberries are needed. If it is farmed, a 4x6 plot is sufficient.

50 charcoal > 200 lye powder. 120 charcoal is negligible.

4 canola seeds > 2 cooking oil. 960 canola seeds are needed. A 10x12 plot should be sufficient.

The biggest time sink is growing canola, which requires 2 generations to reach this scale.

I found an apple orchard and on the last day of Autumn picked 400+ apples. There were more, but my duffel bag and cart could only hold so much, as it was a place difficult to drive to.

my auto hotkey macro for apple picking:
Code: [Select]
main ()
block = 3
loop %block% {
block := 24 * block
loop %block% {
Send, l
Sleep, 300

Send, e
Sleep, 100
Send, 2
Sleep, 100
Send, +y
Sleep, 500
Send, `,
Sleep, 500
loop %step% {
Send, h
Sleep, 300

One starts by standing north to the eastern-most apple tree of a line. Press F12 and the pc starts picking. He will end up about where he starts, with arms and bags full of apples.

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