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General Discussion / Re: Last Survivor Posting (Bubb is back~)
« on: September 12, 2017, 04:23:04 PM »
*cocks shotgun*

...Get out of my thread.

Other Games / Re: I made a game: Wanderlust (NEW BLOG POST!)
« on: September 12, 2017, 05:04:12 AM »
Got up a tiny bugfix update today. Work on Chapter 2 continues at a snail's pace, i discuss it in greater detail in the newly updated blog, now with a new poll. Go check it out if you have the time!

Other Games / Re: I made a game: Wanderlust (FINALLY FIXED)
« on: August 21, 2017, 07:36:30 PM »
OKAY! It should finally work now!

Since the US Eclipse happened today i might not be able to get any updates. Tomorrow hopefully.

Other Games / Re: I made a game: Wanderlust (FIXED HOPEFULLY)
« on: August 20, 2017, 09:17:56 PM »
The connection has timed out.

Probably that page is blocked. I'll put on my tinfoil hat tomorrow and try again.

Strange, it works fine for me. I use Firefox, maybe try that?

Other Games / Re: I made a game: Wanderlust (FIXED HOPEFULLY)
« on: August 20, 2017, 07:33:52 PM »
It is not. I can get to the website, but cannot get to your game.

Really? What's happening? Same 404? Could you try again?

Other Games / Re: I made a game: Wanderlust (FIXED HOPEFULLY)
« on: August 20, 2017, 05:11:25 PM »
Good luck! Looking forward to the revival!

Revival? What do you mean by that? A new update? Sequel?

BTW The link should be working now.

Other Games / Re: I made a game: Wanderlust
« on: August 20, 2017, 03:07:02 PM »
Gosh dangit, the link is always bugging out.



Other Games / I made a game: Wanderlust (FINALLY FIXED)
« on: August 17, 2017, 09:39:45 PM »
So i found a website called Inklewriter ( which lets you make your own interactive stories for free. I learned how to use it and lo and behold here's a game:

It's a sort of RPG, and i've spent a lot of time on it. I only have the first chapter done and it's still in it's beta stage, but i spent alot of time on it and i'm proud of it! I hope you like it!

Also, after you complete it, make sure to check out the blog (Located in the extras menu), it has some strawpolls i need answered.

BTW I desperately need bug-testers. If you find any bugs, REPORT THEM TO ME VIA PM IMMEDIATELY! You'll get a spot in the special thanks!

Other Games / Re: Haven & Hearth
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:25:39 PM »
I tried playing it once, but it felt more like work than game. Like all that tedium I'd like to cut out of DDA - manual cutting of trees, hauling of everything by hand, planting seeds by hand. Except in DDA it's a background to zombie chopping action, while in H&H it's the main appeal.

That was a couple of years ago so it's possible the devs have came to their senses. I saw an "autoseed" UI for fields and RTS-style wall stretch options, meaning they are trying to solve some of the problems.
I wouldn't expect the russian griefing gangs to be gone, though.

Yeah, quite a bit has been fixed and added. Also, i haven't died from russians (Or anything) yet, but i'm not sure how much that's worth.

It's also 3D now.

Other Games / Haven & Hearth
« on: June 09, 2017, 04:43:35 PM »
I'm bad at making reviews so

Read up on it there.

To give a quick rundown, it's a open-world sandbox PvP survival MMORPG. It's got things like perma-death, tons of crafting/building, complicated, but unique and extremely fun combat, and it's set in a fictional world "loosely inspired by Slavic and Germanic myth and legend."

Here's a paragraph from it's info page:

Players start the game surrounded by a vast and somewhat unforgiving wilderness, with only the most basic tools of survival at their disposal. The use of fire is a thematic focal point of the game's mythos, and an early and important task will be the simple lighting of one. As the first hearth fires disperse the darkness of the surrounding wilderness, more pressing questions will present themselves to the players: Who are they? Where are they? And, most importantly, where are they going? From this point on, players will have to blaze trails of their own into the unknown, the wilderness and the future, and explore and affect the world of Haven & Hearth using only their own best judgment and a chipped stone axe. Trust us, the stone axe is the shit.

Oh yeah, and it's been made entirely by two college dropouts. Them dudes are cool.

Also, it's totally free, besides a few different things you can optionally buy for slight buffs. It's easily my favorite game of all time and it's a total blast to play, 9.8/10 IGN.

You see that tree? You can chop it down. Now there will forever be a stump there to mark you've chopped down that tree, unless someone feels like chopping away that stump and planting a new tree. Feel like chopping every tree, digging all the dirt and smashing apart every stone in the world? You could do that, just don't get mauled by a boar. Bears? Pfft, those things won't bother you, it's boars you need to look out for. They'll straight up impale you for looking at them funny.

yes, we got rock bowl what you can use to boil things, you need cooking 1 to autolearn it (seriusly, wtf?) and uses survival skill to craft (that makes sense)

You saying you DIDN'T learn to carve a bowl out of a rock with a chisel in cooking school?

There was the time that I lost a gunfight with an unarmed and completely harmless piece of fetish paraphernalia. Leveled an entire block in the process.

Here's my original post about it from another thread:

Very early in my Cataclysm experience I was searching a house and opened a bathroom door only to find myself face to face with a terrifying creature that I had never seen before. (Note: I was using Chesthole32 at the time) After flying into a noobish panic and nearly peeing myself I decided that the most sensible course of action was to eliminate it with extreme prejudice. I unloaded a burst from my Sten into it which flew straight past it, out a window, and into the street where it promptly detonated the gas tank of an ambulance that was outside the house. A massive chain reaction ensued as the gas tanks of other cars lit up and the house that I was in was completely leveled. Buried both me and the completely harmless wolf suit that I had just finished trying to annihilate beneath the rubble.

End of rant.

No reply yet? Not even a negative one? IS this so bad that anyone who reads it dies? Huh. Well, i guess the only logical thing to do is


Chapter 3 should be coming out later today.

I'm bored. Here's chapter two early.

Chapter 2

The voice terrified me, and i immediately turned to face whatever horror was standing behind me.

To my relief, there was nothing. For a second i questioned my own sanity, before another huge voice came from a speaker atop the building. There is a mic connected to the PC inside the building allowing anyone to blast out messages using the aforementioned speaker. She was obviously using it.

"It is I!" The voice spoke sarcastically.

"Grandma? Is that you?" I yelled out in a joking tone. Whoever was speaking into the mic in the PC burst out laughing. She stepped into the doorway. A woman, looking only slightly younger than me. She sported a grey cloth duster and jeans, with a plaid tanktop under the duster, and a baseball cap and hiking boots. Her brown hair went down to the middle of her back, and she was leaning on the doorframe, smiling.

"Are we done joking now? We have to get moving." She said, with a surprisingly chill and friendly tone in her voice. I would assume that was rare nowadays. "Uh...yeah, i guess, but why, exactly, do we need to 'get moving'?" i said, mocking her.

"Well, when i say 'a whole lot more', i mea-" All of a sudden, a humongous creature, looking like a man, but much larger, came crashing through the building. It looked similar to the thing i fought, but with blue flesh and a slight humming noise coming from it. Red veins pulsed from it's body and it's blond hair stood up constantly.

"I mean that!" the woman screamed, before running and grabbing my hand taking me with her. We both ran for our lives. I looked back, to see it was gaining on us, FAST. I have no idea how something so big could move so quick.

Then i saw huge sparks and crackling of electricity flow around the creature, it outstretched it's hand, roared, and just like that, everything went black for a second. A horrific pain shot through me, and i felt my body vibrate intensely for a moment like i'd stuck a knife through a outlet. I fell to the ground screaming, incapable of moving. The creature stopped in it's tracks, seemingly exhausted, as the woman wrapped her arms under mine, attempting to pick me up. As quickly as it started, some of the pain stopped and i found myself able to stand up, although still hurting.

"You okay?" The woman asked, still standing next to me making sure i wouldn't fall over. "No...ow...let's keep moving." i replied, now noticing a large amount of spit had formed in my mouth, and i was sweating alot. Both the monster, the girl, and me started running again. She pulled a gun out of a holster.

BANG! BANG! The gun did nothing but slow it. We ran more, until i once again noticed it getting ready to do...whatever it did, and dived at the woman throwing both of us to the floor. Since i didn't black out this time, i got to see what had happened.

It fired around five huge bolts of lightning out of it's hand simultaneously, all of which could be heard whizzing by our heads, then dissipating about six yards in front of us. Great, now we have a mutant Thor to add to our list of what's trying to kill us.

BANG! BANG, BANG! Three more shots rang out, two of which, hit it in the head weakening it.


We heard a huge gunshot sound as it's head exploded into a rain of gore. We got up, and looked behind us to see two people, one with a large sniper and one with a machete, and crudely made makeshift clothing, walking toward us. "Drop the weapon!" said the one with the rifle, pointing at the woman. She dropped it, as she looked over at me. "Well, i guess it's the end of our journey. Nice meetin' you, thou-" She was interrupted with the sniper dude bashing her in the face with his gun.

I don't know what happened, but that just absolutely threw us both off guard and i got real ticked. I snatched the gun away from his hands surprisingly easy and quickly whapped him in the head back with it, knocking him unconscious. The other pulled out a pistol.


Nothing happened. He immediately changed aim and was about to shoot the woman. I threw the rifle at him to confuse him, and ran up and tackled him to the ground. We were now fighting over possession of the gun. I must have accidentally cut him somehow, because my hands kept slipping from blood. Eventually he got it and pulled the trigger causing a TICK from the gun. I grabbed him by the throat and choked him unconscious.

I heard his friend's footsteps behind me as he made a mad dash at me, and as he reached me he grabbed my shoulder to pull me toward him, but i took his hand and flipped him onto the ground. Both of them were down now. I walked up to the woman, sarcastically trying to be heroic as i outstretched my hand. She smiled as she took it, still in visible awe of the battle that unraveled before her. "Uh...thanks..." "Samuel. But you can call me Sam." "Well...thanks  Sam. Name's Rose." She directed her attention down to my lower torso, as her smile turned to a face of horror.

I looked down. "So that's the blood i was slipping on..." i said groggily, sounding like i was drunk. My body started to fall limp, but she caught me. "Oh...ooh, oh no." she kept repeating, as she lowered me to the floor and got gauze out of her pocket and started treating my gunshot wound. "I guess he didn't miss..." I said, wincing in pain, trying to make the situation seem less dire. "Sssh!" she said, giving me a pill. I swallowed it dry. "URP! Wha-whu-zah?"

"Oh, just some poison, i'm just gonna unceremoniously betray you." she replied sarcastically. "It's painkiller, ya dope." "Weh yeh ah new dah. Wah kinda paynkeeyersh?" I was slightly dramatizing the slurring, though it was mostly because of blood loss and DRUGZ. "Why, exactly, do you care?" "Juh maykeen cahnvershashon." "Dying is a good time to be making conversation?" "Ur juh so HAH. I cahn hehlp ih." I joked. She visibly started blushing. I chuckled, and she smiled, nervously, and raised me up so i was in a sitting position. "I wahdnt sure if you'd acshooally catch that..." i remarked, still slightly slurred. "Uh, anyway, are you alright?" I looked down, seeing the bandage. "You've done this before, haven't you?"

"Meh. My mom was a doctor and INSISTED i took medical classes because she thought i'd like the-wait, why are we talking so casually when you just got shot?" I fakingly clutched my wound. "Ugh, Mahm, it herts so bahd, cahnt you tehl?" I said in a weird, silly tone. Out of nowhere, a tear formed in her eye as she stared into space. "Whoa, Rose, you okay?" I asked. She wiped away the tear before replying. "Y-yeah, you just reminded me of my brother. He talked like that when he was little..." She looked down at the ground, starting to cry.

"Oh...i'm sorry..." i said, feeling depressed myself now. "He saved me. We were held up in a house and he ran out the back door to distract the wendigos. I escaped, but as i did i heard him screami-...i..." I pulled her into a hug. It feels weird, the first person i've seen in a month or two, and i'm comforting her. "*sniff* Anyway," she said, wiping off the tears. "'d you not...y'know...die?" "Oh, i was in the military. I went through bootcamp, where they taught me marksmanship, unarmed combat, basic medic and pain suppression skills, how to clean guns and use the environment to your advantage, that kinda stuff. Afterwards they let me go for some unspecified reason." "Sux to be you." she said, before pulling me up to my feet.

"So i have skinny, quick, cannibalistic mutants to worry about now too?" She looked at me confused. "You mentioned Wendigos?" "Oh! Heh-heh, that's my name for the zombies."

"ZOMBIES?!" I screamed aloud, jumping away from her in shock, although hurting my side. I sighed, clutching my wound for real now. "That's what those are? The flipping UNDEAD?!" I started having a panic attack. "Whoa! Whoa! Calm down! Some soldier..." I calmed myself down, and looked toward the town. "D-do you think we can find help there?" She simply stood there with a disappointed look. "Well, do you have a better plan??" "As a matter of fact, yeah, i'm headed back to a settlement. Why don't you tag along, scaredy-cat?"

"Oh, real mature."

"Out here, there isn't any 'mature'. Only, 'can survive' and 'can't survive and will die'." Real optimistic there. Seeing as my only hope was her, i agreed. And so began the trek back to...wherever we were going.

I hope they have eggs there, i'm hungry.

OOPS Fixed a leftover mistake from when i changed up some stuff in the beginning.

Clawstrophobic (Name very subject to change.)

A story i hope i will actually finish based in the world of Cataclysm with various things of my own added.

Heavily inspired by Alone, a brilliant fan-fic made by a brilliant author. All the credit goes to you, JumJum. Please don't send a cougar to rip my eye out (If you know what i mean. *trollface*) if i rip off your "Bonus Chapters" because i may use them, they're genius.

Also inspired by CDDA, (Duh.) Unturned (Really fun, really simple DayZ-like zombie game made by a teenager. Highly recommend. F2P on Steam.) and other small games and stories i've played/heard/read.

Chapter 1

*Knock knock knock*

"Ugh..what time is it?" I muttered to myself, after being awoke by familiar knocking at my door. I thought i told Philip, the freakin' thing would be done next week. I got up from bed and checked the clock. Quarter to 7:30. That sounds like a perfect time to be banging on my door, i thought to myself. I put on some jeans, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt before heading downstairs. Outside was dark, foggy, and overall sad. Almost looked like a scene out of The Walking Dead or something. The knocking repeated, as i walked through the kitchen. When i reached the front door, that's when everything went downhill.

"HOLY MOTHER OF.." i screamed, as i watched horrors unfold before my eyes. The walls began seeping with blood and guts and disembodied heads fazed into existence floating around me screaming. The door swung open as my family, all looking to be inside out with muscles and bones on the outside, formed a chorus of singing as they floated toward me. Their facial features replaced with black holes of void. They emitted a constant, low, *OOOOOOOHHHHH* noise of different pitches each.

"AAGGH!" i screamed, jumping out of bed. (By "bed" i mean a bench with raincoats draped over it.)I clutched my chest as my breathing was getting harder.
I looked around the shelter. It was dark, with just enough light coming from a PC monitor and the closed blinds to see. I was alone, as always. I sat in bed, contemplating life.

My name is Samual Dormis. I am 24 years old. I was a carpenter before all over the radios blared constant warning of full scale nuclear and biological warfare advancing into the US. I ran to the nearest shelter. I've never left since.

But food was dwindling. I couldn't stay here any longer.

I decided to stay until afternoon. I walked over to the monitor. 9:23 AM. Might as well start reading the plethora of books and playing set of chess pieces here. I know you can't play chess by yourself, shut up.

A couple hours later, i heard a rhythmic knocking on one of the doors. It scared me so bad i dropped my book. I walked over to the door, clutching the doorknob. I haven't seen another person in around a month, and i'm normally a very chatty person sop you can assume why i felt so Alone.
Before i even turned the doorknob, the door was ripped of it's hinges falling into my direction. i jumped backwards out of it's way to see a horrific figure standing in the doorframe.

His skin was pale green. Blood was pouring out of bullet holes, knife cuts and stabs and open sores. His lower jaw was ripped off, half his nose was missing and one eyeball was dangling out of it's socket. His clothing was in tatters. Two fingers on his left hand were gone, and most of his hair was replaced with a gaping hole and exposed brain. His fingernails turned to razor-sharp claws.

I would've screamed, but i couldn't. My body was frozen for a second, before it outstretched it's arms in my direction.  I jumped across a booth and grabbed a hammer sitting on it. I backed against a wall as it shuffled up and got stuck on the counter. In some sick, twisted way, it almost looked cute, scraping it's feet on the floor, trying to get at me. For what reason, i don't want to know. I walked up and smashed the hammer into it's vulnerable brains. Green blood and glob sprayed across the counter and it's body fell limp onto the floor. I felt my lunch of beans start to come up and i had a hard time suppressing it.

What the living heck did i just witness? A demon? Military super-weapon turned evil? I stood there looking at it's demolished head for a few minutes, before hearing a gunshot in the distance. I walked through the door.

The sunlight on my skin felt wonderful, and for a moment, i was enveloped in the world's beauty and actually forgot what just happened. Sure, the world was nothing like it used to be, but seeing it for the first time in forever felt great.
Then i came back too, and gave it a better look. Everything looked pale, and no birds were heard besides crows feeding off various small, rotten corpses. Most likely rabbits and squirrels. The trees had lost some of their leaves and strange, small red and blue flowers and stones littered the landsca-


A shot of pain enveloped the right side of my head. Everything went blurry as my ears began ringing. I fell sideways onto my back, and looked up to see the end of a rifle in my face.
"Get up before i shoot." Said a man wearing a gasmask and full military gear. He sounded like a mix of Darth Vader and a Combine soldier. I obeyed, although getting up wasn't an easy task with a minor concussion. He aimed the gun at my head the whole time. "Turn around, hands where i can see them." He cuffed me, and glanced inside the shelter, seeing the gory mess i made of that gu-...thing. "What did you do to that man?" Man? I'd hardly call that thing a man. "What? That ain't a human. And who are you? Army? Cop? I wanna see a ba-" All of a sudden he smacked me again with his rifle, although much lighter this time. He kicked my legs making me fall to my knees, and i felt the end of his gun press against the back of my head. "Murder of civilians will not be tolerated. You will be terminated."

 I panicked. I moved my head off right as he pulled the trigger, and sprung to my feet. I head-butted him, but with armor it didn't much besides disorient me and cause him to drop the gun, so i drop kicked him. He fell to the floor, with a loud thump caused by his heavy armor. Without my arms free for balance, i fell down too. I passed the handcuffs under my legs so they were now in front of me. I quickly snatched his pistol and pointed it at him. He got up and took a swing at me, which i countered by smashing him against the wall, causing his helmet and mask to fall off.

The metal head immediately made me think of Terminator. "A freaking robot?" i thought to myself. It looked at me and reached for it's pistol (A Glock, i now realize after grabbing it.) too stupid to realize i had grabbed it. I aimed and fired a shot into it's head. I hit, and's face made a quick *poot* noise as something small inside h-it's head exploded and destroyed the gyroscope or something, and it fell over flailing him limbs all over. It was quite humorous, actually. "SELF-DESCRUCT ACTIVATED." said the robot, as lights on him and his guns (One of which i was holding.) starting blinking and making beeping noises. All of a sudden, they all dissolved into nothingness. All he left were the keys, among other small increments. How convenient. I un-cuffed myself. that a word? Nevermind.

I turned around to face the small sub-urban town i could see in the distance. So far, i killed a mutant and caused a robot to turn into dust. What, will i find an alien that can shoot lazers out of it's mouth next? I was confused, scared, but also excited. I guess i should be thankful i'm not dead yet. It seems going through bootcamp finally paid off. "What are you gonna throw at me next, world?"

Suddenly, a loud, booming voice came from behind me.

"A whole lot more."

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