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Emery looks back at the group before giving a light shrug and walking out of the elevator and into the room, following Eser over to the sheeted object. Looking over at Aapeli she decided to say, "My name is Emery and lets leave it at that for now.. as I do not remember my last name or anything about my past."

Looks around at all those who were currently in the elevator before tapping her chin, "Fighting, that doesn't sound so bad." Emery ended up saying, no real emotion to her voice as she did though. Though she seemed to be ignoring the questions from all the others and the idle talking. "Whoever you are, I'm willing to fight for my freedom. I do not want to be a test subject, or whatever this place is for."

Emery looks back over her shoulder before giving a shrug to the noise and continuing to walk towards the elevator herself.

Emery simply casts a glance over at Eser however disapproving it was she doubted it'd get across before she began making her way down the hall and towards the door, "Ain't like whatever's in there is getting out any time soon, kinda wish we could see into the damned thing though." keeping her hand pressed against the wall as she didn't want to loss her footing and fall.

Emery takes a couple of steps back away from the vat, "Well, we don't know what, or 'who' could be in there, we should probably go before we find out, unless one of you wants to try and pry that thing open.." she'd say before placing her hand on what hopefully was a solid wall on the opposite side of the tanks.

Emery quite unsteadily climbs to her feet, letting out a few heavy coughs she looks around at the figures and goes to wipe her eyes before deciding against it given what she was previously in. "H-Hey, wait up, I don't want to be lost in this place alone." she'd call to them before stumbling her way towards the two figures, not having an easy time making out their shapes as her eyes haven't completely adjusted yet.

Name: Emery
Gender: Female
Appearance: Somewhat short, roughly 5' 3" lithe woman who looks to be in her early to mid twenties. Light skin with freckles dotted around her face, green eyes, and red hair.

Sorry bout that, been in a really weird mood recently, might not be posting for a while if things don't change, and I didn't know that all things considered. Also, sorry for OOC spam about this stuff.

Responds quite simply with a, "If you consider a person lacking a face as interesting then yes, nothing much else seeings as we haven't gone very far in yet." rather than keeping the gun at the ready he decided to leave it strapped to him and around his back while he moved around to allow himself some freedom of movement. "Mind handing me the crowbar, doubt we'll need it but I'd like to hold onto it for a bit."

Looks back at Jamie, "No objections here, thing that's the best idea anyways."

Jeremiah looks over at Jamie and gives a light shrug, "Either way the ones with tanks shouldn't be rushing or running, we'll start consuming oxygen at a higher rate if we do, and that's assuming all the area's above water are still safe to breath in. That assumption would be correct if no plants had made their way inside and started decomposing causing unsafe levels of carbon dioxide." he'd remark.

Jeremiah sighs and nods, "If we need to get the backup power running we'll need to go in through the hull breach as that'd be the fastest way to get there." he'd remark over the comms or however they were talking to the other group. Looking over at the big bot then at the rest if the crew he unstrapped himself and decided to go around the sub, crouching but still he felt the need to walk around to calm his nerves.

Looks over at Jamie for a moment, "Do we have enough tanks to all go into one of the ones that are submerged? If not then we can split the group a bit, two through the breach the rest through the bridge." He'd say as he leaned back into the seat. "I'm not really a great planner but I do agree with where you think we should head first."

Jeremiah decided to set his pistol off to the side given he hadn't had enough time to 'waterproof' the thing, "Your right, it does look pretty cool, but lets keep our wits about us, no telling what's gonna be inside that ship."

Lets out a faint sigh as he unwrapped the wound and sets the bandages off to the side before going out to decidedly start water proofing his guns, "Breakfast would be nice." he'd said as he was working, "But no alcohol for me."

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