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Also as a side note, if hypothetically someone were to break both their legs and have a first aid of zero, what could they do to get to level one aside from crawling through a city?

Hypothetical of course

1. Cauterizing works, but it's also risky as you might get a painful bite. If it fails after that, you get infected.
2. Using bandages and first aid kits should work.
3. Crafting improvised first aid kits, though those might be troublesome.
4. Maybe if you have an NPC with a decent First Aid Skill he might allow you to get recipes easier to craft on resources ( but you'll probably lose those resources due to failed crafting ) than improv. first aid meds.

That's all the top of my head.

This might be a stretch, but do you have Crazy Cataclysm on? It might only work with it on.

Any reason why zed children suddenly began dropping disposable rocket launchers?

Not that I'm complaining, it just feels... off. I can understand a military wreckage, but a little zombie kid with a M72 strapped to his back is terrifying.

If only you could mod zombies to use weapons...

Swivel chair made of 3 tanned hulk hides.

Do you slouch in that seat, sipping wine and watching the world burn before your very eyes?

Anyway, back on topic, not really much from me at this point. I usually try to make huge vehicles, but get bored of them never being finished and abandon the game.

This time I'm considering instead of making welding rigs and forges and the like, just using a single cargo space with UPS installed for all my needs, which will save me a lot of space for cargo spaces. And if I could get my hands on a portal, I'd probably wouldn't even need a huge mobile fortress anymore.

I do recall that UPS used to be a b***h on my previous vehicles. It drained ungodly amount of power. I actually have a question about that, does the UPS keep charging when everything UPS-modded inside is at full power?

Not sure what you can do about focus tbh.

Start as a spiritual gourmand cannibal and carry human-made food around? The problem would be getting enough though...

As for the guide, don't forget to mention how lethal and easy to train Throwing is.

Throwing Sticks which require 1 survival ( and 1 fabrication ) to craft only require some wood and a cutting tool. In return, at 0 throwing skill a headshot will deal about 20 damage with 8/8/8/8 character, which means 4-5 throws to fall a normal tier zombie.

At 5 throwing which my character currently has, the damage jumps to around 40-45 on headshot. I don't even need obstacles, I can weaken a small group of zeds enough that 90% of the time the headshot at 1 distance will kill them.

Another good thing about throwing is you can wear highly encumbering ( read: good armor ) clothes as long as your hands, arms and eyes are low.

As for the cons, 30 throwing sticks weigh over 17 kg and have 3.75 volume, but this can be mitigated by a shopping cart.

Throwing early game is low-cost, low-risk, high-reward if used properly.

Been wondering about this for a while. Does boomer bile cause nausea? Noticed that sometimes after going melee on some huge boomers that my survivor will experience some nausea once in a while. Doesn't seem like a survivor mask protects against it.

I'm about 90% sure that indeed, it does cause nausea after a recent run in with one. Speaking of boomers, I think I recall they are incapable of giving "bites" and using their bile you can train your dodging pretty high. Is that still the case?

I just witnessed arguably my greatest battle.

Anyway, some backstory:

I spawned as a high school student with Missed scenario, so I could spawn in a house. As for the stats, it was a no skill and 8/8/8/8 with traits:
Cannibal+Gourmand+Spiritual ( because it's ridiculous, that morale gain )
Packmule+Strong Back ( I'm a huge packrat, I never start without those )
Parkour Expert ( Once you start using it, it's hard to stop, too useful all around )
Self-Defence Classes ( Zui Quan, probably saved this character's life )

This spawn point was a jackpot, really. A house next door had a pool and made me a single katana ( Now branded as Tetsuryuken ) richer. Anyway, I'm dispatching a few stray zombies, looted two or three nearby homes, raising skills etc. The usual early game fare.

Then comes the 3rd Day of Spring, I'm scavenging some food from the forest and when I'm unloading in my base I take a glance through the window frame-

Zombie Hulk

Oh shit. Come on game, this is the absolutely farthest away house from the city! It's the third day! It's karma for a good spawn, isn't it!?

It's on the very edge of the screen, so I'm hoping it'll go away and go get some more forest resources. I come back-

And it's right outside the window. Since I was in the shadows it did not see me, so I ran around the house to kite it away ( yeah, I know, ridiculous with their speed ) but it noticed my starter NPC first before making said NPC very intimate with the window.

I tell him to come with me and ditch him in the forest to get that Hulk away from my base. NPC promptly dies, barely buying me enough time to get into a house close by. I try to get away but it shreds the building and right when I make it outside, I get punted away, HARD.

With the amount of pain I had, I knew escape was impossible. So I decided if this character has to die, it will die in battle. I wield my katana and begin meleeing that bastard. Surprisingly, with 1 cutting weapon skill and 0 dodge our HP is disappearing pretty much evenly.

"Wait, I can do this", I thought. After numerous punts and many blows The Hulk's HP is at :, my torso is at : and my head at |. One stray blow is enough to kill me. The time to decide the victor is at hand.

I wait patiently as the Hulk approaches. It gets into 1 tile range and punches. I dodge it and respond with an attack with my own. It's still not dead.

Then, the final turn comes: Hulk attacks again, breaking my arm while my character is blocking it and with a final slash, the beast falls.

250 pain and broken arm, but it's so satisfying to kill a Hulk with brand new char and some luck on world gen.

EDIT: Spelling

So, I had an excellent spawn today.

A house I spawned in, had a decent amount of food, but what's awesome was the house next door, which has a pool and gave me a legit nippon sword.

My question is related to that, or to be more precise, Vorpal Strike.

Is Vorpal Strike exclusive to diamond weapons? If not, if I kill a J with this katana and later upgrade it, will it retain the ability?

Also, who wants to bet I will die like an idiot not even a week into Spring?

What's the right settings for city size and spacing where I could get some decent-sized towns - nothing big as long as it's not like 4 buildings small - while making sure that non-city locations are present?

So far, fiddling around the settings I end up with vast stretches of nothing, or nothing but towns.

As far as I'm aware, I often had those maps gen ( semi-city, semi-wilderness ) at 8 city size and 8 spacing. You might want to tweak things down a bit for your preference. Heck, I have a similar gen at 12 city size, spawned in a school, about 1/3 of the southeast map is a city, the remaining half is roughly wilderness.

Speaking of that, is milking cows possible? I'm currently hiding in a dairy farm and I'm rather bad with water for now. I'm still gonna go make a short trip to town to get a funnel and a gallon jug, but I'm still curious if that's possible. It'd be nice to have infinite milk.

Muscle parasites probably.

Thanks. Guess it's Mugwort Oil time then.

Anyway, I've noticed that the site for the game is down. What is the current experimental changelog because I'm a weirdo who likes reading those even though 90% is technobabble I don't understand.

So the electrical affect was natural to the tile?

Yep. I just had a world where I had an artifact spawn smack dab right next to the shelter I started with. That electricity can work as a defense against weak enemies.

Anyway, if anyone can answer my question from the page before.

(click to show/hide)

So, I'm camping out near a swamp after I ran away made a strategic retreat from a school I started in ( oh boy, they really amped up the zombie spawn in schools, literal hundreds of carnivorous little monsters ) and after I tried to sacrifice a NPC to buy time but he survived without a scratch, that bastard made my way to the wilderness.

I'm doing surprisingly better than I expected, considering I just learned what brown P stands for in Curses builds.
(click to show/hide)
After having conveniently exploded yet miraculously not dying or even breaking any limb ( my right arm broke due to cold a short while later though ) I was almost certain I'd have to abandon this character.
(click to show/hide)

Anyways, my character is regularly having hallucinations ( but I see no monsters when I have them ) and getting messages like "Your head aches faintly" or "Your XXX is wrecked in pain." I'm starting to think I might've caught something after drinking non-purified water and eating raw meat since I randomly go blind every now and then. Any hints of what terrifying disease or parasite I've caught and how to deal with it? My character is forced to micro sleep all the time and it's a bit annoying.

My character seems to be perpetually tired.  I can sleep normally, and get the positive health messages (your muscles stretch, etc), and seem fine once waking up.  But within 15 minutes or so of game time, I become tired regardless of what I'm doing. I can go back to sleep for 10 minutes or so, but then the tired condition comes back.  I don't have any conditions listed on the status screen.  I took some antiparasitics just in case but it doesn't seem to have helped.  Any ideas on what could cause constant fatigue?
Earplugs and a blindfold. Sounds like you arent actually getting a full rest.

Also, the negative trait Poor Hearing. Not only it is useful in more circumstances that it is disadvantegous at, you also gwt 2 trait points for it. Quite a win-win, really.

I would like to build a door on a square that is currently dirt (there are adjacent walls).  When I try to construct, I am told I can't build there.  Is there something I have to do to the dirt to make it build-able?

First thing that come to mind: Door frame. Are you trying to use the "Build Door" command? If yes then I have no idea why you can't build it. You do have all the tools and resources, right?

By any chance, is the game on a hidden folder/invisible folder?

It's a normal folder.

I've noticed this only affects the graphical builds. Ex. 6518 Curses works just fine.

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