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My character seems to be perpetually tired.  I can sleep normally, and get the positive health messages (your muscles stretch, etc), and seem fine once waking up.  But within 15 minutes or so of game time, I become tired regardless of what I'm doing. I can go back to sleep for 10 minutes or so, but then the tired condition comes back.  I don't have any conditions listed on the status screen.  I took some antiparasitics just in case but it doesn't seem to have helped.  Any ideas on what could cause constant fatigue?
Earplugs and a blindfold. Sounds like you arent actually getting a full rest.

Also, the negative trait Poor Hearing. Not only it is useful in more circumstances that it is disadvantegous at, you also gwt 2 trait points for it. Quite a win-win, really.

I would like to build a door on a square that is currently dirt (there are adjacent walls).  When I try to construct, I am told I can't build there.  Is there something I have to do to the dirt to make it build-able?

First thing that come to mind: Door frame. Are you trying to use the "Build Door" command? If yes then I have no idea why you can't build it. You do have all the tools and resources, right?

By any chance, is the game on a hidden folder/invisible folder?

It's a normal folder.

I've noticed this only affects the graphical builds. Ex. 6518 Curses works just fine.

Are you using the launcher? Maybe try a re-install.

Did you ever change the font, and maybe the ttf file isn't there?

I use the launcher and a reinstall usually fixes anything for me, but I haven't had too many problems.

I tried manually installing before, no luck. I used the launcher just now, same deal.

I saw plenty of .tff files inside the game directory so that shouldn't be it either. I never changed the font.

I'm gonna check if updating my java helps.

EDIT: Did not help. I'm stuck with this.

So, I came back after a short break. Been playing Ex. 6404 before I left and I downloaded Ex. 6508 a few days back.

The problem is, there is no characters on the main menu screen or in-game. I can still select stuff but since there's no text playing is out of the question. Any idea what might've caused this? This same thing happens on Ex. 6513 too. I do admit, my PC is quite ancient but it could play this game relatively well until I downloaded those Experimentals. Didn't want to make a topic in Garage for this so anybody has any clue why this happened?

There was the time that I lost a gunfight with an unarmed and completely harmless piece of fetish paraphernalia. Leveled an entire block in the process.
This post makes me wish we had upvotes.

I remember when I first saw this.

Those full body suits can scare the crap out of you when you're weakened after a battle. But yeah, I remember that story. Chuckled like hell.

The green part means the part is infected, you need antibiotics to save her or hope she survives it on her own.  --->>-- means her body part is broken. That can heal if you slap splints on the broken part, alltough i've stayed away from npc's cause they don't seem to heal at all if you turn of their needs. You need Medical 2 to craft splints

Both NPCs I had on my current save heal with their needs turned off. Although I'm using about a month old experimental.

I think its PROBABLY better than brawling, right?

I consider brawling to be one of the best fighting styles. True, it's not Krav Maga, but it still has counter-attack. You can kill a zombie, bring 10 friends of his over, start butchering a corpse and by the time you ignored all the 'you were attacked by a zombie, stop butchering?' massages they'd all be dead.

search 4pine tree -> craft pine tea; craft pine nuts
goto 1

search village or town or city -> search house with basement full of arachnos -> craft meat conserves

search canalisation -> fight sneaks fight rats -> get meat

search river -> fight with fish -> get fishmeat

1: bon appetitte :)
food in the winter - a tons of !!! enough to shake the snot on your fist!


Never considered pine nuts, thanks! Also, got lots of spider meat. Things are looking up, just have to find dehydrator.

Charcoal Smoker will work as a substitute. I believe it has a fabrication req of 3 ( I think ) to make. The only problem is charcoal, but even then charcoal can be made using another tool ( wood burner? something like that ).

You're pretty brave for starting in winter in 90 day seasons no less. This might seriously stop you from pursuing mutations you want in the future though.

From what you've said so far you seem to prefer building/fixing vehicles early. In the very first season there's not much point to that. Generally you should find a decent vehicle ( RV or any armored trucks ), fix it, slap some cargo spaces or trunks on it and you should be golden if your base is at the outskirts of the town.

The only time I'd consider seriously starting to work on a vehicle is late in the first year ( at least at normal 14 day seasons ) once you have high skills and preferably the survivor gear. Or once you loot the whole city you spawned with.

Because driving between towns to store loot would be extremely annoying.

Lots of good info, thank you! I've got a lot of good projects to pursue now. Didn't misspell "niter", it's an ingredient in saltpeter. It might listed as "nitre" if the game has a British-English setting. Need it to keep making bombs and ammo after I run out of scavenged gunpowder.

No problem.

Now that I think about it, I think I've only found Niter once. I think it was the school chemistry storage. You might try to avoid making explosives with it since it seems so rare ( at least early and mid game ). Molotovs are perfectly viable and are very easy to make. A smoke bomb can also be very useful to cover you escape in case you come face-to-face with a lone tank or a horde you can't take on yet.

I like using the improvised weapons that don't use gunpowder-based ammunition ( like pneumatic assault rifle, even if the single pebble per reload is annoying ). At least you should do so until your weapon skill is decent enough.

Alternatively, you can disassemble the ammunition you don't need. Should help keep your bullet count up.

I'll answer whatever I can. I'm semi-competent at the game myself though I've yet to reach end game on any character.

1. Levelling up your skill and books are the ways you'll get 99% as far as I know. One uncommon way ia getting sd cards and using the ink tablet. They have music, photos ( morale boost ) and sometimes recipes ( mostly food ).

2. It depends. I think INT also influences it but I don't know the definite chance or if it exists. I don't think I've ever tried any recipe that was higher than 1 level than my lvl so I can't say. Just do the recipes on the same level your skill is. I think the biggest factor on skill exp gain is crafting time ( and focus obviously ).

3. I believe crafting used to raise both the main and secondary skills but that was removed. Only the main skill gives exp. No clue what you meant by the fabrication bit.

4. The only use I have for chemistry set is for making the onboard chemistry lab since it has built-in water purifier.

5. You could try to jackhammer throigh it. Be aware the roof might still collapse but it probably is safer than just smashing it. Alternatively build a wall right next to the wall you want to destroy to possibly 'strengthen' it. No clue if that will work.

6. Small animals won't give you fat ( you craft it into tallow with water ) so try a moose. Have a fun deathGood luck.

7. Never had that trait so I can't help you with that.

8. If you're lazy like me every 2-4 weeks seems optimal. This way you should avoid upgrading to a build with game breaking bugs. If you want to know what was changed use this site:

Hope I helped.

EDIT: Forgot the latter part.

- Charcoal Smokers are rather easy to craft. I personally prefer food dehydrators ( they are uncommon but can be crafted with decent electronics I think ).
- Ammonia is somewhat common in houses ( thougn I didn't see much recently ) along with bleach. No clue if it can be crafted.
- Can be crafted, not sure about the exact skill lvl, jist get your cooking up.
- Another rather easy craftable. You need bleach ( or lye powder ) water and something else I can't recall of the top of my head.
- Break refrigerators for hoses.
- The only place I ever found sulphur is near lava. You will take heat damage so be careful. You'll get a chunk that can be crafted into usable sulphur.
- No clue about Niter. Are you sure you didn't misspell it?
- Get aluminium cans and sand ( bash sandbags in basements ) and you can craft Aluminium Powder.
- It's craftable. Get your cooking up and hopefully a copy of chemistry textbook.
- I think to get the scrap you need to disassemble damaged electronics.
- Bash ovens for some ( along with the ever useful heating elements which you should collect ) or loot an electronic store for literal hundreds of it.

Yes, there is a difference. Sewing Kit won't let you modify clothing ( also it stores less thread but who cares about that ). To refit clothes they have to be fully repaired. It goes like this:

Repairing > Refitting ( If needed ) > Reinforcing

My tips are going to be pretty standard fare for any Cataclysm playthrough.

Even without survivor armor clearing out large groups of zombies are possible.
- Try to separate the zombies into small groups. Go towards the horde and once a single Z becomes pink ( as in, a zombie spots you ) go towards one of the houses and dispose of the zombie using windows and furniture so you can have more rounds whilst the zombie has much less ( which is gonna help a lot since you have double speed ). Alternatively, use pits.
- Traps. These are really helpful. You have no idea how effective an X of nailboard traps can be. Bear traps are also great as they stop a zombie in their tracks. Use a spear and you can pretty much kill any zombie without being hit back, which again, thanks to your zombies having 200% HP is very useful.
- Do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to kill the Zombie Master and destroy his body. Those will turn a brittle group of common zombies into a nightmare army that can kill even HS gear players with ease.

It is part of the house spawn.

In particular, it was probably the sidewalk of a wasp house - sorry, I left that out of my list earlier.  Those are like spider basements - as best I can tell, ANY item that exists in the game has a chance to spawn.

That's strange then. I don't recall seeing any wasps in the vicinity. Ditto with those wax walls.

Does the turret have ammo on its tile?

It might be silly, but are you pressing F when next to/above it? You don't shoot from the E menu.

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