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Ramona Delong in “The Guise of a Killer”

There was a dead man on the road. Ramona took her time pulling “Noel” from her rucksack. No need to rush. The dead man hadn’t noticed her. Once Noel was in hand, Ramona began walking towards the dead man. His cargo pants were ripped and speckled with blood. His blue jacket was dirty, and most likely had blood on it. The dead man stumbled as if in a dazed. 

Ramona wasn’t far away now. She was close enough for the dead man to feel her presence coming up behind him. Close enough to hear her heavy footsteps.  The dead man turned. His face bruised and battered, mouth gaped. The dead man raised his arm and Ramona prepared Noel to strike.

“Wait!” The word bubbled from the dead man in some half cry, half scream.

Ramona smashed Noel across the dead man’s face, the blow shattering the man’s skull. His head twisted at an angle that wasn’t humanly possible. Ramona raised Noel high and preceded to smashed the man’s body to a pulp. By the end, her breathe was ragged and there was a dim burning sensation in her arms. Sometimes she put to munch strain on herself. Ramona removed the gunk from Noel and placed him by in her rucksack.

It was getting dark, but that was the least of Ramona’s worries. The dead man was fleet-footed. He managed to get farther away then she anticipated and now she had to trek back to through the woods. Spiders weren’t known to live in the area, but there were other things that could kill you just the same.

“No use in thinking about it now.” Ramona thought. She adjusted her rucksack with her shoulders and entered the woods.

Ramona stuck to the edge of the woodland, and kept an eye on the denser pockets. There was an old evacuation shelter in the clearing up ahead. Calm and alert, Ramona exited onto a field. She could see that the dead man’s friend’s body was still on the ground outside the shelter.

Ramona crossed the field. She knelt by the body and relieved him of his H&K MP5, as well as other items. As she examined the damaged weapon, today’s earlier events played in her mid.

These men were supposed to help her get into Eastfall. But Mister MP5 wanted a little something extra from Ramona to secure their services. Mister MP5 got thrown out a window. Then she interrogated Mister Blue Jacket. He squealed before she even touched him.

Eastfall was straight west from here. There was a manhole on the east side of the river, near a couple of houses. For some reason the sewer beneath it hadn’t been sealed off yet. A small group of smugglers use it to traffic weapons and other supplies in and out the city. Coming down the slope, Ramona could see numerous lights from Eastfall’s center. A testament of the threat her people faced.

The city itself was split in half. Most of the people live in a large gated community. While the eastern side was dark and sparsely lights. A large apartment complex sat unevenly in the middle. Somewhere in all of that was Ramona’s brother, and she was going to bring him back.

It was fully dark by the time Ramona reached the houses. Now that her escorts were dead, she needed to plan her next move. Ramona grabbed her crowbar and headed towards one of the houses. After during a perimeter and checking the windows, she used the crowbar to crack open the front door.

The smell of corrupt flesh and decay washed over Ramona. She dropped to crouch, slowly reaching into her rucksack to grab Noel. Her eyes scanned the front room. Nothing.  Cautiously, Ramona entered the kitchen. Then the bed room. Still Nothing. The bathroom door was closed. Ramona sized it up before making her way to it.  The smell become stronger. She prepared Noel, and swing the door open.

Ramona was blasted by a ear piercing cry. She swung Noel downward tearing through flesh and bone. Ramona kept hitting till she was shrieker was on the floor. Another cry echoed through the walls. Then another. Then several more. Ramona rushed out of the house, as the cries grew louder. Almost deafening. Something was bound to hear this. More would come. Ramona dashed for the manhole, using her crowbar and dropped into darkness.


Announcements / Re: Cataclysm DDA 0.6 "Samedi" released.
« on: June 22, 2013, 04:57:06 PM »
There seems to a bug were if you something, the game freezes. I don't know if that's just on my end or not.

Elaboration maybe?

It seems to be working fine now. But what meant was, when I attempt to smash or attack something, my character would freeze.

When enjoying your stay at a zombie hotel.

1. Please enter through the main lobby and not a broken window.

2. When attempting to hide in a bathroom, please make sure that it is not occupied by a hulk. Said occupant might take offense to your slamming the door in their face.

3. Please make sure you don't accidentally trap yourself in the room with said occupant. If you do, leap through your nearest window.

4. When checking out of zombie hotel, please don't forget your ravenous horde.

Have a nice Cataclysm.

I feel that I need to explain what Five from Eastfall is. It is a prequel written in reverse. It gives a short glimpse into the lives of five characters while telling a story, that's in reverse.

Five from Eastfall

A prequel to dark days ahead

Phillip Guerrero in “A Survivor’s Desire”

Phillip hated the quietness of city, especially during nighttime. In these late hours there was nothing to do. No need to craft, or hunt, or… survive.

Phillip paced back and forth in his darkened apartment room. He didn’t think he could take it anymore. The churning in stomach was getting worst. If felt as if a knot was tugging at him, urging him to take action. But there was nothing to take action against. With a whimper he learned heavily against a wall, sliding to the floor.

For better or worse, Phillip’s life had changed after the Cataclysm. After a year of surviving, his pain began to wane. He transformed himself into something different, something new. He loved it. No, he adored it.

Then they came, and this new lovely world began crumbled. It was snatched away by a sense of security and community. They looked to him for inspiration and leadership.  Who was he to deny them a chance for survival? Before he knew it, the barricades trapped him in. Away from the darkness that once defined him as what he was.

Phillip stood suddenly. He clutched his chest, gasping for air. Quickly, he hurried to the window and opened, he began to regulate his breathing. Looking out over the city, he saw it. Just across the river on the northeast outskirts. There was a barricade, long abandon by human sentries. Zeds didn’t come to that area anymore.

A car was passed by, most likely on patrol. Phillip turned from the window in disgust. They were all becoming weak and the weak never last long. Phillip looked around his room, at the items he wouldn’t have dream of having before last winter.

“This is no way to survive.” He said to himself as he began to prepare.

Brian Harrison in “East of Eastfall”

The street was empty as it always is at night. But once and awhile, Brian would hear a scuffle or a bang. And it would scare shit out of him. Even within the confines of Eastfall, he kept his guard up and a hand on his 9mm.

Brian could see the garage up ahead and that its lights were on. He hoped Anthony wasn’t asleep and forgotten to cut off the lights off again. God knew the man was a heavy sleeper. Brian jogged to the entrance and banged three times. “Anthony!”

After a few seconds, a voice yelled from inside. “Just a minute.”

Brian waited. He heard the sound of a lock disengaging and the door swung open. Anthony’s scraggly face squinted into the darkness. “Brian?”
Brian held up his ID badge. “Sorry Anthony, I need to borrow your car.”

 Anthony squeezed his eyes shut, then blinked them open. “I’m sorry. What?”

Brian pushed his way in. “It’s a long story, but some people broke into Doctor Chavez’s office and stole some stuff. Now they’re trying to get out of the city.”

“And go where?” Anthony followed Brian as he looked around the garage.

“I don’t know. I need the keys.”

Anthony walked over to a counter and reached into a drawer. He turned to Brian, and then hesitated. “Please don’t fuck up my car.”

Brian gave Anthony a thin smile. "I'll take it slow."

Then Anthony threw to the keys to Brian.

“No promises, though.” Brian said as he got in the driver’s seat. Anthony opened the garage door and Brian drove out onto the street. He waved back at Anthony as he sped down the road.

Deep down, Brian feared for his life. He didn’t Anthony the whole story. He didn’t tell him that the police station was attacked. That Chavez’s office was set on fire with him still in it. Or that the assailants, a man and a woman; were possibly from a hostile fraction outside the city.

Now Brian was following them into the abyss, without any backup. He pulled onto the bridge crossing the river. The only thing on the other side was a few abandon houses, a rundown gas station, and a barricade. Brian stopped the car at the end of the bridge. He got out and walked towards the barricade gates. They were well rusted. With a grunt, he slowly heaved the gates open.

The three robotic sentries seemed inactive, but Brian knew they weren’t. They gave him comfort in the darkness of the night. Brian headed back to the car. He gave a deep exhale.

 "I would give anything for a smoke right now."

 The weight of his 9mm gave him no comfort. Time was running out. If the assailants were to where he thought they were. They would be hard press to make it on foot. Brian drove onward. Beyond this point, there will be monsters.

Edited: For grammar.

Announcements / Re: Cataclysm DDA 0.6 "Samedi" released.
« on: June 22, 2013, 10:25:10 AM »
There seems to a bug were if you something, the game freezes. I don't know if that's just on my end or not.

Other Games / ASCII Advice
« on: June 22, 2013, 07:08:20 AM »
I don't usually post on the forums, but I would like to ask for some advice on programming with ASCII. First off, I'm not a experience programmer, so I would like some suggestions for a starter language (anything besides Java).

Second off, once I've garnered some experience with programming, would anybody be interested in helping me make a game?

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