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Other Games / More survival roguelikes?
« on: Today at 06:06:46 PM »
Are there more survival roguelikes out there? The only ones I know of are C:DDA and Wayward. Just curious.

"My problem? Do you want to know My problem?"

The voice sounds very irritated at whoever replied. They must have noticed the fact that the voice was different.

"Fine. I'll tell you my problem, on one condition."

There is a short pause in the broadcast. You can hear... Something in the background. Almost human, but not quite. It's to faint to make out what it is completely.

"Oh crap."

The voice is suddenly a lot more quiet, and you can tell they're terrified. In the background, you can hear a dull thud. And another. And one more. Someone's trying to break down the door.

Believe it or not, I have tons of that stuff lying around. So filling a 60L tank couldn't be that hard. If I can't fill that, I'll just fill it with some other kind of drink I have lying around.

Actually, a coffee tank sounds pretty useful. Coffee tank, hotplate and pot, and I can complete my number one Cataclysm DDA milestone.

Drinking a cup of coffee every day for several seasons.

After a short pause, someone's voice replies over the radio.

"Who is this?"

The voice sounds hopeful and excited.

"I might be able to help you. Just give me your name, please."

Well, first of all, it just doesn't make sense that wearing 4 pairs of cargo pants will let me put a gallon jug of bleach in my pockets (Not 100% to scale, just an example.) With this system, the containers would have their own individual storage value, so you wouldn't be able to, I don't know, carry a tire in your hoodie + long sleeve shirt + whatever other low volume clothes stacked together. Also, it really isn't an oversimplification. It's just the addition of a change to how volume works, as well as a slight change to the inventory screen. And yes, the      de-cluttering, organizing, and grouping is also a benefit of this system.

What I want to do is make the storage system make just a little bit more sense, as well as adding some level of convenience to the whole thing, while implementing it in a way that doesn't require constant micro-management from the player. To make it optional, in a way, we could just have a sort of priority system so that the game decides where the player puts things. If they want to, they can organize and what-not later, or just leave it be. It would only be absolutely necessary if the player had to reorganize something to make room for just one more item.

A few drawbacks I can see could be a rare case of not knowing whether you just don't have enough space for that item, or your inventory isn't organized enough. Another problem could be that this will make the inventory list be a little bit longer, especially for players who like to wear five backpacks, a rucksack and two tool belts. However, it would only be by a little bit, and if you have that much on, your inventory is probably pretty packed.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do any of the coding, and I highly doubt anyone would do this, or even pay attention to this. I mean, my accounts only a few weeks old. And I've made like 3 or 4 posts. So I doubt that anyone with the ability to change this (One of the devs) will see this.

That is a great idea. You have my vote (Not that it matters).

Unfortunately, I'd have to learn whatever language this game is programmed in, then figure out how all the code works, and I don't even have a charger for my laptop. Regarding the system, meticulous inventory management would be optional as well, or at least only be required every once in a while. I'm not sure how hard the whole thing would be, but making some sort of system to allow players to set which containers should get items first should be easy, right?

Yeah, another nice thing would be the ability to separate items that come in stacks, like "aspirin (25)" or "gasoline (2500)". This would be especially useful when wanting to unload only a small amount of liquid, or just pick up 5 aspirin.

That could work. You could probably also prioritize containers for any kind of pickup. For example "Put items I grab in my backpack first, if that's full try to put it in my cargo pants, if that's full stick it somewhere else..." Seems like something extremely simple to implement. And yes, it could easily do most of the work for the player, with only occasional sorting required (Move this plastic bottle to make room for this aspirin, or something like that.)

These sound like great ideas, all I have to do is wait for my arm to regenerate. I saw a hospital to the west, so I might go there. Maybe I'll eventually find a lab? Also, how do you can stuff? I never knew that was possible

What the title says. I came up with an idea for a simple way to add this, without the player having to manage their inventory a whole lot.

So, here's what it might look like:

Storage item || (Worn, durability is shown) [(Current space taken)/(How much item can hold)]:
      Item [(Volume)/(weight)]
      Item 2 [(Volume)/(Weight)]
This would be shown in the LEFT side of the inventory screen, not in the clothing part [(Space taken)/(How much item can hold)] could still be shown to the right of durability in the clothing part.

If a player picked something up, it would automatically go inside the item with the greatest max volume that still had space left. If we wanted to get really complex (Which I don't), we could even nest things like "Left pocket" and "Right pocket" inside of "Jeans".

The player might be able to sort their inventory in a way similar to the clothing layering system. Press a key (Maybe "m" for "Move items between containers") and then select an item, then move it. Trying to put an item in a container with not enough space, and you get the "Not enough room, try moving or dropping something from here" message.

That's the basics, it's a pretty simple idea. Let me know what you think, feel free to make any suggestions.

I've heard 'make an ice monster' quite a bit, so here's my quick idea:

Frozen husk: "Once a human, this horrific creature is covered in blue flesh and frost. The air near it feels a lot colder then it should be. It's eyes are gone, leaving two empty sockets, yet somehow you feel like it's watching you..." (Somehow) Frozen bodies taken over by the blob, these creatures have damage similar to that of a regular zombie, however with it's special attack it can slow you done, possibly give you frostbite (or some other form of cold damage), and make you extremely cold. Being near it (About 4-5 tiles) is about as cold as a winter night. Could be slightly faster than normal zombies (They're a leftover husk of a dead body the goo has taken over, not a shuffling mass of decaying flesh.). Your best bet is to take them at range, or if your character is extremely powerful, kite them. The latter is a bad option near other zombies, since the speed penalty will leave you open to other attacks. Could take additional damage/be less effective in the heat.

Got my fabrication up to level 9 after finding all the good books early on. Made a couple homemade explosives, then tried lighting one and lobbing it at a shocker.

Never use grenades with little or no skill in throwing.

I blew my arm off, and now I'm waiting for it to heal. Sitting in my church base, eating junk food, deconstructing furniture, welding a machine gun to my RV.

The RV is fully covered in steel plating, and loaded up with books to read on the go. And some other junk I tossed in because I was to lazy to sort it out. I'll replace the trunk with a better storage thingy, maybe a cargo carrier? After that, I'll install a welding rig, then bring aboard my metalworking tools.

So, my survivor "Doc", just made it to Summer, day 9. Most of my other characters die on day 7 or 8, so this is a pretty big achievement for me. I have a base in a church, a WIP RV named "Lucy" with steel plating and a vehicle mounted machine gun, as well as a vehicle forge and chemistry lab.

I have a HUGE supply of strong and weak alcohol (As far as I can tell, you use the strong alcohol for crafting, and drink the weak stuff for a little strength boost), a barrel collecting water (Did I mention I got fabrication to level 9?), a metalworking station with all the tools I need, and a fire ax with level 4 in melee and bashing, as well as a M1014 and an M1911, just in case I run into particularly nasty zombies. I also carry a sledgehammer for breaking into gun stores and other buildings.

 Using the StatsThroughSkills mod, I have gotten all stats up to 11, and dexterity to 12. I have Karate, Tae Kwon do, and Aikido styles, as well as a decent skill in unarmed combat. My town is completely cleared out of zombies. The only nasties left are a few shockers and spitters in the very north, and a chicken walker to the northeast, as well as a few zombies in the back of a gun store (Very bad, can break the glass and summon eyebots.). My character took on a MOOSE.

So, I think it's safe to say I'm at the start of the mid-game. I accidentally blew my arm off with a homemade grenade, but once that heals up, I can fill the RV up with water from the fire engine to the north, and prepare for a journey.

The question is, where? What do I do now that I've left the early stage of fleeing every zombie child I see, and entered the one where I can confidently take on large numbers of zombies in melee. And I'm lost. I have no idea what to do now that I've gotten a good character going. So, what do I do in the mid-game?

This transmission is quite clear, and almost completely devoid of static. Clearly, whoever's broadcasting this knows what they're doing.

"Hello everyone. My name is... Well, I can't really tell you my name. Not that it matters, really."

The voice is that of a man, and sounds tired and weary. A faint echo can be heard in the background.

"I... don't know how long I've been down here. It's been a long time since I've seen or heard someone else... A long time..."

"I've managed to get a transmitter up and running with some of the equipment down here. Tons of supplies, even more tools. So much stuff... No one to share it with..."

The voice trails off into silence before muttering some unintelligible things. Despite the quality of the transmission, it's impossible to tell what he's saying.

"I... I still have the book. I'm afraid. I'm afraid to read it. But I must."

There is a pause for a moment, and in the silence the sound of running water can be heard in the background.

"Is... Is anyone listening? Am I... Am I truly alone down here?"

Hello, I'm Inconspicuous. I've been waiting for this site to come back up, and now it has. It seems other people are putting their interests here, so I'll include mine: Rogue-likes, board games, and coffee.

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