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I've never really had any problems using git pull, make clean, and make before this build

Two new libraries were added in a recently merged pull request. Your install of Cygwin didn't have these, so that's why the compiles started failing.

even after deleting the cataclysm directory and doing a completely clean pull from git I still get the same error. I even went so far as to deleting my entire cygwin folder and redownloading absolutely everything again. No dice. Everything is fine until the end.

Understood, but your image clearly shows a make using objects that already exist, and not building them from scratch.

Anyway, when you reinstalled Cygwin you didn't include all the required libraries. That's where the current error (-liconv) is coming from. You'll need to run setup.exe again and select the library.

Edit: I should have read the error closer.

Try running make clean, then make.

Vision and Zoom
Okay, so currently we are only able to see at a range of a few dozen tiles with a large monitor. Adding a zoom function similar to the one in Dwarf Fortress would increase the gameplay experience. I am not sure of the current maximum view range, but it should probably be longer. If this raises concerns about performance, it would be nice if a view distance option was implemented in the options menu.

Great idea, and I'd like to see this implemented as an option.

Firearm Mechanics
Looking at the game world, the arbitrary maximum range applied to ranged weapons strikes me as rather silly. In real life, the effective range of a USP 9mm, is rated at fifty meters according to most sources, yet in-game is stuck at 14 tiles due to this arbitrary limit. In my opinion, this limit should be removed for reasons of both realism and freedom of gameplay. For example, in real life the effective range of an M-16 rifle firing standard-issue M855 ball ammunition is rated at 550 meters. For an in-depth analysis of where this number comes from, this video may be helpful. Now, looking at the range in-game of 5.56 NATO ammunition and by extension all weapons firing it and assuming that one tile is roughly one meter square, this is quite silly.

So, finding some kind of balance between the maximum effective range of an average trained soldier, the maximum effective range of the firearm itself, and the relationship between that and in-game skills would be important to get this system to work properly. Moving on to the actual representation in-game, I believe that if this system is implemented, all three of these values should be included in the firearm description and the maximum effective range of your character should be included in the window when (f)iring.

I'm confident that at some point ranges will progress beyond the limits now set, however, this change can easily be implemented, now, by adjusting the ranges in the JSON files of the /data/raw/items/ sub-directory.

Remember, it's your game. Make it what you want it to be, and above all, have fun!

Aiming and Stances
Another way to balance the vastly increased range of firearms would be to make it take more time to fire an aimed shot depending on range to target and your effective range with the weapon. Additional functions could also be added in the form of stances and levels of aiming. Stances would let you stand, crouch or kneel, and go prone. The more stable the stance, the more accurate your shot will be and the less likely it will be for zombies to notice you. It would also make sense that, while slower, movement while crouching would behave as sneaking and would reduce the noise level of walking. Moving on to aiming, aiming levels would allow you to choose how much time to dedicate to the shots you are taking with a corresponding change in accuracy. In order to balance this, wounds and pain would significantly impair your accuracy and further increase the time it takes to handle your weapon.

In fact, an unarmed stance system is already being implemented for unarmed attacks, so that could be easily adapted to this purpose, as well. Good idea.

As far as I understand it, strength and skill have little or no effect on the severity of firearm recoil, and I think they should. It certainly makes sense that someone who is stronger and therefore has more body mass and muscle density would have an easier time controlling a high-recoil weapon than someone who is out of shape. Second, learning how to position oneself when firing high-recoil weapons such as hunting rifles, shotguns, and high-caliber revolvers and handguns will greatly increase one's effectiveness with the weapon in question. And come on, how funny would it be if you fired a Ruger Redhawk ingame and got the message "The Ruger Redhawk clobbers you in the mouth for 20 damage! I swear the first time I fired a Mosin-Nagant it fixed the back pain I'd been having for two weeks...

Personally, I think Dexterity should be the more significant stat in handling recoil than raw Strength. Also, making Dexterity the primary stat would prevent melee chars from becoming OP by dumping everything into Strength and gaining massive bonuses to ranged weapons, as well.

Oops! Thanks for being awesome and already adding that, haha.

Take a look at the /data/ and /data/raw/ directories in your game directory. It's quite trivial to add items by copying & pasting a similar item and changing the bits that need changing. ;)

Thank you!

You all have done an amazing job at improving the game! Much appreciated!

leather vest - A thick leather vest, perfect for starting a riot in. It's a leather jacket that doesn't cover the arms, and can be crafted from leather jackets similar to how fingerless gloves are crafted.

I added this exact item about ten days ago, and it was merged shortly thereafter, so it's already in the game. ;)

Justice, do you mean to create a door that closes itself?

I'd like to see a basic lock recipe too, couple pieces scrap metal or something to create a sliding door latch would suffice. If/when item quality gets added in, the option for proper deadbolts or electronic locks could be implemented in perhaps. Thinking way down the road, of course.

I meant a door that closes automatically, yes. I sometimes forget to close them behind me. :D

General Discussion / Re: Net hack!
« on: June 14, 2013, 12:11:42 AM »
I'll just leave this here.

It's nowhere near as good as Cataclysm or Nethack, but it's fun in short doses and it's full of zombies.

Probably explained by the fact that it's not actually an Angband variant, so it doesn't have the years of codebase improvements.

I'm thinking a new construction recipe should suffice. Springs are already in the game, so adding something like a simple screen door mechanic should be an easy fix. So, just have mechanics:1 or construction:1 and a couple of required items, i.e. a spring, and choose the appropriate Construction menu option.

Well, theoretically, if you were wearing a snazzy grenade harness, then activation would be as simple as pulling it off the harness, leaving the pin behind and activating it. :D

General Discussion / Re: How you found cataclysm!
« on: June 13, 2013, 07:26:55 AM »
I've played roguelikes for awhile and began looking for a new one with themes from Half-Life. So, I did a search:

roguelike half-life

And, the result was Cataclysm. :)

re: "fitted kevlar vest"

How do you tailor kevlar?  Was this added after the 0.5 release?

You can't. Occasionally you will find one that fits you.

Well, you can with one minor, but realistic, adjustment to items.json.

(click to show/hide)

Kevlar vests are made of kevlar and cotton, in the real world.

An awesome looking 3rd person game came out for the xbox yesterday, and it will soon be on PC. The State of Decay.

State of Decay is amazing! There are quite a few LP's already, because several advanced copies were sent out to reviewers. Many interesting similarities to Cataclysm in game mechanics. I'm really looking forward to the PC release.

As the title describes, a way to turn off certain monsters would be kind of cool.
Like having a Fungal zombie apocalypse (*cough*The last of us*Cough*) without normal zombies, mutants, or giant insects.

I don't know if this has been planned or has been already modded into the game.

We can already change monster frequency by editing monstergroups.json in Cataclysm's */data/raw folder. There are several groups for zeds, so be certain to change them all. If you don't want specific monsters to appear in that group type, then delete an entire line. Here's an example:

    "name" : "GROUP_ZOMBIE",
    "default" : "mon_zombie",
    "monsters" : [
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_cop", "freq" : 20, "multiplier" : 3 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_fast", "freq" : 70, "multiplier" : 2 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_grabber", "freq" : 70, "multiplier" : 1 },
      { "monster" : "mon_skeleton", "freq" : 30, "multiplier" : 2 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_smoker", "freq" : 30, "multiplier" : 5 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_shrieker", "freq" : 30, "multiplier" : 5 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_spitter", "freq" : 30, "multiplier" : 5 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_electric", "freq" : 30, "multiplier" : 5 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_necro", "freq" : 1, "multiplier" : 25 },
      { "monster" : "mon_boomer", "freq" : 30, "multiplier" : 7 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_brute", "freq" : 10, "multiplier" : 15 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_hulk", "freq" : 1, "multiplier" : 50 },
      { "monster" : "mon_zombie_master", "freq" : 1, "multiplier" : 25 },
      { "monster" : "mon_crow", "freq" : 1, "multiplier" : 0 }

I suggest you not delete an entire group, just the specific monsters in it, or you might break something.

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