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The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Voxel Cataclysm
« on: June 28, 2017, 06:41:20 PM »
Release early, release often.
We don't want this goodness disappearing all of a sudden. :)

Narcoleptic (Maybe this is already a mutation thing?)
You sometimes fall asleep while doing things that require time.

Marloss berries + fungal infection. You're in eternal pain, your arms keep exploding and everything around you turns fungal real fast.
Spore man.

Lua piggybacks off of existing features and can modify them... from what I gather. Creative coders can do crazy stuff with it.
Very useful... unless no one uses it. :P

Convert all of the things, then get rid of lua. Everyone wins!


Attempted to live in a small town as a spore man. Took a few days for the place to become overgrown. Had to start a fire to boil some water. That was... a bad idea.


How gun? Only know carry.

Shower curtains. So much plastic! Or maybe even something fancier?

"The bullet pierces your liver! That can't be good..."

Big rifles tend to do much worse than SMGs for me, at least when it comes to zombies. Over-penetration? Big, slow, unreliable (when it comes to damage output.)

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