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The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Re: Just wondering
« on: March 09, 2015, 07:50:19 PM »
I sorta just drifted away from the forum but we have rps going on another site if you just wanna join in. Everyone's pretty active over there.

"Yo, lightning bolts, go grab some chemicals for me....I wanna see what'll kill this pathogen...and what tastes the best on chips too. Snap snap!"
Poor Lightning Bolts he'll be abused by Glee.

I think if you are going to go with the hard route I would buff security guards to have big bonuses against betas, but to compensate give betas big bonuses, I dunno it doesn't seem like a scientist would kill a beta in a straight up fight. I mean for direct combat anyways. Have decent betas be hard to kill and stuff but fewer in numbers, I'd rather have a few very dangerous ones wandering around then a ton of dangerous ones. (Possibly justified in the fact the betas might fight each other resulting in the weak dying off)

Interested you glorious bastard.

Rin sort of blinks a bit realizing he nodded off for a second there. He had the amazing ability to sleep while leaning on something...which he was certainly doing. Suddenly he realized his PDA was going off. Reaching into his pocket he pulled it out and read the same message as Mike..."S-Shit, has the power ever gone out around here before?" He mutters to himself, he had a bad habit of doing that as well. Realizing that betas could possibly get out, he rushed back into his nearby room and picked up his armor putting it on. Before rushing to the area (Talent proc? I imagine the armor is fairly heavy.) to help support whatever other security guards needed his help.

Rin sighs as he stands, while he really hated the way he looked and how he tended to effect people his job required him to come in contact with others, the only one who he felt comfortable speaking with was Mike, in a way it reminded him of his old army buddy, long dead now though...He shakes his head free and heads over to the locker, he pulls it open as the metal groans a bit. He gets the gun but not the armor, figuring he should really only put that in if there was something big going on. Or if they were on high alert or something silly like that. Once his gun was in his holster he set out on his rounds timidly avoiding any contact with people he didnt quite know.


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: A tallish man with broad shoulders. Has fiery red hair, which he keeps partly bound in a small pony tail that goes behind his head. Imposing appearance.

WORK HISTORY: Security Officer, trained and a former soldier the large man was a natural choice for the lab. Though he had fallen on harsh times with regards to money so his new job was easily welcomed. Excellent marksmen in the army and a well kept record as a security guard with all people either being caught or chased off before causing any sort of damage.

SKILL SET: Marksmen, (I'd say +3 to shoot/ranged)

DISABILITIES: Socially inapt, shy, awkward, longs for connection

SPECIAL TALENTS: Self Defense Training, Balanced Carrying (Can carry extreme weights well as well as moving quickly while carrying far more then the average person could handle), Bravery (Can pull of feats without fear or hesistation causing him to faulter or give in, penalty: has to always intervene for someone else if they are in danger when reasonably possible/not a lost cause)

I, Rin, hereby give my pledge to Beta-Lab, and all of its founders, that I will not under any condition abandon the work here, or my fellow friends, and that I will not speak of the work that happens here. I recognize that all work here may seem irrational, silly, outrageous, unnecessary, etc, but I will not question my superiors or my colleagues. I understand that all work here is done for the sake of this amazing country, and that I am saving millions of lives by spending my life down here. Finally, I understand that as of now, I belong to Beta-Lab, and I will give my life to see everything go as planned. Thank you for letting me be apart of this great project.

OOC: I, Nickboom, also agree to create a min/max, Mary Sue, one-liner bad ass FREE environment by taking time with my posts creating something that is useful and pushes the story forward in some way. I agree that I will try to make a post at least once a day, but if that can't be met, it's okay because things do come up.

(Just a quick question, curses arent allowed? Or just racially insensitive words? (Not allowed I mean))

ARGG YOU! WHY WASNT I INFORMED OF THIS! Making a character sheet!

Joan sighs, it was probably a bad idea to kill both of them. She should have left at least one of them alive. She quickly checks the guard's body for any notes or keys taking them with her as she holds her gun steady and opens the door to the kitchen slowly and peeks in.

Joan reloads her gun with a firm frown on her face. "Morons, cant even put up a decent fight..." Once she gets over to them with a quick two slams of her hammer crushes their skulls before looking at the guard and shakes him. "Hey come on, get up, if you're dead then I'll never forgive you..." She mutters weakly already knowing the answer, he was probably dead. Another friend gone...She shakes her head and after making sure no one hostile around was she checked their bodies for orders or anything useful she could take like body armor or information on who was attacking them.

Joan shifts into cover quickly against a corner or along something that would fit her frame. She took aim with her revolver and shot at the guards, aiming for the first one's head and then the other's body as he turned around. She uses one shot for the first and 3 for the other one.

Joan flails her arms around a bit when she hears an explosion, at first she assumes someone blew something up again. "Oi which one of you nits left the oven on again?" But her silly talking was ended sort when she hears gunfire, for a moment intense fear shows on her eyes. Remembering the day he died...but she older now. She wouldnt let them hurt anyone close to her ever again! She clenches her gun after she reloads heading for her room to get her other gear and melee weapon.

Joan had been at the firing range. She had to test some modifications to her revolver so she fired madly to test the recoil. Of course every single shot hit its mark and the poor target no longer had a face. "Woo! Thats some damn good shooting if I do say so myself." Joan rubs her chin with a smug grin on her face as she goes to shoot again only for clicks to be heard. "Crap...I knew I forgot something. One of these days I'm going to make this gun have a bigger stock of bullets." She mutters thinking of ways to extend a revolver's cylinder...what a terrifying woman.


The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Re: Dim Lights
« on: February 05, 2015, 11:41:42 PM »
Name: Joan Blazen
Appearance: A somewhat tall girl. She has hair thats naturally a dull red color for some reason. Its short and goes to around her chin. Her body has lean muscles and her hands a number of scars from her work. Her face is soft along with her eyes, the rest of her body is fairly lanky.
Pre-Trojke story: Her parents died shortly around when she was 4, a car accident. The car was faulty and they said if someone had simply checked it and fixed up the issue it wouldnt have happened. This made the young Joan fanatically devoted to becoming some sort of mechanic. Luckily she showed skill even at such a young age taking things apart and putting them back together. Soon she was found by Trojke, Joan was quiet and withdrawn when he first met her. She would never really talk and only smiled when she worked with machines. Trojke managed to become like a new father to her. Soon she was opening up and took up an extremely cheerful persona when she learned that she was going with him along with a number of other orphans. She knew their lives must have been far worse then hers so she made sure to be so cheerful so they wouldnt suffer.

During the years on the compound: Joan was certainly upset about Trojke's death, but honestly she knew it was coming, they lived dangerous lives with him even if he did do everything in his power to protect them. Joan continued to tinker, soon becoming the default mechanical person for the group in fact her skills lended her well to being an engineer, she was reading books and studying and soon grasping other fields like electronics, computers, physics. She wanted to make sure that the group had everything in working order and wasnt failing, so she did rounds weekly checking on most of the things in the compound. Of course she also learned how to fight, while being more of a brute she was a good shot and knew were to hit people to take them down.

Primary weapon: A large customized revolver that packs a massive punch, she's praticed with it often to know how to handle it expertly and calibrated it herself to be incredibly dangerous whilst still working with her own body quite well.
Secondary weapon: Sledgehammer, again a tweaked sledgehammer custom made for combat, its much lighter and easier to wield then a standard sledgehammer but it was also made of a very good alloy and fine wood to make it as damaging as possible. Oh and there's spikes on the head of one side! Joan liked that.

(Let me know if this is ok.)

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