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How can you protect yourself from the zapping of robots?
I mean, apart from running away screaming like a girl while trying to blast them from a distance.

Maybe some torso gear with enough environmental protection?

if you mean electric dmg you need an artifact that gives you electricity resistance.

Suggestion: It should make Eyebots "Take your picture" and when you distort your face it makes the copbots non aggressive.

I wonder if your face is distorted first though, they should really have a function or just remove it atm from spawning if it's useless.

Though miniature ballistas and catapults , like the ones you can hold in hand would be way better weapon in the apocalypse.
Wait, are handheld catapults a thing? I'm totally ok with that.
And I can't remember the actual name, but is the Ganz-Raspberry basically a handheld ballista?
If Ganz-Rucksack can fire burning bolts then it is a ballista , if it cannot then it's just an other weapon that never spawns and there is no real reason to use it.

It's a hand held Ballista, I designed that with other new crossbows to be balanced vs bows (but now newer bows beats them and another balancing issue rises regarding X-bow vs Bow), it spawns in mansions and pawnshops, adding new bolts would be easy just a quick yes from devs on balancing and new bolts and buffs on them could be done and a little reduction on bows if they're that overpowered.

Figure I might as well hop on this train and ask: does driving faster increase driving faster? Or will I earn the same rate of skill driving at 10 mph as 100 mph?

drive at 16-32 speed with cruise control on then press left and right simultaneously keeping the vehicle going straight as driving skill only levels when you do turning. (Wiggling the vehicle trains it faster)

After a quick code spelunk, the only source of any eggs is map generation, so there will never be any more.  In fact the queen has a power that makes ant eggs hatch, so the number will actually reduce over time if you're nearby.

Last I knew, the Queen could spawn eggs if none were around, hatch eggs if any are present, feed larvae to grow them to ants, and I think feed ants to upgrade them to soldiers.  I wouldn't hang around the Queen without taking some action to hide scent, at minimum.

Ants are a joke they fear a lit torch or any Fire source and flee like crazy. though ant eggs are good emergency food and good for making lots of super glue.

One more: how do I mutate? (the feature I love the most, second only to crafting)

Find some Mutgen and E drink it, or take walk through a crater or any radioactive material.

walking through radio active zones are not worth it as radiation are deadlier now than before (Also remember to turn on the option to mutate by radiation if it's false)

How does health work and where I can find good starting builds?

12-14 STR (anything less than 12 sucks even bows need str to pull unless your gonna be using guns/throwing javelins and combat knives)
10-14 DEX (2 Dex= 1 Dodge Skill, Also affects hit rates mainly throwing, For Climbing Fences,Dodging Traps,Lock Picking, and diving out of moving vehicles)
10-12 INT (For Bionics Installation chance,read times, if gonna be a hacker type 14 int no less as it will help in hacking)
14 PER  (10 only works if not wearing eye wear/gas mask so get 14-15 to wear that gas mask 24/7, also helps throwing skill in accuracy terms not hit rate, and firearms hit rate)

Traits: Parkour Expert (Effective movespeed on higher than 100 movement tiles)
,Quick (Cause Fleet-flooted is a waste of 3 points cause it needs flat 100 movement tiles to get the benefit)
,Night Vision (Stealthy night raiding) ,
Pain Resistant (Nothing slows and reduces stats than high pain levels very effective early game),
Poison Resistant (If you don't have this well avoid poison with range as getting poisoned is bad and slows you down),
Gourmand (Ability to eat and drink more=less time spent eating/drinking and lesser morale penalty for not so good foods and effective doubles/triples morale bonus of food/drinks/drugs),
Pack Mule (More volume using fewer bags= EPIC WIN and also allows you to carry a huge sum of items with more bags)

Skill to invest in 1  Computer so you can start hacking right away other skills are just easy to raise.

Health that is not seen but only through enabling debug message (Should be called Health State/Healthy as it affects your immune is increased by vitamins (Vitamins gives 10 max boost at a time),flu medicines,fruits and a rare vaccine shot (100 Max boost at a time) but eating junk foods/soda and unhealthy food/drinks lowers your healthy state causing
you to get sick fast. (But if you really hate getting a disease wear that gas mask 24/7 and keep healthy)

I find the simple flame thrower good enough for turning slime pits to ashes reducing their spawn rates and if not satisfied well you can use map editor or something to cover that downward slope of the slime pit as well to stop them from spawning above ground

Off-topic but would dropping a tactile nuclear missile from a silo on a slime pit destroy it?

probably yes if it affected the whole slime area and  disintegrated the stairs area...

I find the simple flame thrower good enough for turning slime pits to ashes reducing their spawn rates and if not satisfied well you can use map editor or something to cover that downward slope of the slime pit as well to stop them from spawning above ground

Science labs can turn you into a Cyborg Ninja Mutant ;)

11 this looked awesome but then  I shed a single tear that it was on older versions only (Non-existent)... hoping new tilesets will be awesome that it can make me play for 2 days straight without sleep :)

... glowing napkin in some debri outside the town. Its description is "This very thin sheet glows faintly" and apperantly it has 4 charges. Also when i picked it up i got the message "You feel an otherwordly attention upon you...". So,what does it do when activated?

you found an artifact that are rare, they are uncommon and give good benefits if you can handle their bad effects the wiki has all info available on artifacts.

Well I am currently going through the NPC quest for the nether creatures and have gotten to the "hunt for the cult site" I assume it is in  the prison but I don't know what type of gear I should have, midgame gear? late game gear? any tips?

Bring guns and ammo, armor repair kit and some medicine/drugs. let's say these things can kill you easily in melee if something wrong happens or your not in mid game tier.

This is why I keep 2 cars all the time (even if it's a hassle) 1 Mobile loot Storage that can store everything you can ever loot and 1 high speed upgraded with plating basic motorcycle for drive-by shooting,scouting and City looting. Basically I just place the Mobile loot storage on the road side away from cramped areas.  (Just wish I could put my motorcycle inside too without chopping it to pieces and storing it, so I would only have to drive 1 car when moving the mobile storage to a new potential area)

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Bruce Lee Killed Chuck Norris but drugs killed Bruce Lee so Drugs>Bruce Lee>Chuck Norris

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