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How do you reload the spraycan flamethrower? I've got gasoline around, but it still says I'm out of liquid. I gots hordes to burn :C

Crows should eat dead bodies, or at least gather around them. Crows getting grabbed and eaten by the reviving corpse is just a bonus.

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We need automated casinos.

Also, I found an Glowing Pin artifact. It's a Wand of Explosions. It's pretty rad.
EDIT: Taking into account the fact that I just grew dog ears, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this artifact is, indeed, quite rad(ioactive).

Anyway to find out the death coordinates for an already dead character?

Make this thing V

Sealed container, expandable, can smoke with it, makes a decent melee weapon when expanded. Stoner survival tool.


Huh. Reminds me a lot of the Bunker game.

This thread is really about having a proper and traditional save system, with multiple save slots. Quicksave and the 'esc' menu are welcome additions.

I wouldn't mind a quicksave button, although there already in an autosave feature in the options. Multiple save slots are already a thing, they're just saved with different characters ;)

I don't have a git account, but I'd like to mention that I find it harder to get my mechanics skill up than my fabrication skill. So saying that fabrication skill 3 makes it more difficult to repair cars doesn't make a lot of sense, considering you need to secure a bunch of tools before you can even begin to work on increasing your mechanics skill.

Have you heard of the Dark Lord and Saviour Save Scum?

The apocalypse is hard, man, it's hard.

Literally you could put some pebbles or marbles in a tin can and leave in on the floor as a noise trap. I strongly dislike that the Booby Trap with a grenade needs super glue, so if you do make a stringed tin can noise trap please don't make it use superglue.

What about Nether aliens? DUN DUN DUHHH

Haha! Yes! I have all these guns and no matching ammo. I wouldn't mind damaging a gun when firing the wrong ammo if meant I could actually shoot something if I needed to :D

Other Games / Re: RogueSurvivor is being revived
« on: August 29, 2016, 08:15:13 AM »
Hey then what happened to Roguedjack (the game's developer) Did he reappear?

Holy shit, he isn't actually dead! O:
He did another post on the blog back in May and opened sourced the code for the game. He's not going to work on it anymore unfortunately, but I hope he does another project in the coming future.

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