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Heeyyyy, nice to see you back!

Not very useful for turrets or the like... they explode when they die.

Tea shops? Never thought they had fencing books of all things.

My bad for the double post, just found a mansion and walked up to one of the windows. A zombie broke down the glass and attacked me. Dispatched it quickly, along with several other crawling zombies outside. pressed V to check if any fencing/HEMA books were visible. What I found was an empty m1911 and a .45 acp casing. m1911 on the zombie and .45 casing in the room the zombie came out of... Next to the chair it was near.

If it was intentional, its a hell of an immersive touch. Too bad my character is a psychopath.

Edit: Mansion is definitely new. Not one of the box-like randomly generated mansions with 10 dining rooms, this one actually makes sense. Found .38 and 9mm casings all over the place, including a shotgun hull outside. A human corpse with a torn french maid outfit was found inside the house. I just finished checking the first floor, so the second and basement floors are next.

Edit: Checked both upstairs and downstairs. Gotta say, i'm impressed. Anyway, I found a fencing book and a lot of food, so I'll probably come back here and make it a base. Maybe.

Metal wreckages damage tank drones? Never knew that.

Spawned a new character, punk rock dude. Decent clothing and I wanted to try it out for roleplay purposes. Did a 'fled the riots' scenario and spawned in a house. Ran around town, looted dojo's and bookstores and got myself situated in a church.

While reading books using light from the brazier, apparently the light attracted zombies through walls and they started to break down the windows. A NPC was fighting outside, I tried to convince the NPC to team up be he ended up turning hostile. Once he got killed by two feral predators I picked up his wooden spear and killed the rest of the zombies.
Picked up what I could and fled into a house. Barricaded it by breaking down dressers and bookshelves and using the wood to board up windows. The house had a basement with a gunsafe, luckily I looted a stethoscope from a pharmacy and used that to open it. Decent loot.

Spent a few days reading and got a good level of skills. Today I decided to run across town to loot food and better weapons. Main target was a museum. Looted pawnshops on the way there and found a scabbard which I took.
Once I got to the museum I found a dory (Greek spear) and replaced my knife spear that I crafted. Flintlock rifle, a real broadsword, various armor pieces (Gambeson, leather gauntlets, o-yoroi, armored boots) was what I found. Took them all and ran off to a nearby house with a spider basement in it.

I'm hoping to find a katana or a martial art book for the broadsword. Any idea where I could find a fencing book? Mansions aren't an option atm.

What about post-threshold mutants with no visible mutations? Alpha mutants come in mind.

Wear it for it to have an effect

I didnt know zombie granadiers could activate their granades on its last breath, so it was dead and 2 explosions later i was too

Reason why I disable them, it's not fun to not be able to grab their grenade goodies after they die.

Mutagen is a bit more versatile. Plus, you can get lucky/ just drink purifier and try again with your traits. CBM's boosts are pretty tame, and only really do things like utility (flamethrower hand, hydraulic muscles, etc etc) while mutagens are more stat boosting,and if you so desire, change your appearance and how you play.

Some mutation lines allow you to be acidproof and secrete acid when hit, some allow the trait apex predator which allows you to train combat skills without losing your focus gains. A couple boost your overall speed by 30%, remove pain completely or eat zombies without penalty (and heal your wounds instantly to boot).

Sure they're bad traits, but you can get a good character with no real negatives and still have CBM's to supplement the character.

Want a way to stop angry animals for good? Kill them. A spear and some kiting should serve you well.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Drinkings Hats Mod
« on: October 09, 2017, 11:36:52 PM »
Glorious, a great way on getting high on methacola just before a fight.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Amigara bug
« on: October 09, 2017, 02:34:55 PM »
On build 0.C 6838, by activating the treamors then immediately exiting out and saving the event glitches where the amigara horrors won't spawn once you load in. No obsession, no spawning, nothing.

By using debug commands I spawned in one horror and the obsession & normal outcome began.

Exited out and tried again, same result. No spawning.

I haven't made any attempts to replicate this, so it might just be a single-version bug.

Nope, any weapons that fit on your fists (like brass knuckles) will boost your unarmed attacks.

If it's an opiate, chances are it's a strong painkiller. Oxy, morphine and codeine are opiates.

Opiates are very addictive, so make sure you're careful or else you'll get an addiction.

Just a bit of research could save your character (or yourself irl), so make sure you do so.

I'm gonna be honest, it's gonna take a lot of unneeded work to implement this, when it could be used to put elsewhere. However, if you're adamant about it, put it in the suggestions page and not here. If no one thinks it's a good idea or wants to support it, you can mod it yourself .

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