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I'd personally just debug spawn another laser turret, it wasn't your fault that NPC's have the common sense of a brick.

It'd be a different story if, say, you went into a horde and your car got surrounded and bashed.

It should say what version it is on the file itself. Still, turning the turrets off when you're camping out should make it so that you won't kill cows. Since I don't use turrets in my playthroughs I can't give that much advice on them.

Is it possible to switch what your turret will and will not target? By this I mean killing hostile creatures only.

Maybe you should switch off the turrets as you're traveling, and only activate them when there is real danger.

Question: Are you playing the stable or experimental version?

Depends on what you're burning it in, a brazier? Not so much. But a wood stove has a long burn time compared to the brazier, or really anything else.

Use sticks or logs for light, splintered wood for batch crafting.

I waited from him to use up all his ammo and then I just laughed as I vaporized him.

A NPC tried to mug me when I had full heavy power armor and a laser rifle.

It didn't end well for him.

It was caused by aliens, basically.

Agreed. It feels more of a challenge than anything.

Scientists who study volcanos need a full thermo suit to just look over the edge of the volcano. It makes sense that you can't go anywhere near volcano pools without dying.

I believe crossbow's reload speed is directly affected by your strength. Stronger you are, faster you can draw the bow.

I spawned in a LMOE next to a 4-building town (3 houses, 1 office) with only 5 or 6 zombies near it. The only other things on the revealed map are a Strange Temple and a giant beehive, both of which I'm pretty sure I should avoid. There's a long road and four or five vehicles, one of which has 4 intact wheels. So, I guess I'm going to start looking into the vehicle design part of the game.

My questions:

1) I have electronics 0 and mechanics 0 (ironically, this is the first build I've played without mechanics, as I decided I needed combat skills more). What's the Electronics and Mechanics equivalent of leveling Survival by foraging through the underbrush? Something that won't feel TOO grindy? Presumably, I'll figure out how to build a makeshift welder without needing a book recipe. I'm not 100% certain, but I am hoping the broken consoles in the offices will yield enough copper wire to make enough heating elements to make....and so on down the line until i get to a wrench.

2) Is there any way to park a vehicle inside another vehicle? Or make a trailer hitch sort of thing? I'm thinking about turning one of the swivel chairs into a rolling gas tank to make siphoning easier, and I'd like to keep the sucker after I'm done. I haven't tried, but it seems like you can't siphon gas from one car directly to another very easily.

3) This road is guaranteed to lead somewhere, right?

Dry soldering stuff together, or start removing batteries and other parts. I recommend just packing up as much food/water as you can and just walk to another town.

I'm assuming you could just weld a car to another car and make some combination car, but I doubt it. Either way, no I don't think it's possible.

Not super guaranteed, but you might get lucky and land in a large town or just have a large amount of wilderness. Either way, it sohuld be survivable.

Good explanation, but I think STS IV calculates every time you level something.

The hospital should have its drugs behind a small barred off room. If it's not there I suggest checking pharmacies, clinics, or ambulances.

So fast learner is best used when training melee combat with a constant onslaught of enemies? Nice to know.

General Discussion / Re: Newb questions: Lava, youtube tutorials
« on: October 24, 2017, 01:15:38 PM »
My guide is a general how-to to help those having a difficult time with early game, or really any general area you might have difficulties with. Obviously I can't put a guide on literally everything, but as long as you ask I can answer your questions.

It's a decent guide imo, if you look into it you'll find different enemy types, where to loot to find what, what weapons are effective, etc.

But yeah, the health stat isn't visible. I think you get messages after you wake up from sleeping. You can read them here:

If your wounds are bitten (limbs are blue) then cauterization has a small chance of curing it, but if it fails it speeds up the process of infection, and if it passes that threshold you get a full-blown infection which needs antibiotics to cure.

Sepsis is pretty nasty, as it gives a ton of debuffs, even after you cure it. Though these are only temporary if you've taken antibiotics of course.
Sepsis gets worse and worse, depending how bad your infection is (it gets worse over time) you get increased debuffs and eventually it'll kill you.
I think you have a small chance of surviving without antibiotics, but antibiotics are a 100% guarantee of your surviving. Royal jelly also has this effect, but royal jelly is a rare but effective cure-all.

Hope this helps, try and skim though the guide and see if it'll help you out. Ask me if you have specific questions.

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