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So why does the survivor machete suck, because it has low damage per move compared to some of the better options? Could someone dumb it down for me?

 I just found I was able to craft a survivor machete for the first time and did, but now I am wondering if I shouldn't have. I don't have the recipes for any of the Japanese weapons yet, am having trouble finding the book.
It doesn't suck suck like the chainsaw weapons, it's actually just fine for how easy/difficult it is to obtain, and it's one of the best weapons to use with Eskrima or Silat, which I had not been accounting for. The survivor machete has a few boons that make it worthwhile, so I'll be editing the post now, since evidently I was being misleading. You didn't make a mistake, go chop some zombie faces.

I want to make sure that fast, slow, and somewhere-in-between weapons are all as equally viable as possible.
There's a lot of wiggle room in this statement, so it's hard to tell, but if you mean all weapons are equally viable, that's not a valid goal for mainline, some weapons are just supposed to suck and some are supposed to be better.  Also actually tweaking values based on average DPS without accounting for specials is going to be wrong, that means every weapon with beneficial techniques is automatically going to be better than average.
I'd totally believe that we have next to no meaningful balance right now though, so there's room for improvement.
Right of course, I should specify that I meant equally viable within their respective tiers. A knife spear obviously shouldn't be on the same level as a halberd. I meant something more like, a katana and a zweihander both have similar crafting requirements, but the katana is quite a bit more powerful in-game than the zweihander, even with heavy encumbrance penalties. Besides raw damage output, the katana as a faster weapon also offers more damage granularity for less overkill, more frequent dodge/block recharges, and easier positioning. A slow, hard-hitting weapon like the zweihander's main boon is better armor penetration, but most enemies are so lightly armored it's a non-factor, plus it's heavier and bulkier. So the zweihander might be considered good, but the katana is great. I hope to be able to close that power/versatility gap within at least the end-game tiers, where the player is spoiled for choice as opposed to using whatever will get them to the next town alive. I won't just be basing stat adjustments on DPS, but also on speed, techniques, martial arts, ease of acquisition, performance in different situations, storage, and basically anything else that a player might consider when choosing a melee weapon.

There is already a way to get a list of the DPS for weapons (sort by DPS column).
Indeed, I used that page and the item browser to obtain much of my information. But that only gives you the base DPS, without any encumbrance on the hands or torso. Most survivors don't fight in the nude, and will have encumbering clothing that increases the amount of time it takes to attack, which affects the DPS of fast and slow weapons differently. I want to make sure that fast, slow, and somewhere-in-between weapons are all as equally viable as possible.

Thanks for the feedback, I was going to make a mod because I've never used github before and had no idea where to start. But I suppose I'll start learning using the stickied thread in The Toolbox. I'll try balancing around survivor backpack and normal survivor gloves instead, and with that link in mind.

Context; I'm trying to make a mod that balances the game's difficulty scaling by adjusting the stats of various weapons, armors, and monsters (how does a tank drone with 300 max melee damage sound?). To that end, I had to calculate the Damage Per Moves of most of the end-game melee weapons to figure out how they perform with end-game gear on.

I just took their base damage and Moves Per Attack, and added 70 to the Moves Per Attack. That 70 comes from the encumbrance of: 1 fitted heavy survivor suit + 1 fitted survivor trenchcoat + 1 survivor rucksack + 1 fitted heavy survivor gloves. 50 encumbrance on the torso, 20 on the hands, +70 movement points to attack. Fairly typical end-game gear and encumbrance.

So the longsword for example without gear is 48 damage / 139 moves = 0.35. With 70 extra moves to attack that becomes 48 / (139+70) = 0.23.

I'm using this info to balance the mod to the best of my abilities, and I figured some people here wouldn't mind having this information at hand as well. Note that this data doesn't take account of misses, critical hits, Quick Strike, techniques, martial arts, diamond coating, etc. It is literally just Damage / (Moves per attack + 70). I believe Rapid Strike multiplies DPM by 1.32 with or without encumbrance.

D/M is the weapon's base damage per move, (with encumbrance is in parentheses next to it).

Notable info:
  • Slow weapons with high damage scale better with high encumbrance than fast weapons with weaker hits.
  • Japanese swords are still OP AF, even more so with Niten.
  • Chainsaw weapons probably still suck.
  • Survivor naginata doesn't suck as much as its dpm implies. It has 4 techniques attached to it, including Rapid Strike.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: The Minor JSON Questions Thread
« on: September 16, 2017, 12:38:38 AM »
Trying to make a balancing mod, wanted to adjust the stats of various armors but when I looked at the json I realized it didn't work quite like what I anticipated. Is there a way to adjust the bashing and cutting protection stats of armor directly in the json, or do I just have to work with "material_thickness" of the armor and the properties of the materials in the materials json? And how is bashing and cutting protection for armor calculated?

-Katanas no longer have quick strike and break easily even if they're hand-forged.

-Diamond coated weapons shatter completely with a few swings, and have a chance to make the player bleed upon breaking.

-Piercing weapons now do almost nothing to zombies because damage to internals that aren't muscle or bone is a non-factor.

That sounds like another flavor of NPC behavior that would only be implemented once NPCs currently gain better AI, the ability to act autonomously and function more like other players, not get themselves killed 5 seconds after asking you to find an inhaler, etc.

And of course an NPC like that would only show up in end-game yeah? When the player has had time to prepare for ambushes with either their own NPCs taking the night watch or the alarm system CBM. I mean getting murdered like that without fair warning might be "realistic", but it would be far from fun.

Thirding survivor armor being OP for such a low cost, any set of survivor armor lets you take out droves of zombies without getting a scratch, heavy survivor armor lets you face-tank any monster in the game with the exception of some robots. Ranged attacks need to be more powerful than 9mm though to get through heavy survivor armor (Yeah those turrets in the labs? They can't do anything to heavy survivor armor.) If you ever feel ashamed of using survivor armor, plate armor is second best crafted armor all around. I plan to make a mod that buffs up end-game monsters and other end-game equipment choices to be on par with survivor armor.

Post-thresh Medical for the nigh immortality, increased strength (Resilient requires one of four other mutations that increase strength), Deadened, and Acid Proof for easily dealt with drawbacks (drugs gave you mental disorders? Just take more drugs!).
Supplemented by Bird for extra speed with drawbacks that can be reduced by Medical's increased strength (except Beak, which just sucks).

I recommend halberds for your soldiers. You, as the noble knight you are, should have an arming sword with fitting shield. Trust me, halberds can look quite menacing and cool as well.
(click to show/hide)

Also, the Longsword, basically something between an arming sword and a zweihänder, had some appearances as early as the 13th century, so it might have been part of the last crusades. Wouldn't have been a common weapon though, as it reached it's popularity between the 14th and 15th century.
You make a compelling case, and the poll so far is 50/50 arming swords and halberds. And I already have 1 arming sword and 5 or 6 halberds...

I'm thinking if you could attach some sort of war banner or crusader flag on the halberd....

Whatever. Just blast this while destroying everything:
Of course, I've been listening to nothing but Powerwolf and Sabaton recently ;)

  • Peasantly and slightly visually unappealing
How can you say such a thing!?, it's a spear and an axe fused together, just like the war gods always intended!
But it's so bulky and not majestic, it's like 90% pole!

I would also consider ranged weapons like bows and crossbows. The crusaders would have lost the Crusades even worse without archers, crossbowman, etc.
Believe me I did. I tried out the reflex recurve bow, crossbow, repeating crossbow, and heavy crossbow, all with at least 3 mods on and explosive arrows/bolts. The thing is that A. 5 NPC's close in on anything too fast for me to get a shot in before they get in the way, B. the great helm puts 30 encumbrance on my eyes, and C. the plate armor, nomad gear, MOLLE pack, and back scabbard if I use the zweihander is already a lot of torso encumbrance, and I wouldn't want to have to deal with the encumbrance from wearing a quiver/bow or volume being taken up by the ranged weapon on top of it all.
I will be making use of scorpion ballistae though.

I want to equip myself and all my companions with one weapon to take on anything and everything on our quest to take back the Holy Land Jerusalem New England from the Saracens zombies and other infidels eldritch horrors. I just need help deciding what weapon to use. I'm torn between arming swords, zweihanders, and halberds. I'm considering fun, effectiveness, and A E S T H E T I C, and I just want to use one type because I like uniformity.

Arming swords
  • In use during the actual Crusades
  • Highest DPS of the three
  • Everyone holding their swords upright like a well trained army looks great
  • Can be stored in a scabbard, which only encumbers my leg a little bit
  • Tiny and unsatisfying
  • Conductive and low damage per hit means more shock-back damage
  • Hits like a truck
  • Likely to 1-hit kill and even pulp smaller enemies, pretty fun
  • Wide swing for mobs (particularly in a certain dungeon)
  • Big Beautiful Weapon
  • Recreate the party in this video that I like
  • Not in use during the Crusades (then again, neither was my plate armor)
  • Pretty dang slow, missing at low skill takes the fun out a little
  • Reach, eat it acid line
  • Non-conductive, eat it shockers
  • My +2 accuracy crushes your tiny +1 accuracy
  • Also has wide strike
  • Can't be stored in a scabbard
  • Peasantly and slightly visually unappealing
  • Lowest DPS of the three

Thanks in advance.

Is there a limit to the number of NPCs that can randomly spawn? I've been stuck with 4 randoms for at least a year in-game now. And oddly, when one of them died another NPC spawned almost immediately afterwards.

Alright, so after finally getting my control laptop, I'm having a field day reprogramming all the robotic enemies in a lab I can find.

Problem is, I can't seem to deactivate or kill my new allies.

Is there some way to shut them down or damage them without the use of guns/explosives? Namely I'm having trouble with a Broken Cyborg and a Skitterbot.

At one point the Cyborg stepped on a Goo Pit, turning in to a friendly blob. How the bloody hell can I kill these things?
EMP weapons are the first thing that come to mind for robots. You should be able to make EMP grenades at your electronics level.

As for the blob, I've found leading it into fire works, although I don't know if you can safely do that in an underground lab. I think friendly non-humans will follow you up and down stairs, so you can lead it outside if you don't want to burn down the lab.

But you know what's a better idea? Find a pet carrier and try to use it on the skitterbot. I learned recently that I could use the pet carrier on friendly small blobs if I got the blob from the goo canister to split. So the pet carrier should work just as well on a skitterbot, which is the size of a dog.

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