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I guess now is as good a time as any.
Here's my progress so far. Hoping these screenshots are sufficient proof.
This should be 5 challenges and 1 milestone completed. I just need to know if the monocle is an absolute necessity for that milestone, and if yes, do they spawn in clothing or jewelry stores?

Hi, first I want to say that I love this mod, automation has always been one of my favorite things in games. Shredding Z's without having to touch anything is great.

Second, I want to ask what the ammo racks are for? I'm assuming they're to increase the ammo capacity of turrets or automate reloading, but I can't figure out how to get them to work.

You can find barrels of whiskey in liquor shops.

This is news to me...
Since I have never found an entire barrel of whiskey, I'll have to ask is it an actual wooden barrel or an aluminum keg, and if I fill up a container to the top using bottles of whiskey and then drink that will it count?

Is the J-9 the only challenge that permits cheating/editing/debugging? Example, for the whiskey challenge do I actually have to fill up a wooden barrel using whiskey I find/craft and drink that?

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