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The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« Last post by veedanya on Today at 08:09:56 AM »
Does this mod crank up the reproduction rate of mobs? I went down into a lab for not even a single day, and come back up to the surface to find literally hundreds if not thousands of ants. Where there wasn't even a single ant seen the day before. It's not even a balancing issue anymore. The game lags to such an extreme that it takes 30-60 real-world minutes to have a night's sleep in that location.

I know this mod cranks up the difficulty of mobs, so I'm wondering if frequency of mob-spawners or how fast they each spawn mobs.
There are plenty of features that Cataclysm could draw from other roguelikes (Caves of Qud [free non-steam version] and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup [free]), such as:

* Pressing a key followed by a directional key (Caves of Qud) - character will move in that direction until they either run into an obstacle or an enemy comes within few squares. This feature is much needed due to laggy overland travel with artificial difficulty of holding a key down and a random zombear getting multiple hits before a player can even react to the danger.

* Excluding tiles or promting the player whenever they step into an excluded tile (such as turret doors etc, seen in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup).

* Inscribing items to avoid accidental interactions (Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup).

PS! I think the latest patches might have broken the game. For some reason it automatically assigns a's and b's to my gear and I need to manually remove bindings in order to be able to assign 'a' to a flashlight etc.
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« Last post by pisskop on Today at 04:18:17 AM »
Its an awful pain because I myself dont have the android port.  Ill see if I cant download it.  I think there my be some disparity with the ports and their syntax requirements.
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« Last post by John smith on Today at 03:59:45 AM »
The pk rebalance 5.5.7 still has an error its about default groundcover on my android phone it shows the error and when you press space or i it goes back to menu and also i dont know how to show the screenshot
carding paddles
SHTF, mass panic everywhere, the dead have risen, many more are infected, you can't save them all; what do you do? Implement a triage system and act accordingly.

For mutants:
1a: Minor mutations, difficult to tell effects aren't natural without genetic testing.
2a: Isolated overt effects, or mutiple subtle mutations.
3a: Multiple overt mutations, signs of a clear trend towards a specific mutagenic category.
4a: Definite signs of an imminent threshold breach, extreme examples might require genetic tests to separate from 5a.
5a: Post-threshold or other overt, irreversible mutations. Kill on sight if unauthorized.

General Populace:
1b: Minor un-integrated (i.e. non-mutagenic) blob contamination, no symptoms and no risk of reanimation.
2b: Un-integrated blob contamination has reached threshold for inducing reanimation, still asymptomatic.
3b: First symptoms of blob contamination, potential for impairment and fatalities in immune-deficient victims.
4b: Severe medical effects of blob contamination, blob infection may progress to 5b on its own if not treated.
5b: Permanent biological damage from un-integrated blob contamination, untreatable. 100% chance of reanimation. Kill on sight.
What is a good way to bring up fabrication? I have some high level books, but I'm too low to read them (fab 3).
My guess is if two items have identical characteristics but one is more expensive, procuring it from a trader is objectively worse that the cheaper option. Honestly though the price rarely matters much.
What I got from this is that there is a distinct lack of portals spawning demonic horrors.  Also, has anything been done regarding multi-tile monsters? I want to fight a tyranid carnifex.

Why content youself with such small creatures when there are
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I think we need to add in these kinda clips first:

Otherwise an encounter will feel like that scene in atlantis where he's says he needs like 200 sticks of dynamite to open the door.

on a side note i found this and though it should be shared:
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The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Re: Adventures of the Catawastes.
« Last post by DemAvalon on October 17, 2017, 08:28:06 PM »
Biker Greg:"Boss?, you mean him?" *he points to the Bearded biker* "he is not the leader of the Mad Dogs, Benedic is, Look, we just used to ride around on our bikes doing whatever we wanted, shooting our guns in the air, getting high, we once set fire to a police station, but there was no one there, the world is over you know?, so we just ride around the U.S. doing whatever, then some of Benedic's  dogs got sick after we found some weird blobs, we went searching for medicine for them, they are part of the Mad Dogs as much as any of us."

Bearded Biker:"Then we ran into that freak!"

Biker Greg:"yeah!, this huge dude and his flunkies, all big guys with serious firepower, like machine guns and shit!"

Bearded Biker:"They offered to fix the dogs for us, if we did some favors for them, so Benedic accepted"

Biker Greg:"They told us to just cause trouble in the region, shot at people, you know, make noise, in exchange they gave these injections to the dogs and they got better... for a while"

Bearded Biker:"But the dogs started to grow bigger and change, Benedict too, well he didn't grow bigger or anything like that but, he is a lot more aggressive now, any chance he gets he sics his dogs on folk, just to watch them tear apart people"

the Young Woman finishes patching up Momo

Belfast Guard 1 helps move Tom and the Hostage Woman to Belfast, other people come out of there and begin helping the two.
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