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Opted to start knocking on the glass window by the front door, looking to see if it was just simply a normal window that would be in most shops or if it could open up. If he found it wasn't able to open he'd try and find another way inside for the time being.
You can mod out solar panel by increasing its "epower" value in vahicle_parts.json.
It's not merged yet. Expect things to be fixed when the green "Open" changes to purple "Merged".
Currently it doesn't, at least not noticeably so.
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Tileset Studio 0.10 (Win only)
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Sorry, it seems I've deleted it from my PC.
The Gang Gets On The Road (Again)

You all make your way up the stairs and clamor on into the speeder. There's enough room in the crew compartment for all six of you, and Maria gets into the driver's seat. As she familiarizes herself with the controls, you take stock of yourselves.

Your medical instincts kicked in a little while ago and you've taken the initiative to remove the upper half of Holland's suit to better tend to his wound. With your medical expertise, [8 + 3 = 11] vs [7] you remove the bandaging and successfully properly clean and dress the wound again. You even administer some local aesthetic. He'll probably be up to full health in a matter of days, and the painkillers are probably appreciated as he's finally starting to come to.

Consciousness returns to your body, and you see that you've been moved inside the speeder. Glover is kneeling in front of your seat, packing up his doctor supplies. Looking down, you've been stripped down to the waist except for a neat white bandage across your abdomen. You notice that your wound is feeling significantly better.

Your investigative mind couldn't keep you away from that briefcase, and you're currently mulling over the three papers, trying to discern some greater meaning from it all. [4 + 3 = 7] vs [10] All you manage to get is a headache.

You pile into the back of the speeder with the rest of your crew and get settled for the ride ahead.

You opt to ride on the floor, taking extra care not to launch yourself through the roof this time, and lay down a couple tarp-related pointers.

You climb out one more time and adjust the tarp. Maria looks up from the complex dashboard and gives you a thumbs up. Turning to the controls, she goes back to pushing buttons seemingly at random.

As the rest of you get situated, a radio suddenly turns on nearby, and you hear some jazzy music come from the cockpit. You hear a few more clicks and clacks as the windshield wipers come on and off, but the music continues. "Sorry! I can't find the off switch!" Maria calls from the driver's seat. You hear something hit the metal casing of the dashboard and the engine suddenly roars to life! "That's what I'm talking about!" cheers Maria. Something else clunks into gear and the speeder lurches forwards, and you all feel the speeder turn onto the road and quickly accelerate down the coastal highway towards a new location.

A few jazz songs later...

The speeder turns right after a little while and you all feel it slow to a halt and the engine shuts off as it lowers itself back onto the pavement. The handle on the back door turns and it's thrown open again, with the familiar silhouette of Maria in her rain poncho standing there. The storm is there behind her, as it always is, and rain patters down noisily against the speeder's roof. "End of the line, fellas." she beckons you all out.

You all have arrived at Samar's Garage

Those who exited would find themselves standing in a smallish lot, this one more riddled with grass filled cracks in the dark pavement. Faded yellow lines mark four empty parking spots, the fifth currently held by your own enormous black vehicle. Behind the group was the coastal two-lane highway you had been riding on, and further beyond that was a rocky cliff followed by and endless choppy ocean. This building appeared to be the only one around, it was surrounded by mud-filled lots that extended a few miles out on either side.

In front of all of this was a small building. It was a single story affair, and was obviously some kind of mechanic's garage. On the left were several curtained windows leading up to a wooden door with a "CLOSED" sign hung in its own tiny glass window. Above the door was a large metal sign that had a curly logo painted onto it. Most of the lettering had faded, but you can see it used to say "MECHANIC - 24 HOUR". The right side of the building was dominated by two large metal doors that looked like they opened upwards to allow vehicles into the shop.

Perception check [10!] vs [No need]

It becomes immediately obvious, however, that these garage doors would never open. In fact, they weren't doors at all, but rather elaborate murals painted onto the side of the wall. Maria makes no comment, and walks up to the door. The smaller person sized door was very real, and she started knocking. "Samar. It's me." she said. The building didn't respond. She knocked harder, rattling the sign hanging in the door. "Samar!" Still no reply. She tries to let herself in, to no avail. She sighs, frustrated, and turns around to face the gang. She doesn't say anything but she gives you all a large shrug, which is the universal sign of, "I got nothin'."

You could try looking around for clues or another way in or try and get through the front door somehow.

Or, of course, you could try something else.
Alright! So I'm back here. And I'm on Windows 10, Version 0.C-21902-g5d32b83eb9 (Tiles) as per usual. Build #6363

And after updating, the issue with my save world has seemingly disappeared! This is fine. 
(click to show/hide)

EDIT:  Okay. On closer inspection, the bubble wrap bug actually still occurs, but ever since the update.

(And as I have little to no idea how Github works), it seems your commits probably didn't go through, Cool...? But it occurs on every one of my worlds but saving and quiting via the ESC menu then loading the world back up instantly removes all the bubble wrap.

Maybe that'll be a lead onto something.

Thanks for your assistance, truly. However. As buggy as I know Defense Mode is, the issue mentioned above with the Raincatchers that happened along side the fixed issue is still existent.

Would you happen to know why this happens or any ideas surrounding that if any? It seems to be the only issue with the mode, and I do play it quite a bit so I'd be grateful if you could also assist with it. 
Yes additional weight hurts fuel efficiency.
One moment, I'll create an example item. If you want to, you can search JSON_INFO for "explosion"; it should tell you what fields work.

This dropped my jaw. The sheer niceness of this community is shocking. Nowhere have I gone, have people been this nice.
One moment, I'll create an example item. If you want to, you can search JSON_INFO for "explosion"; it should tell you what fields work.
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