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I would like to build a door on a square that is currently dirt (there are adjacent walls).  When I try to construct, I am told I can't build there.  Is there something I have to do to the dirt to make it build-able?

First thing that come to mind: Door frame. Are you trying to use the "Build Door" command? If yes then I have no idea why you can't build it. You do have all the tools and resources, right?
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Heh... that's why I learned C#: to mod a game.  A good way to learn too IMO, by doing.  In my case I figured fixing a mod that wasn't doing well was a good way to learn.
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: My CDDA mods and activities
« Last post by Alec White on Today at 06:25:50 AM »
Given that I only learned C++ to mod cata, I only have VS 2015. I uninstalled 2017 as I don't have a reason to use it and it frees up HD space.
Well that answers some questions... thanks.

As for why not VS2015:  While I started out coding in Windows/VS (VS wasn't cheap), the vast majority of my experience coding has been in Linux, usually with Eclipse or just good old vim.  I'm not really all that great with VS, never was, I only installed it again recently for C# and the projects started making use of some syntax that 2015 can't handle, I might add I didn't know C# until mid February and had been using the (IMO superior) SharpDevelop IDE.  Also I don't currently have the space on my Windows partition to install VS2015 with 2017 already there.  I don't have the bandwidth to just swap between them.

Now that I know 2015 is an answer to the problem...  It will take some doing but there is a way I can get 2015 installed along side 2017.  Raw backup of OS HD, remove a rarely used OS partition, rearrange partitions & resize Windows partition, cross fingers and hope remaining OSes boot/fix them.

I'd love to know if you do have both 2015 and 2017 installed as I've found some worrying reading that 2015 projects don't compile properly in VS2015 after VS2017 is installed.

I'd also still love to hear from someone running Eclipse and working on CDDA...  I'm feeling far less concerned though now that there is apparently a path forward.  I'll probably take one more shot at Eclipse before doing the partition shuffle either way.
Bump for information.
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: My CDDA mods and activities
« Last post by Alec White on Today at 04:53:56 AM »
An open question:
I've happened on a handful of bugs not mentioned on github, some of which are exceedingly squirly, and I'd like to fix them but in order to track down the problem code I need to figure out how to attach a debugger to CDDA.  I was never very good at debugging using printf.  Also I'm accustomed to learning about unfamiliar code by stepping through it.  I have both VS2017 which I've been unable to get the project loaded/built there

Why not install and use VS 2015 if you already know how to use 2017?

The solution/project would need to be updated to 2017 if you want to run it with that VS version. Which I didn't managed to update correctly too. Found easier to just use 2015.
The necropolis was a great way to train dodge, since you're pretty much swamped with a sea of irridated wanderers. Anything with the defense of kevlar armor is more or less enough to block out damage maybe 90% of the time.

That said, most of the time there I positioned my survivor that at most there will only be 3 enemies attacking her at once. Getting fully surrounded increases the chance to get damage at a higher rate. That pretty much put my survivor at 10+ dodge. The wanderers are ideal enemies, due to their low damage, and they don't have the grab attack of some zombies which can seriously slow a survivor down.

Currently level 13 dodge, and upon clearing a second big military outpost skill progress only increased by a few %.

Same with close combat skills. It just doesn't go up as fast as gun skills. Like seriously, my survivor has the combat implant bionic and she memorized muay thai and bionic combatives from it through constant fighting... and her unarmed skill is still at level 6.
I know most skills can go beyond 10, I just thought Giant Black Widows only trained Dodging up to 6. Heck, my character has 14 in Melee and 13 in Cutting Weapons atm. I can't seem to get anything over 15 due to Skill Rust, tho. >.>

The only thing I've found to train past about 5 or maybe six is ranged attacks - boomers are the safest way.  That can get you up to 10 (I think that's where it stops).  Not sure WHAT could get you higher than that!
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: My CDDA mods and activities
« Last post by Noctifer on Today at 03:43:35 AM »
You are maintaining branches of the whole game?! That is impressive!

The Food preservation my is going on my mods list too!
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