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Thank you.
Puns always help.
Yeah, got a ton of loot from the zombies. Didn't see anything else, though.

Pretty much just slashed through the soldiers. Same with bio-operators, though I had to use the dielectric capacitance system. Armored zombies got hit with the Barrett, while the grenadiers -hacks were shot down with the S&W 619... though at a certain point I just shot the grenadiers then ran away from the explosions.

There was a room at the bottom. Metal walls and inside had several armored zombies. There were glass cases inside, but there was nothing in them. Also spotted some safes, which also had nothing. Maybe it's due to the item spawn rate set to .5.

I think the only item I found that wasn't a drop from a zombie was in the ground floor, on a crate... a butcher's knife.

Still, did get a ton of ammo from the zombie soldiers. Got several ammo belts of .308 ammo.
"Awe... It just keeps gettin' fuckin' better doesn't it? I'm comin' to help Jason, come on Lurch." Jamie takes off towards the ladder he saw Jason go up earlier, ready for a fight.
Their loss to dogs saddens me. :(

Cataclysm Dog Days ahead :D
I had considered that, and had even given them backpacks and whatnot and they were still not picking anything up. IIRC they were carrying very little to begin with, so I don't think that was the issue.

Will test again later after work.
The concept is that the robots have a literal self-destruct to keep them from being captured and re-used against the original force.
Riding... impossible, why?  We have vehicles, which are actually a hell of a lot harder than riding a mount.
It's certainly a valid feature request, I suspect the problem is the internal furnace code bypasses the normal eating code, which knows how to handle liquid charges in containers.
This is more of a feature suggestion than a bug report, since the internal furnace is working as intended as far as I can tell. Pick an item, eat it; that's what it is advertised as and that's what it does. It would be neat if we could use the internal furnace to burn fuel like that, perhaps even going so far as to be able to drink gas/diesel from a vehicle faucet.
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Yeah, this was getting ridiculous...
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