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The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« Last post by RipRoarinBoogerPenis on Today at 06:30:22 PM »
Ran into a weird bug, when I goto a new overmap it's like straight wilderness. No roads save for a single 4 house little town in the middle of nowhere. Ran into a hotel with no roads leading to it as well. I had gotten some debug message when trying to start a game "invalid terrain "farm_3_north" in overmap special "Farm_wild", I deleted that overmap special specifically and I could play. Not sure if that fucked my maps or not.

Also on a side note, really enjoying your PRM play through on youtube, haven't finished it yet but hope you keep it up. I like hearing about the game mechanics instead of typical youtuber lol so randumb screaming. Keep it up fam love your work!
nothing skill related seems to be hard capped.  or soft capped.

i have a difficulty test of 90 on one of my 'enemy' spawners because of the way it works.  its a bullet that will spawn a momster adjacent to your location and it tests for your skill and for.your faction alignment rather than the monster it belongs to.

when the test was put at 10 a high level survivor could pass it and the newly spawned mon would be the player faction
Other Games / More survival roguelikes?
« Last post by Inconspicuous on Today at 06:06:46 PM »
Are there more survival roguelikes out there? The only ones I know of are C:DDA and Wayward. Just curious.
You can mod out solar panel by increasing its "epower" value in vahicle_parts.json.

I've found it's better to increase the fuel value of batteries, since that handles the storage side of it too - it's no good to have a solar car that charges all the way up during the day and runs itself dry at night with engines + headlights. On that:
 - Electric, gas, or both should be viable options for cars. Electric is quiet, gas is fast to fuel. It seems like the weight of storage batteries prevents their use in small, quiet scout vehicles and the inability to make a proper solar field for something larger basically squeezes electric cars out of any niche until you have a dozen quantum solar panels to use. Enabling proper hybrid-electric cars would probably help a lot here.
 - An auto-pulp option for corpses would be nice, or even just a more clear map view of still-viable corpses. After a big fight it's annoying to wander around with the 'V' menu looking for all of the corpses scattered about.
 - Increased power and resources should be seen as a way to present new choices or unlock new options, not something in need of nerfing. As a pair of examples, dealing with excessive player armor by letting hulks and brutes throw them for damage anyway is good. Dealing with unlimited solar power by making UPS charging stations 10% efficient is not - it just makes the process more annoying and doesn't enable any new interesting interactions.
Honestly, everyone thank you all so much for all the help! I've got another problem now, though...

I can't stop making stuff!

I've already added three different types of Boltgun round and made it all work! I love this!

Hmmm. I wonder if there's a way to make a flame thrower that takes another kind of fuel (promethium), burns for a while and sets enemy's on fire and be unable to put it out...
It's basically as Gio says. Fish from fishing or fish trapping are drawn from the nearby creature pool. If you don't see fish in the area, you won't catch any fish. Basically, the trap/fishing rod picks a fish at random, decides if you catch it or not, kills it, and deposits it's body at your feet. *snipped rant about attempts to mod fishing system*

My advice: Also as Gio says, look for fish appearing on the bank of the river. Also, use a bow/crossbow/.22 or try to corner them in the shallows with a melee weapon. You'll get more reliable "catches" and use less time that way.
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« Last post by pisskop on Today at 05:53:37 PM »
just looking, but is it possible that the Korean lamguage patch isnt handling the new location names well?  they wouldnt have a dox file
I remember when cooper first came out I had me a solar powered death train!

forget about zombies, it could crush cities, it was hilarious... ahh the good old days

now we are practically limited to building what amounts to a light tanket, what is wrong with the world when you can't build a moving sky scraper when you want to!

and don't tell me its not realistic! its already been done, behold 7000tones of rolling death to zombie kind!
It was enough to spoil the fuel efficiency tests until it was locked down, and I'd guess it would be quite significant if you compared an empty vehicle to an identical one stuffed with a survivor-load of miscellany.  If you compare with and without a handful of items, I would expect the effect to be infentesemal.
"My problem? Do you want to know My problem?"

The voice sounds very irritated at whoever replied. They must have noticed the fact that the voice was different.

"Fine. I'll tell you my problem, on one condition."

There is a short pause in the broadcast. You can hear... Something in the background. Almost human, but not quite. It's to faint to make out what it is completely.

"Oh crap."

The voice is suddenly a lot more quiet, and you can tell they're terrified. In the background, you can hear a dull thud. And another. And one more. Someone's trying to break down the door.
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