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The encumbrance can be a bit problematic on the eyes and mouth, since stamina will drop quickly when running and fighting and won't really recover unless you stand still and wait. Eyes will increase dispersion with ranged weapons and might drop perception to an amount where land mines can't be detected, and the sight radius as well.

For the head at least, not counting the eyes and the mouth, you're better off with the heavy survivor helmet with leather and kevlar padding.
I was discussing earlier how to make a bigger fridge and I thought that I never have read anything regarding powered furniture.
And searching on the forum only found a post from last year saying that it will be done eventually.

So any new updates regarding powered furniture?

And how hard would be to implement it?
i didnt know you could wear just the helm.

but it has superior armor to virtually anything else at the cost of a lot of encumbrance
Unless some dedicated coder came out of the heavens and offered to implement this, it's just unfeasible.

Time to pray to the heavens to bring us a dedicated coder.
Is there any point in wearing the power armor helmet without the suit?
Make sure they are set to actually pick things up. The "what to pick" and "do pick things at all" settings are separate so that you can turn it on and off without clearing the rules.
Riding... impossible, why?  We have vehicles, which are actually a hell of a lot harder than riding a mount.

The entire game assumes one critter per tile. This would require reworking a lot of functions just to allow multiple critters per tile, which would be a lot of work even before the optimization to ensure this rare edge case doesn't drop the FPS by 20%+.
It's not impossible per se, it's just something that would take a ton of work. Unless some dedicated coder came out of the heavens and offered to implement this, it's just unfeasible.

Unless it was implemented as a hacky mess that would cause a lot of extra work in the end.
The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Re: Emp Vs Robots
« Last post by Alec White on April 27, 2017, 10:21:17 AM »
The concept is that the robots have a literal self-destruct to keep them from being captured and re-used against the original force.

Damn. Gotta love paranoid engineers.

And now I'm having FO4 flashbacks of dying meleeing robots.
I find a rm20 autoshotgun which is a useful gun. It has good damage and has 4 round burst. When it shoots all ammo, I will make a makeshift autoshotgun.

edit: my former NPC was melted by a passing by spitter at night. Then I saw Toby Burtz. He was afraid of my halligan bar and resisted my taming attempt! And took all cash cards from my trunk! I made him a bone needle, and name it Toby Burtz.
patch 7 : there is no additional contents. insert credit in tiles.png, and remove experimental hairmod. also cropped tree.png for performance.

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