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Yea no doors are deadly in cdda.

Dont.  just dont.  you will get wrecked.

the real shame is that the timing is a little weird to weaponize it, but monsters also take damage from doors.  Only once though, since they only have the one body part.
I have to say that being a psychopath who is perfectly happy to always be drinking your own fucking blood sounds like a feature, not an exploit.
First off, I'm dating myself here, but I started out on a 386 or a 486. Dayumn.

Secondly, it is clear that the OP has at least Electronics 4+ IRL.
I came in here all ready to be like "fuck the man keep using it use it harder!" because I'm Chaotic Neutral in real life, but then a quick glance at their C&D letter and I think just changing its name to Vacutainer (R) would probably meet their usage guidelines? At a glance, anyway.
*reads* Well, I had no idea vacutainers was even a real life thing, much less a registered trademark. This game is good advertisement for them, honestly! Since I only knew what it was from playing the game. I can't understand IP laws and protection of 'interlectual' property. hopefully we can evolve to a post copyright society, maybe when the robots take over
Okay, apparently screencapping is no problem if I run the game windowed. It's just my default mode of running the game is running it in full screen with a custom Pandora station serving as a "soundtrack" in the background. Anyway, here is what Dr. Boyce looks like, her @ screen, and what she's wearing. The only thing that's not self-evident is the +s on the weapons, so: the H&K UCP is suppressed, the carbine and two rifles are shoulder strapped onto her, and the battle rifle has an extended magazine.

She also carries a combat knife (which you can't see in the inventory screenshot) and a collapsed riot baton (which you CAN see in the inventory screenshot) as weapons of last resort, but has yet to encounter or be able to build any sheaths or holsters so all excess weapons besides the ones strapped onto her are presumably in her lab-coat pockets. Hopefully if I ever encounter a skeletal dog again, whipping out the baton will make for a less painful experience (it's hard to imagine a MORE painful experience). I just assume that skeletons in this are less invulnerable to bashing weapons like in many, many other games, I've never actually tested it out.

Edit: I just noticed that she's still not wearing any pants, lol. It's not a sex appeal thing, she just literally hasn't had time to replace the Cargo Pants that were torn apart by the skeletal dog that ate her legs. So yeah, the proper depiction of her is indeed a labcoat but no pants.

Final Edit: How many peeps are in line ahead of me, if you don't mind?
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Coolthulhu's patches
« Last post by Coolthulhu on July 23, 2017, 10:20:35 PM »
Are you going to expand this for other things

At the moment just common sense quality of life stuff and making sure that experimental changes aren't forced before they're ready.
If you have any other cases where "working as intended" is not good enough, I can include those.

I'd like to add more player info displays: current painkiller value, radiation, hunger, thirst etc. - stuff that a good player can figure out already, but a new player will struggle with. Some of those might be halal in master branch, if I avoided displaying the exact numbers.

Later on I'm thinking map memory. One incredibly useful feature in any loot-heavy game that DDA lacks.
Now, map memory as an idea by itself isn't controversial, but my implementation would most likely be - I'd like to make it truly useful, by allowing searching the memorized items and not obscuring anything.
Yes, my acceleration (and deceleration) was 3 MPH which was more or less expected running on half the engines I found the tank with. That I couldn't really bitch about. I found the performance of the tank's heavy duty frame and military composite plating armor very disappointing, however. I should be able to drive through fucking buildings with that mother without it taking much more than a scratch based on my (admittedly, not encyclopedic) knowledge of real tanks. And I did park inside a house once, but the damage then tank took to its armor and frame seemed ridiculously disproportionate to actual physics. Tanks are built to drive through buildings. And not just MBTs.

I wish I could remember exactly how Sgt. John Ennion died. I know that he lived, I know that he was a combat cyborg, I know that he loved his tank probably more than entirely appropriate, but I can't remember how he died. Probably something to do with the tank's underwhelming armor.
Can someone point be at a vehicle construction guide?  I've played for over a year and this run is really the first time I've ever done more than just patch up a car temporarily.  Thanks!
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