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Does an grenade or mininuke manhack explodes when you just Directional EMP on them or they just simply fall down? Those Zombie grenadiers are IMO much more dangerous than hulks.

Last really serious character I had died to grenade hacks. Had never seen them before, was breezing through everything up to that point and then... *BOOM*

Up to this point I've mostly dedicated myself to melee builds - but after that it's clear that any character reaching mid-game needs to pick up some serious ranged ability to pick off those little bastards, which are IIRC, also incredibly hard to hit. Maybe some EMP grenades are the best answer...
Paul Blart Zombie Mall Cop.

It took two weeks of constant vigilance to keep the rotters out of the mall and clear it. I have hunkered down in the movie theater concession stand. Looting to my hearts desire. Not much in the way of real food but there is more junk food than I will ever need. As soon as the horde was destroyed I started regular patrols around the exterior. I found plenty of busted up vehicles including one semi that looked like I could get running.

It appears that there is a vault town directly to my north, I am very wary of the place as hordes constantly cut through the patch of swampy forest that separates it from the mall and attacks me while I fix up this big rig. I know it is full of great loot but it is also full of big nasty Zeds and the ever present horde below.

I took a 10 day trip down the road with my running semi. The first real find was a massive battle, it appears a group of cartel drug dealers ran up against a army detachment guarding some scientists. There were no survivors but it did let me upgrade my armor with some decent gear. Same with the people that have joined me. I armed them all with some custom armored leather jackets army pants, pads, combat boots, basic armor and spears. They are effective but I am better, armed with an ice axe and slightly more armor.

After 6 or 7 days of driving and looting we came upon a big city. I might move here into one of the public works buildings on the outskirts. Still unsure. Took me 2 or 3 days drive to get back to the mall. Rich in loot I took a couple weeks to upgrade my gear and my comrades and tear apart a near by APC. I spent many a sleepless night welding and cranking on my big rig. I enclosed the trailer hitch area and armor plated the front. If I can find a big enough crane I will slap some armored wheels on it too. Not sure what to call it right now.

Took a couple days but I was able to load most of my necessary hoard into the big rig I am heading out in the morning after I cram a bunch of bionics into my self.
Folded plastic bag?
Switching back to just smashing corpses does make quite a difference. The huge time sink for butchering was really costing me before - didn't realize just how much.

Now I've got a ninja crawling more comfortably into the early-mid game, cleared out most of a mid-sized town which finally gives me a relatively safe/stable area to work in, even if occasional mobs come wandering through that I have to deal with.

First set of light survivor gear mostly in place, and working on refurbishing a security van so that I can load up crafting supplies and move out to another town sometime in the summer most likely.

I really like how leather and kevlar retain their value as semi-rare crafting components for a much longer span of time. Overall the crafting system now seems to present a much more gradual progression from scrounged ill-fitting clothing/trying not to freeze to death, to decent layered clothing, to actually using piecemeal armor and then on to simple survival/nomad pieces over the course of around two seasons, depending on how you prioritize development.

Previously clothing would just rain from the sky, and the basic armor values of regular gear you'd find would easily carry you straight into the first survivor sets - all you really had to do was hole up in a building and read/practice for a couple weeks without really doing much else because the components were so easy to get. Much more interesting now.
No problem at all, we very much want to add the kind of content that's being discussed here, but haven't gotten around to it.  More discussion is always welcome though, especially when it brings up new ideas like this one has.
I have not seen this happen in a long while. I'm so glad. but then again, I dont let any npc's use guns anymore. ever.
The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Bases and NPC crafting
« Last post by Maarberg on November 02, 2017, 04:27:16 PM »
I'm super excited for this mod. Its what I've really been wanting from C:DDA.

When I started playing video games back in the 90's their was a game about Japanese warfare. the first 10 levels where you as a samurai fighting other samurai. Each level was harder with more enemy's. Every one died in one hit. Including you. Then you took over an area and now you were in charge of a group of samurai. After conquering the surrounding area (about 15 levels) you then began your fight to conquer all of japan and become Emperor. Games with this pattern are so much more interesting to me. I could always see how easy it would be for C:DDA to have this but it wasn't their. Your mod feels like its going to fill in the gap. Thank you for reaching, to create this.
I bring 2 with me early game, and keep 4 in my car.

Easy to craft, easy to drop and replace.

Carry a folded plastic bag and a few towels everywhere.

The list of crap I always carry is actually kind of long.

- Skittles for days: aspirin, painkillers, first aid, bandages, eye drops, multivitamins, adrenaline, Dr Stem, cocaine
- 1 molotov and 1 smoke bomb, optional manhacks
- 2 weapons
- some pebbles and a sling
- folded plastic bag
- poncho or umbrella or towels
- rubber hose
- lighter
- thread or splintered wood

amoung other things
Always gotta bring a towel with you, until your gear is all waterproof at least.. I usually still carry one after that, but have been leaving it in the truck just because I don't seem to ever need it with the gear I'm wearing. It's good for if you get slime or whatever on you too.
Is the malus increasing? If it is, then you're still getting wet. The other way to test what's happening, as has been suggested, is to activate a towel to dry yourself of (removing the malus) and then seeing if it comes back.

There's a chance you might be in a damaged tent.
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