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Disposal is easy. Burn with flamethrower, or run over in a car.

Utilization is slow.
I now plan to make a separate build item for chainsaws as surly a chain saw would be much faster than any axe.
Disposal is easy. Burn with flamethrower, or run over in a car.

Utilization is slow.
pks mod should make it available for midgame characters if you can find the books or powerlevel.

at 2 cooking you can craft flavored mutagen with blobs or tainted tallow, ammonia, and whatever themed item the flavor requires
I'm sharing a new save with a friend so we can play parallel universe characters. Is it possible to force the map to generate so that more of the world will have the same items, etc.?

Put the save folder on a shared drive, mount it locally, and coordinate to ensure you aren't playing at the same time? Alternately, keep it stored remotely and download a local copy before play, then upload afterwards. More of a hassle that way, though.
 Another option would be to have one of you set up a server and the other play remotely.

I did this with my friend: we had the map saved to the local drop box folder in each of our machines, which would then update any changes made on an identical map stored on a drop box server. Any changes I made to my local map (when saved) would be reflected on the one hosted by drop box and then subsequently to my friend's locally saved map, effectively allowing us to play on the same world at the same time.

For visual aid, a change would look like this, starting with a change to my map:
Game(me)  >  LocalMap(me)  >  SharedMap(dropbox)  >  LocalMap(friend)  >  Game(friend)

All we had to do was not cross reality bubbles and auto-save semi-frequently to insure an identical map. This allowed us to visit places where the previous person was not too long ago, including player bases.
If it doesn't say "pulped", even if the name is no longer in yellow, they can get back up.

Basically, sometimes, when you've been away a while and come back, some of the corpses may not be pulped, but they lose the yellow label.  Also, sometimes when you kill stuff (especially low HP stuff, like child zombies or skeletal dogs), you do enough damage to get the corpse to "pulped", but it stays yellow.  This last one is fixed if you smash another corpse on the same square, but they aren't eligible for smashing alone.

Pretty sure that the yellow color means it is active. If it's not yellow then the only way it could get up would be necros. If it is pulped, it shouldn't be able to rise, even if it stays active.
When resources are scarce I usually use splintered wood to start a quick temporary fire (that is, after any junk I may have).

Also, if you need a fire for cooking, or anything else, in a batch that may take a long time, you only need the fire to initiate crafting. After that, the fire could go out in the middle crafting and it will still complete. This is kind of an exploit, but it saves fuel.
For both the disposal of and utilization of trees, it takes a long time to chop them and their trucks in bulk.

It takes my character 30 minutes to chop down a tree and then 1 hour for each trunk, I am just about as late game as you can get with post alpha and a myriad of installed bionics along with the ability to craft just about anything I could ever need... so why can I not find a better way to cut wood than using just a wood axe? I made a chain saw hoping that it could fell trees faster, but it take just as long as the wood axe.

The reason why I am asking is because I am making a large static base after an entire game of being nomadic and I need a lot of logs and planks.
The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Re: Wilderness life
« Last post by jacob.exe on October 31, 2017, 11:30:16 PM »
Recipes are the main reason why I don't do wilderness, no-city, scenarios. I find it annoying that a large portion of recipes I will never learn unless I happen to find a corresponding book, regardless of my level in the needed skill. Books in these cases are just not practical enough to rely on.
Are mutagens midgame contents? Or endgame? How can I know if im ready to use them?

If you have robust genetics, you can usually get away with dabbling a bit even in the early game, if you happen to find some.

If you have more purifier than mutagen, you can try some pretty safely.

Serious mutagen usage (like trying to break a threshold or getting a fairly tailored set of mutations) is usually considered late game, as it generally requires lots of supplies, high skills, lots of time, a chem set, and a safe place to get strung out.
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