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let's not forget for starving/satiation two things:
1. satiation is not a thing, it's a feeling, it's a concept we come up with to invent things, stomach is empty, you're not sated, stomach isn't full, but is partly full with easy to digest food, that's sated.
2. starving and fatness, people are FAT as a rule these days, no one has to hunt and kill their food anymore, some people do, but it's because they like to, it's 100% unrealistic for starvation to be possible in under around a month and a half.

i've fasted personally for weeks, you ignore an empty stomach long enough and it gives up and stays quiet again, at least for some more time, willpower is the only limiter there until starvation becomes realistic.

if i'm entirely honest, the game at current really pushes it with calorie intake at the moment, i've not actually starved to see how badly it is recently though to be honest, but if you're pushing for slaked and well fed, you're probably eating 3-8+LBS of food a day, AT LEAST!
here's a thought, automatic locks, when the car moves above a certain speed say 5-10mph the doors lock on their own but can be overridden by the controls, while engine off and stationary for a few turns they get flagged to lock next time they shut.

also, key fobs and key chains with the typical remote and proximity locks, could even be a biometric keychain CBM which could allow you to track more than one vehicle at a time provided you have the keys stored in it's memory.
there's a lot of cool ideas that spring to mind thinking of stationary drive trains, rotational energy could be a nice way to kill zombies and other stuff someday.
or conveyor belts and the like even, a cooking area with conveyor belts moving food around.
I guess you could chalk it up to the portals messing up the weather patterns.
But I'm pretty sure it's just the weather for New England, being early spring and all.

makes sense, yeah, i've been starting out in fall lately and it seems a lot more regular as far as rainwater goes, all the human corpses being gone already kinda sucks though so will probably switch back.
thankfully just learned how much food is nearby if you make a shovel and harvest datura, never bothered to check before, those will be a substantial amount of moderate work food for early on.
i meant the shapes, not the materials.

basically, the reason i ask, is because from using the vehicle construction system it becomes clear that parts of the same materials but different shapes are not identical (it was a while ago, but i recall at one point having to use specific shapes to get a non-jointed two tile hand cart vehicle versus one with a swivel joint in the middle) and seem to behave differently and i've looked everywhere i can think of but i can't find any actual data about what the shape of the frame changes.
got a must fix for you, wouldn't magazine type batteries break battery system CBM, or are we assuming you can vampire the charge out of the magazine somehow?

also, that extra keypress to reload would REALLY suck, some way to keep it still universal at least as far as reloading would be best.
set the whole forest on fire at once in a glorious blaze, oh wait, this isn't don't starve.

i have wished that was more realistic to do in cata though, damn weather always seems to put it out.
if you're playing with vehicle additions keep an eye out for tank tracks too, they're heavy as fuck, but worth the effort and redundancy once installed, why worry about 4 wheels when you can have 6 tracks on each side of your vehicle.
Slime pits imo are easy to clear out

they are indeed, it's still a first good stop for training right out of the box, if one's around as you'll almost always get surrounded.
still, don't underestimate being surrounded entirely, especially very early on.
Right, right, right. Figured it out on the gunpowder and casings side.

First line: "handgun" type ammo, and by extension SMG ammo. The ammo here is placed on the line, partially based on primers used. Only partially, as there's some exceptions, namely .454 and 5.7mm ammo, as those use rifle primers. On the other hand, the .454 is used on the Taurus Raging Bull, which is a handgun, and the two guns that use 5.7 ammo is a handgun and a rifle. There's also the .22 ammo which uses no primer.

Next line is rifle ammo. With the handguns taken care of by elimination most other bullets use rifle primers.

Last line is shotgun ammo. Normal shotgun ammo, then .410 bore, and signal flares.

They're all arranged alphabetically. For now, at least. Might rearrange things based on damage done of the most common ammo of the ammo type in question, but for now I'm satisfied.

I'll still have to arrange other ammo types. Left out Rivtech ammo from the current setup, since I'll group them together (8x40, 20x66, and 5x50).

Aside from that, I'll just have to figure out how the other ammo types should be arranged.
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