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Human cuisine. Any idiot NPC wielding a chunk of steel threatening my survivor with the Saiga 12, any fresh corpse that can be found. Anything goes. Turning them into soup is nice, especially when canned since you can bring a fair amount when exploring. Of course, soylent green shake also makes a nice drink since it has a fruity flavor to go along with the protein slurry, and it won't rot. While making the means non-perishable is nice, cooking some perishable stuff is nice for variety, especially when it's winter and there's less problem about food going bad.

Of course, non-human food isn't out of the question. My survivor needs some variety in her diet, and it would be boring to eat the same thing over and over again. At so late in the game, my survivor can afford the luxury of drinking anything good that's just not plain clean water.
Salvaged meat pie.
Exactly as it sounds salvage anything edible from rotting meat by dehydrating it get some buckwheat flour and toilet water and you have yourself a perfectly edible meat pie.

Personally I think giant spiders should be eggsterminated.
My character has 14 str and 12 dex. No recipes for wooden shield, yet. I guess I'll raid another city first.
Any suggestions on the skills/weapons/armour that might allow me to confidently take on a Zombear in melee?

I currently have a fire axe, nomad gear and a survivor helmet. I can craft most decent clothing by now (I have 6 tailoring - can easily grind it higher) and all the forging/welding equipment I could need.
How strong are you? An option would be to have a large wooden shield as well as an axe so you can block its attacks.
A place to share your favourite yummy treats to sustain your haggard, hollow-eyed avatar through the endless struggle against death.

My personal favourite, at the moment: Spider Soup!

Once you can safely clear a whole basement of spiders without fear of damage, your food supply is sorted for months. Not only is it fun to endure the psychological torment of a twitching, shrieking blackness, writhing with eyes and legs, but you can then enjoy plunging your hands into some corpulent sacs of oozing insectoid excrescence to find... spider eggs!

Now these aren't for eating raw, that would be weird! No, first you must dehydrate them into powdered eggs. This, in turn, can be turned into broth. Then, using the meat of the chittering hordes you just dismembered (you can dehydrate this too) you can craft four portions of meat soup.

That's right: 10 powdered eggs (2/5ths of a spider egg) nets you four portions of meat soup, worth 160 nutrition. Almost an entire day's worth of food! In theory, a haul of 20 eggs should supply you with meat soup for about 50 days. That's almost a year, in Cataclysm.

The only ingredient that isn't available from the basement itself is salt-water, easily purloined from your local bog - a trip to the fetid marshes is nothing compared to the memory of bloodied mandibles champing in vain against your back as you sever yet another leg from a newborn spiderling!

The Recipe:

Step 1: Spider basement = spider eggs (20-30) + meat chunks (50-80)

Step 2: Dehydration = powdered egg (500-700) + dehydrated meat (50-80)

Step 3: One portion of broth = 1 water + 5 powdered egg + 2 salt water

Step 4: Four portions of meat soup = 1 broth + 5 powdered egg + 2 dehydrated meat

Result: With minimal resources and only slight psychological scarring, you can turn each basement (20-30 eggs) into enough food for 50-75 days!

Take comfort, as you drink your dehydrated foes, in the knowledge that you killed all the spiders. That crawling inside your mind is only the memories trying to burrow out. Only the memories...
General Discussion / Re: Inconspicuous trait question.
« Last post by EpsilonShadow on August 21, 2017, 01:22:40 PM »
Inconspicuous cost 1 point and I already got Light Step.

The point is I really like the idea of inconspicuous characters. Like some scared teen who can just blend into corner in fear while zombies pass by or to hide in the fridge while they lurk around.

I think this game need more alternative methods to survive in cities.
The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Re: Churl Start?
« Last post by Fris0uman on August 21, 2017, 01:19:00 PM »
Find a Motel, They seem to be somewhat common outside of city and you get everything you need in terms of wood, water and rags in them. (I did my run with city slightly further appart so it mght have made things easyer)

And as far as books are concerned find yourself some NPC to read to you, if you have wander spawn off then i don't know.
General Discussion / Re: Inconspicuous trait question.
« Last post by NuG on August 21, 2017, 01:13:37 PM »
How many points did inconspicuous cost? I like to take light step and weak scent, which makes it a bit harder for monsters to detect you (from scent and sound at least) I guess, making you a bit less inconspicuous. It sounds like those two are what you want and the inconspicuous trait wasn't actually doing anything for you from the other replies here, so maybe give those a try.
General Discussion / Re: Inconspicuous trait question.
« Last post by Noctifer on August 21, 2017, 01:06:18 PM »
I so thought the same but then I red upon it's function when it's removal was proposed.

It is unlikely will return in name but maybe in spirit. A trait that allows for monsters to notice you less just by virtue of it's existence would be neat.
General Discussion / Re: Inconspicuous trait question.
« Last post by EpsilonShadow on August 21, 2017, 01:02:49 PM »
It really does not make any sense. I thought it was supposed to lessen chanses that monsters will notice character. Something similar to Light Step trait.

I hope some day Inconspicuous will return as it should be. Description sound very useful and it's sad it does not work as described.
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