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The Vault [Fallout Game]
« on: August 30, 2015, 03:39:06 AM »
The world has turned into ash and a cess pool of radiation. Through mankind's self-hatred, they used their most advanced weapons to preform mass genocide to their species and the rest of Earth's less intelligent ones. While some were doomed on the surface, a few were spared underground. Many thought they were safe in the vault. But no. They are very wrong.

Hello, this is my attempt to make a Fallout Vault RP game. The Vault's number will be voted upon the players and the experiment will be random. The vault will slowly build up to the tipping point of anarchy as said Experiment becomes more life-threatning.

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Once your character dies, you can make a new one immediately. Meta gaming is not allowed.
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The vault will have some few basic locations for now, but as the RP progresses I'll RP more locations in.

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I may not to be here so long because of school, so the Overseer player can become the GM or someone else if the game is dead for too long. If I come back I will resume GMship. The Experiment cannot progress if I were gone, but other IC things that lead to Anarchy are accepted. For anyone to assume GMship the game has to be dead for one month, because I may have time to continue on the Weekends. All combat will be decided via dice rolls.

Have fun! : ) My alternate account is Vs. by the way. May GM from that one soon. Once the vault goes into Anarchy, the players can vote to continue to play a lawless post Apocalyptic Vault or make an entire new Vault RP. The cycle would never end. Two experiments run in the vault.

One is constant, while one is variable. The vault can never open is the constant. The variable is the random deadly experiment. Note that any major rules will be NPC'd if need be. This game is designed in a way that, if I were absent for a long time, it would not be a problem. Because GMship would roll around, so that the game can never really die at all.
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