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Virus Stand! [v1.4]
« on: September 19, 2016, 04:30:55 AM »

Hey! I am making a new game! You could say it's finished, but i still want to polish a few things.

You are an antivirus turret and your work is to dispatch all viruses coming your way. Bat files, infected DLLs, to huge executables. Destroy them all!

(click to show/hide)

By the way, the game screen is seriously small, as i made it to pass time in programming classes while hiding it in a corner just in case. It ended up being way too frantic to be played hidden and calmly, but from errors you learn i guess! You can make it bigger, though.
I hope you like it! Tell me any criticism, and please show me your scores in case you play! Pass my own score --38695. It took me a lot, but i hope you do better.


New version! With serious rebalancing, now it's way more fun and less bullshitty.
Also, a new enemy! Quite shy to appear though, but i swear it will be a fun and tough one to beat.

Old downloads:

It doesn't have music yet! I'll try to look for some musicians, but for now, imagine the virus explosions.

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