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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #30 on: January 10, 2017, 03:33:37 AM »
 Profession - Otaku

I'm actually not really into anime or anything. I am, however, very involved in cosplay and crafting of all sorts and felt the profession was a good match for that sort of thing. It's more relevant than the student professions or Lab Tech which could also apply to me.

- Stats -

Strength – 6
I’m not very strong or physically capable, but I can manage most day-to-day tasks just fine.

Dexterity – 8
I’m pretty good with my hands and have decent finesse. I’m no superhuman, but I’m slightly better than the norm. Sewing and precision work on cosplay and the like has helped me improve it. In terms of full-body dexterity, however, I don’t consider myself much better than the usual. On top of that, my hands get extremely shaky when I’m anxious, sometimes counteracting the clear-headed finesse.

Intelligence – 8
I’m no genius; there are many, many things beyond my understanding, but I’m very open-minded and I tend to learn things relatively quickly. I’m quite empathetic, good with crafty things, and am studying for a career in science, which, in terms of the gameplay mechanics, are all relevant to the stat. I feel that I’d have a sliver of an advantage in those areas, but probably not enough for a full point ahead of the average.

Perception – 11
Perception is really the only stat I’m exceptional with. My base senses are all quite effective, I’ve got a good sense of direction, and I tend to process things quite quickly as they happen.

- Traits -

[I go over the vanilla 12 point limit with negative traits, for the record.]


Chemical Imbalance
The trait is vague but it works as an equivalent to a variety of chronic, but minor conditions I have. Sudden bouts of pain, weird symptoms, and the like, are not at all uncommon for me. Even in generally good health I can suffer from some of these issues.

Fairly self-explanatory.

While I’m normally relatively stable, anxiety makes my hands really, really shaky to the point where they become very difficult to control.

I have a borderline alcohol phobia. I’m pretty uncomfortable around any substances that alter your inhibitions.

Meat Intolerance
For some reason, most meat doesn’t really sit well with me. I don’t really enjoy the taste of meat very much, regardless.

Mood Swings
I tend to have significant mood swings very often.

I’m not a violent person and wouldn’t really be good with any weapons – The only advantage I’d have in a fight would be a decent knowledge of anatomy and vitals. I get very guilty over hurting people and would generally be pretty awful at fighting both mentally and physically.

Weak Stomach
I have a few lovely gastrointestinal issues which lead to some pretty significant stomach problems. The symptoms are more severe than those in the game, but I can also take medication to help in real life.


Fast Reader
I just naturally read things really quickly.

Good Hearing
I have a very good sense of hearing. I can hear many soft sounds quite well, and can pinpoint them with a decent accuracy.

Though I’m not particularly strong, I can keep going for quite a while before getting tired, both physically and most certainly mentally. I have very good willpower in that regard and can keep myself going until my body outright refuses – which takes quite a while.

Insert obvious joke here. Seriously, though, I don’t really mind mild pain and exhaustion. I actually find it to be somewhat pleasant and exhilarating – It makes me feel more alive than sitting around comfortably. That’s all I swear.

I’ve always been pretty good with my sense of direction and navigation. I understand triangulating locations, how to use a map and other basic navigation skills quite well.

I’m not a trend-follower or anything, but I match the trait’s function quite clearly. Cute/fancy clothing easily pleases me and definitely makes me feel better.

- Skills -

Computers [3]
I can use them very easily and have a novice’s understanding of how they function, both in terms of software and hardware.

Cooking [3]
I’m pretty decent with cooking. I know how to bake a lot of basic foods which could come in handy. I’ve also know quite a few basic chemical reactions which make up part of the cooking skill.

Fabrication [4]
I’ve spent a lot of time making a wide variety of things out of simple materials. Cosplay, gifts for friends, tools—I’ve made a lot and have a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to, well, crafting.

First Aid [4]
Ever since I was a kid I’ve naturally been learning about first aid. An almost ludicrous amount of my family worked in medical fields and I learned a lot of small but useful pieces of advice from them. This led to an interest in first aid which led to plenty of study on my part. Paired with my interest in survival, it’d certainly be useful.

Speaking [2]
I’m not super charismatic or anything – I’m no sultry temptress, make no mistake. I am, however, very agreeable. I can maintain a false semblance of respect even with people I despise—Though outright lying is more difficult. I can read people quite well, and sometimes I’m taken to be far more gullible or socially unaware than I really am.

Survival [4]
While I’m no grizzled ultra-badass survivalist or anything of the sort, I’ve always had an interest in the environment and ecology which naturally pairs itself with survival. I’ve done a lot of research on the topic because of my interest in ecology and know quite a bit about backpacking, emergency first aid, safety, and the like.

Tailoring [2+1=3] (1 Bonus from Profession)
I’ve done a lot of work with cloth which pairs up nicely with my general crafts. I’ve worked on quite a bit of cosplay and such before and know how to make clothing, bags, and other accessories from scratch.

Ultimately I wouldn't do very well unless I quickly found a nice remote place to settle or had a group of people, in which case I could improve a base quite well, teach what I know, make various supplies and the like.

and honestly i sincerely doubt anyone would want to put up with me in the apocalypse
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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #31 on: January 10, 2017, 09:26:36 PM »
and honestly i sincerely doubt anyone would want to put up with me in the apocalypse

I wouldn't say that. I'd take you as a partner in the Cataclysm. Question is, if you're able to put up with me, ha. At least you'd have a big shoulder to cry on, if you get have one of your mood swings.

Insert obvious joke here. Seriously, though, I don’t really mind mild pain and exhaustion. I actually find it to be somewhat pleasant and exhilarating – It makes me feel more alive than sitting around comfortably. That’s all I swear.
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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #32 on: January 13, 2017, 10:04:46 AM »
Oh jeez, I remember filling something like this out a looong time ago on the forums, heh. This won't conform with the points, I'm going for accuracy here, man.

Profession: Preppy Student would most likely fit the best, even if it'd be a weird mashup of that and one of the survivalist professions, if only for the equipment, not the skills. This choice is mostly thanks to the opinions of my friends, because I'm mostly white, normally have money at hand, and like to dress semi-nice. The Adderall part also fits pretty well.


Strength: Eh, pretty average, I'd say an 8. I can overpower most people I know, but I dunno how strong they exactly are either, heh.

Dexterity: I'm gonna give myself a 9 on this one, if I'm being honest. Somewhat above average, I'd say.

Intelligence: Eh, 9 or 10. I get good grades, I read fast, whatever, man.

Perception: 10, I guess. Good vision, good hearing, I'm a very sensitive person when it comes to stuff like that.


Insomniac: It's a defining character trait of mine.
Jittery: I'm an anxious, anxious person, and under stress I shake like crazy.
Mood Swings: Not anything crazy, but yeah, I go from sad-to-happy or happy-to-sad all the time.
Languorous: I'm not out of shape, really, but I do get tired out pretty quick during strenuous labor.
Fast Metabolism: I get hungry often, and it seems to go nowhere when I eat tons. Sort of a good trait in day-to-day life, I suppose, but not exactly in the apocalypse.
Forgetful: Pretty self-explanatory.

Stylish: AW YEAH. Fancy, good-looking clothes make me feel pretty great. I'm hipster garbage.
Gourmand: I love food, and I can eat a lot. Sure helps me feel better when I'm down.
Fleet-Footed: Self-explanatory, I guess. Long legs from being tall.
Less Sleep: I get very little, and still usually function just fine.
Fast Reader: I can blaze through most books pretty fast.
Pain Resistant: Deep cuts and the like don't have much of an effect on me, and I've gone a while without noticing relatively small broken bones before.
Packmule: I always carry around backpacks and bags, and I can fit a whole lot into relatively small containers.
Spiritual: Not overtly religious, but I do believe, and am highly interested in all sorts of beliefs.
Masochist: BASICALLY WHAT ALOE SAID. If I mess up a knife flip and slice my hand open, I'm more excited than freaked out, kinda like "heh, cool, I get to wear a badass gauze wrap for the next week" than anything. Minor-to-mild pain's just kinda exciting to me.

Cooking: 1
I'm alright, but nothing special. I know the basics, and can whip up some quick stuff.

Survival: 2
I love hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, outdoors-y stuff and what have you.

Piercing Weapons/Cutting Weapons???: 1
I don't really know if I'd differentiate the two since I'm just talking about knives. I don't get into knife-fights or anything, but I'm a bladed item collector, and I can pull off tricks here and there relatively easily.

First Aid: 1
Some basic training here and there, and some hands-on stuff I've had to do for myself thanks to knife tricks.

Speaking: 2
I can talk things down whenever they're heated, and as long as we're talking normal not-that-stressful conversation and negotiating I'm pretty wordy and agreeable. If we're referring to stressful stuff, I'm kind of a mess.

Marksmanship: 2
I have alright aim when it comes to ranged weapons. I don't have a specialty or anything, but in my experience with bows, throwing axes, rifles, shotguns, and handguns, I've found I get the hang of it pretty well.
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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #33 on: January 22, 2017, 06:00:36 PM »

back in.

Ive noticed several trends in this threads character.  Namely masochistic.

I dont know if we're all defining masochistic the same way here.  What do you guys mean by that?

As in, how are you masochistic?

Real talk:
  -I mean, I go the the gym every day, running miles at a time, and sing while running to increase my heartrate and deprive myself of oxygen.
  -I have in the past purposely 'screwed up' in order to see the results and then have a greater task of cleaning the result up and then completing it properly.  It has on occasion taken hour to do.
  -I have gone through phases of ... I don't want to say 'self harm', because our society has an image of cookie cutter girls or razor blade boys, but I have taken pain and purposely excited it.  to feel the pain.
  -I get into radical moods wherein I torture myself about dark fantasies playing out.  Things where my fears and mental agonies are played out.  I dont lose the fight and the girl.  The girl deems me unacceptable for my fears and proceeds to rub it in.
  -My own kinks are, well, kinky.
  -I have, almost certainly, some ((currently (relatively)) small body image issues that accompany gymrats and fitness freaks, and will allow a narcissistic self-righteousness to fester.

But I didnt think so many people would aggravate their own pain in a way that approaches dependence and acceptance of it?

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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #34 on: January 22, 2017, 07:33:38 PM »
I'm not participating in stating myself, mostly because if I actually put down my intelligence score then people would get mad and offhandedly complain about people rating their own intelligence as being above average. We're already on an obscure forum on *the internet*, which automatically removes everyone with a below average intelligence from the posting pool. But whenever I get intensely bored, I tend to bide my time by hitting all the nerve endings in my arms and legs.

Dat feel when you find a good old wooden stick and hit all of your nerve endings to activate them. Then you get this whole body tingly sensation that makes everything feel so much better. Everything becomes so much more intense for a couple of seconds. Like even the wind suddenly becomes a source of pleasure if you hit all the nerves juuuust right.
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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #35 on: January 22, 2017, 10:18:40 PM »
Lab technician(ish) I never wear uniform at work unless in the lab so that profession with a denim jacket,hoodie,jeans and multitool

My profession is a pharmaceutical engineer at the moment but do some freelance web design after learning the fundaments of HTML and Python and I have had a large deal of unusual hobbies in the past


Strength: 9
-I actually have a slim build but am reasonably muscular

-I suffer from a benign essential tremor but am a adequate archer

Intelligence:8-10 ???
-my IQ is 114-126 I am unsure whether this is really relevant as I suffer from autism spectrum disorder which fucks with IQ to a extent but I intake written information quickly and am quick to grasp concepts which is basically intelligence in this game but am hindered socially and cannot grasp language skills as it took me longer to learn to speak fluently than most

Perception:7 (Due to what was stated above my ritualistic behavior and fixation on certain subjects destroys my perceptive abilities at times but I am fine when focused upon perceiving things)


Weak stomach
Truth teller

Glass jaw (martial art's is to blame for that)
(click to show/hide)

Animal empathy
Substance Tolerance
I can handle "TOTALLY LEGAL TOBACCO AND BENZODIAZEPINES" and "DEFINETLY NOT 2C-B" but haven't in a long-long time but am horrid with alchohol
Fast Reader
Enough said about this
Self Defence Classes
Kempo five years green belt and kick boxing one year
Parkour....Expert ????
Poorly named but I have performed parkour out of boredom and am capable of control jumping and scaling quickly which is primarily what is performed in this game
Scouts at the age of ten and had three teachers that were in the Irish military
Night Vision(ish)
I can see well enough in the dark of night however unlike this skill in the game indoors at night keeps me blind as a spalax
In the scouts...again
Mental illness trigger warning
(click to show/hide)


My profession is enough explanation as to how I would know how to make drugs and explosives with minimal effort as long as I have correct resources
First Aid:3
Scouts and need to have lab safety....if not the ability to treat a fuck ton of your own burns
Student of Kempo
Can hit a target at 30 meters consistently with a longbow unlike the player of CDDA
Used to drive a motorbike until I found recently my insurance costed five times the price of my bike
Although I cannot hack for shit I am pretty sure that I could infiltrate a PC with a USB stick and a linux distro as long as the BIOS have no password, if they do I am fucked
I did Woodwork and metalwork however cannot recall any of the teachings but it is similar to riding a bike right.......
My kempo training
Basic circuitry from fixing my equipment
I am only capable of a small amount of lockpicking but am extremely rusty
Bartering and Speaking:-3
social ineptitude is a bitch
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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #36 on: January 23, 2017, 06:10:58 AM »
Well, I might as well get on the fun..

Washed out Student
I dropped out of college over some rather strong disagreements with others. Getting an extremely poor education throughout my life(despite being a straight A student) left me ill-prepared for college. I didn't have the knowledge needed thanks to being in florida's ESE system.


Strength: 6
 - I'm very unfit due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Dexterity: 7
 - A combination of Aspergers and Tourettes means I often struggle with fine coordination, but I can handle a rifle decently.

Intelligence 11 - 14
 - I do algebra in my head and read extremely fast. I also learn new things considerably faster than most others.

Perception: 6
 - I spend nearly my entire life playing my favourite video games in my head.. So I tend to pay little attention to my surroundings.

 - Will randomly make a LOUD throat clearing noise [Noise 12]
 - Taps on objects/self
 - Puts things in his mouth involuntarily(causes minor damage to held objects)
 - Stress increases the chances of each of these things happening
Severe light sensitivity

Substance Tolerance
 - 60 mg of Adderal has the same effect on me as 10 mg on another person of my age and size.
Fast Reader
Night Vision
 - I'm in RCIA to become a Catholic. I'm also the kind of person that cries in church.


Cooking: 2
 - I took a culinary class. Enuff said.
First Aid: 3
 - CPR Certified. Have first-hand experience with supergluing my little brothers fingers back together after he learned knife safety the hard way.
Melee: 3
 - Practice HEMA as a hobby, so I know my way around swords. I'm not a good swordsman by any means, but I at least know enough to square an untrained dude with my Flamberge.
Computers: 2
 - Been around computers my whole life. I know how to fix them, run Linux, and manage networks. But I never learned how to code.
Electronics: 3
 - Summer of 2006, Red Ring of Death crisis. My dad took that as a crash course in teaching me how to repair electronics. Out of 10 xboxes, we only 'saved' 2. But hey, that's more than our rival across the block!
Rifles: 4
 - I'm a fairly competent shooter with a Remmington 700.

 - BOB
 - A Flamberge
 - 5 Cans of chili w/out beans
Prospects for survival:
Maybe 2 weeks. The fact that I own a Flamberge and know how to use it means I'm not dying on the first day lol. My actual cause of death is running out of food because I have no actual survival skills. And looting Jacksonville is totally out of the question because I'll just involuntarily give myself away to the horde of filthy bridge hobos that took over the city.
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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #37 on: July 27, 2017, 07:37:41 PM »
I'll try this out.
(Stealing evilexecutive's template, sorry.)

Probably the best "profession" I could think of atm.


Strength: 11+
 - I've been working out on and off for about 2 years, and I do martial arts (Wrestling, taekwondo, bjj, muay thai, etc.).

Dexterity: 10
 - I can put my palms on the floor on a hamstring stretch and contort my arms and legs in weird positions comfortably, as it helps with grappling.

Intelligence 13
 - Schools in Asia are as hard as you can get, i've always been praised by my peers and teachers (when I actually apply myself, that is.) and i'm constantly helping other fellow students in the classroom in pretty much all subjects (Except in math, which i'm not really that confident in.)
I've scored high marks all around (90+) in my ASVAB test, except for mathematics, which were average. I did best in science and L.A.
My SAT score is around 1100+, yeah yeah, low score. My math isn't really great.
I've taken IQ tests and got 134-181 as my scores. I don't trust IQ tests, as I think they're unreliable - but i'll still put it here if anyone cares.

Perception: 8
 - Average I guess, I have a good sense of direction and i'm good at looking at "the whole picture" of a situation

 - Runs in the family, my Dad especially.
 - I'm a bit absentminded at times.
Weak stomach
 - Sugar in the morning gives me the runs, so does excessive grease in foods.
 - Mild germaphobe, compulsive handwasher.
Poor Hearing
 - Tinnitus in my right ear
 - Kind of a walking zombie, but i'm used to it.
 - I have 20/75 vision, which is not horrible, but I still need glasses if I want to see the board in a classroom. I can live without them.
 - I have a low bodyfat percentage. I'm pretty veiny, so a papercut could kill me lol.
Bad Temper
 - I'm kind of a pessimist, and I don't expect much of people or a situation. Countless letdowns have left me this way.
Heavy Sleeper
 - I'm pretty sleepy most of the time, so once i'm asleep a meteor can hit the earth and i'll still be asleep.

Light Eater
 - I can eat two large meals a day and be perfectly fine.
Fast Reader
 - My reading comprehension and speed have always been high, and so much last minute studying has left me able to get through books getting the maximum amount of information with the least effort.
Light Step
 - Martial arts training has left me light on my feet, and I can easily sneak around if I wanted.
Fast Learner
 - I've always learned new things at an amazing speed if I apply myself slightly.
 - I can fit anything into my small backpack.
  - Fashion freak, Seoul is pretty big in fashion, and so am I.
Pain Resistant
 - I've dislocated joints at practice only to find out and set it back in place the next morning. I'm a no-nonsense type of guy to pain. I'm more prone to be like "Ah shit, that hurt." and fix it rather than mull over it. Also had eye surgeries with little more than two pills of tylenol.
Parkour Expert
 - I've trained with my friends and i'm pretty good at it.
Melee Weapon Training
 - Kendo
Martial Arts Training
 - Taekwondo, Judo
Self-Defence Classes
 - Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ
 - Not to excessively brag, but i've always taken care of myself, and doing this with my natural good looks has reflected this. Korean society is very vain, and basically your looks literally mean everything. (Reason why South Korea is really big into plastic surgery)
 - Kind of have to be, considering martial arts and all.
 - Kinda obvious. Plus, i've done cross country and long distance track.
 - Explosive power of my training + long distance running.


Cooking: 1
 - I can cook simple meals.
First Aid: 3
 - Plan on being a medical student, but I got a year before a head into a university. I've set dislocated joints, treated wounds, stitched up my brother and took classes in CPR.
Melee: 5
 - Practiced Kendo, did tournaments for a while. Also avid martial artist.
Unarmed: 5
 - I've trained in so many martial arts styles and i'm good at all of them except judo, which never really grew on me.
Computers & Electronics: 1
 - Been setting up computers, fiddling with programs, and I can say i'm decently tech-savvy since i've been messing with computers and electronics most my life.
Handguns & Marksmanship: 1
 - Recently started shooting when I get the chance to visit the US, it's pretty fun, not gonna lie. Also big gun nut, despite me not owning an arsenal I like them.
Survival: 3
 - Boyscouts + skinning things in a lab and in the field.

 - t-shirt, basketball shorts, boxer briefs, metal headband - (It's summer, and it's humid here.)
 - A |\ bokken (It's a bit old and beaten up)
 - NEO (Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations) supplies - Basically a BOB. (Food, Water, Clothing, Forms of I.D., etc.)
 - Military I.D. card

Prospects for survival:
Not good at all, despite all my martial training, i'm in the heart of a capital city, which doesn't bode well if a true outbreak occurs. However, the strong military presence here (North Korea is really close to us, go figure) would probably make it easier to escape as they're trying to contain the outbreak, not to mention that US citizens (me) get flown out if they're military (me) if any catastrophic event occurs (Nukes, natural disasters, anomalous portal rifts, zombie apocalypse).
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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #38 on: July 28, 2017, 12:45:14 AM »
I've opened two restaurants.


Strength: 9
I am just slightly above average.

Dexterity: 10
I'm quite flexible and have great reaction time.

Intelligence: 12
I.Q. 138 for whatever that's worth, gifted/ap classes all through school, almost eidetic memory, I read at 400wpm twice as fast as average.

Perception: 11
I'm the guy every one asks to find things.


Can't run half a block with out trying to die, but for some weird reason I can do 30 miles on a bike no problem.

Chemical imbalance
Depression sucks.

Heavy sleeper
I may have a hard time getting to sleep but once I'm there I'm dead to the world.

High Thirst
I am never without a drink... because I always need one.

Like I said I have a hard time falling asleep but once there...

Mood Swings
Bipolar depression sucks worse

Animal Empathy
I love animals and they usually love me.

Fast Learner
I have always picked things up quickly

Fast reader
400 wpm +90% comprehension.

I love food, even crappy food, but especially good food.

Light Step
I am pretty stealthy when I need to be.

Night Vision
I can see better in the dark than any one else I know.

I go out to my acreage once a weekend and play survivalist.

Pain Resistant
Constantly fucking myself up and it never really hurts.

I may not be able to run very far but I can hustle, its needed in a busy restaurant.

I am well practiced at navigation.

Skilled Liar
Is any of this true?

Strong Stomach
2 even 3 week old left overs don't bother me. I was raised on a diet of salmonella chicken.

Tough Feet
I walk around barefoot constantly.


I am a bit of a jack of all trades, I have picked up a little knowledge of a lot of things to enable me to survive in a dire situation.

Archery 1
Barter 1
Bashing Weapons 1
Computers 2
Cooking 6
Cutting weapons 1
Dodging 2
Driving 3
Electronics 1
Fabrication 1
First Aid 1
Marksmanship 1
Mechanics 1
Melee 1
Survival 3
Swimming 2
Tailoring 2
Throwing 1
Trapping 2

I can't smell, its called anosmia, I have had it from birth.


Yes I have these in my room right now.

Composite Bow
Leather Fedora
Long Sleeve Shirt
Bronze Plated Leather Armor
Leather Duster l\
Black Molle Pack
Pair of Steel Arm Guards
Cargo Pants
Waterproof Leather Galoshes
Wool socks
Long Rope
6 MREs
Entrenching Tool
Sleeping bag
Small Tent
Hunting Knife
Leather Belt

Closest approximation to what I have.

Under The Hood
Cucina Italiana
Close Quarter Fighting Manual
How to Succeed in Business
Pitching a Tent
Outdoor Survival Guide

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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #39 on: July 28, 2017, 05:02:15 AM »
Oh sweet, what food do you prepare?

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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #40 on: July 28, 2017, 03:10:26 PM »

hobo: had a job, looking for a new one.


str 10
dex 7
int 10
per 8


animal discord: dogs bark when I'm around.
light step
terrifying: ugly actually.
fast reader: I read fast.
indefatigable: I run and swim for exercise.
weak scent
good memory
lactose intolerance
scout: I don't get lost.
edit: add growling voice: when I try to act calm in situations, hah.


bartering: 3
bashing weapons: 1
computers: 2
cooking: 2
fabrication: 1
swimming: 3


tank top
leather belt
cargo pants
hiking boots
pair of metal tongs
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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #41 on: July 28, 2017, 03:28:42 PM »
Oh sweet, what food do you prepare?

One was a Fancy Irish Pub, the other was all about bacon, we cured, smoked, and sliced our own, had about a dozen varieties

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Re: You in character creation.
« Reply #42 on: October 30, 2017, 02:41:08 PM »
this is fun to read! putting this here so I get updates and I'll edit it to be my char once I have time, its gonna take a while and mostly be red but y'know, might be fun
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