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Tales of a Lone Sniper
« on: January 30, 2017, 04:32:01 AM »
Here is just a little story, this game is still ongoing so I might update it later if I don't die immediately.

---The day of the Cataclysm---

"What is going on down there?" The radio on Aliza's chest burst to life, she sat on the top floor of a garage complex, she was looking down the sights of her gun. Next to here was her spotter, Alex. They were watching over riots that were forming, apparently all sorts of things have been happening as of late which is causing the populace to get uncomfortable.

"Civil unrest, target is not in a clearing. Repeat, target is not in a clearing." Aliza said, the crowds were slamming themselves against a three layered shield wall that stretched the entirety of the street. She could see SWAT, military, and normal police officers. Their riot shields were ringing with the sounds of rioter's bodies and or heavy objects, such as bricks and rocks. Aliza clicked her tongue as she scanned the crowd for the rioter's leader.

"Any sights yet Alex?" Aliza said, pushing her blonde hair out of her face.

"Nope, only citizens and police... What the hell is even happening anymore." Alex said, he was having issues processing the events that have been happening in the past few days. Disease, riots, illegal operations...

"I don't know, Alex, but a job is a job, stay frosty. We need to take out their leader." Aliza said, she started scanning towards the back of the crowd. There stood a man fitting the description of their leader, he was waving his arm around and had a mega phone. "Sir," she talked into her radio. "I eyes on the target, firing in three, two... One."

There wasn't any noises, only the sounds of screams as the leader fell down on the ground, a direct hit to the throat... Aliza felt nothing as she watched his followers crowding around him, dumb stuck. Aliza lowered her rifle as she continued to stare at the crowd, the screams shifted, instead of sorrow it turned into fear. Curious, Aliza raised her rifle to see... The leader seemed to have been embracing someone, but then he pulled away revealing bright red blood smeared across his face as the follower stumbled back, falling on the ground, dead. The leader continued to bite the followers, killing them. She gasped as the first one seemingly got up and lunged into the crowds.

"Sir! We have a situation! Target should be dead, but he isn't going down!" She shouted into the radio, she shot the man again, this time in the jaw, shattering and shredding the part of his body. The thing just got up on both feet, his tongue touching his collar bone. "Sir! Repeat, we have what... I cant believe I am saying this... It looks like we have a zombie!" She shouted.

"I can vouch!" Alex said, taking a picture of the situation on one of his cameras and sending the image to the station. "Sir what should we do?"

"Get back here! The shield wall can handle themselves."

The duo got up and immediately ran back to the station, as the passed behind the shield wall they could see that the crowd turned into one of panic as people were being teared apart. They managed to get into the station by jumping in through the back door as they began to go into what seemed to be in a lock down.

They reported back to the captain's office, where he seemed to be under a lot of stress. "The entire world is going down..." He mumbled himself as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Sir, what is happening?"

"I don't... I don't know anymore." The captain said, he slammed his fists onto the desk as the police station got more noisy and busy. The shield wall has broke, and the horde that had formed is making their way to the station as we speak. The captain, much to Aliza's and Alex's shock, pulled a pistol out and ended his own life, his brains splattering on the wall.

"Jesus!" Shouted Alex as he ran out of the room in disgust. Aliza followed.

Later, as they were guarding the back door, where the cells were located, the sound of gunfire filled the entirety of the station as the horde broke through the doors and what was guarding the entrance. Alex gasped, and Aliza turned her head just in time to see several zombies ripping one of the officer's to pieces. "Holy!" Aliza shouted, they pulled their guns up and began firing at he undead horde as it filled the hall way, coming towards them like a wave of death. Aliza was caught off guard as Alex grabbed her clothing, and threw her into one of the cells, he slammed the door shut and engaged the lock.

"What the hell are you doing?!" She shouted at Alex, she pressed her face against the bars as he began backing up.

"Keeping you safe!" He shouted, Aliza backed up as the horde began to pass the bars, they were dead set on Alex. "Come at me!" He shouted as the zombies flooded the hall. Aliza felt a hand wrap around her jacket, a long skinless arm through the horde and through the bars, grabbed her and yanked her into the bars, causing her to pass out and go limp. The arm let go, thinking she died.

---End of the first day of the Cataclysm.---