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Roland the cannibal
« on: February 24, 2017, 05:12:57 AM »
Entry #1
  I'm kinda happy the world ended, I was an orphan with no friends, so i couldn't miss anyone in the first place! However, those zombies can have some really tough skin, and it doesn't taste too great either. Since I couldn't eat them without being poisoned, I simply tried to make them my slave.. that didn't work.
  I never considered myself as particularly crafty, but i seem to be doing pretty good right now; Made myself a nice comfy trench coat, so many pockets!
  Then, one day while I was exploring, I found my own corpse! I didn't question it, but instead ate it. Why not? It's obviously just a clone or something, right?
I was wondering why that zombie brute was getting bigger, then it hit me...
"Pfft, I have amazing armor; that shotgun wont kill me!" *Head gets blown off*
Game: Your Fedora is completely destroyed. Me: "I'm not going to kill you anymore, I'm going to TORTURE you!"