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« on: March 29, 2017, 06:06:03 PM »
Howdy everyone,

Long time player and lurker, hoping to get a few of you to come play another game with me!

ArmageddonMUD is a text-based multiplayer game that takes place in a medieval post-apocalypse.  It's a roleplay-enforced game, so you roll up a character, and you play as that character in the game.

Essentially, the game world is made up of rooms (Which have exits to the north, south, east, west, up, and/or down).  You navigate these rooms (of which are there an ABSURD number) and interact with items, players, NPCs, other objects, etc.

Armageddon MUD is heavily inspired by the D&D setting Dark Sun.  It takes places in a world called Zalanthas, a planet turned into a vast, harsh desert by ancient magic called defiling.  As such, magick (split into elementalism and sorcerery) is illegal in most places, and feared and hated in all.

The whole world is oppressed by some force or another: one of two sorcerer-kings; some local despot; or one of a few major Merchant Houses.  There are only two major city-states (Allanak and Tuluk), and two other major outposts (Luir's, which straddles the border of the northern and southern parts of the known, and Red Storm, which sits on the shore of the Sea of Eternal Dust).  The rest of the world is desert, scrub, mountain, waste, etc., and is dotted sparsely by small outposts, ruins, xenophobic tribal elves, tribal humans, nasty brutal Gith, and huge horrifying creatures of different types (not even a fraction are listen in the bestiary on the website).

The majority of PCs are "mundane" -- not magickal or anything.  There are 6 normal classes and lots of subclasses.  There exists 7 elementalist types (split into several sub-classes), a few sorcerer subclasses, and a psionic user class, but all are regulated via a Karma system (points awarded for roleplay, responsible use of power, interaction with staff, etc.), and a special application system.

There are 6 playable humanoid races (some restricted by Karma or Special App), the fantasy types differing greatly from what one normally expects (e.g., dwarves have no hair).  Another part of the grittiness is the social hierarchy, a lot of which revolves around race.  Humans are first-class citizens, while elves and half-elves scrape the bottom.  Half-giants are nothing but tools, dwarves are seen as stubborn but acceptable, and muls (half-dwarf-half-humans) are exclusively slaves or escaped slaves.  Racism between species is rampant.  Even among humans there is social stratification, making no-one particularly safe.

It's really a perfect game for someone who likes survival roguelikes, especially those of us that like to roleplay.  You gotta fight for food and water.  You have to navigate dangerous deserts, or equally treacherous cities.  It's permadeath.  At the end of the post I'll put a list of the characters I can talk about, and just briefly describe them and how they died, to give you an idea.  These characters span ~7 years, and about 2,000 hours of play.

If interested, I strongly suggest you start in Allanak (and not in the Labyrinth).  You'll encounter the least amount of danger right out of character generation, and have the greatest chance of getting involved in something neat.  That said, you do start in the Gladiator and Gaj, a notorious dive-bar.  Never know what kind of nasty shit could happen to you!

I'm also happy to help any fellow survivors get started, or answer any questions. :)

Please come play with us!
Armageddon runs at 4050

If anyone is interested in playing, you need a client.  I suggest MUSHclient.

Here's a link to a series of introductory documents:

If you do decide to play, below is a very helpful (albeit slightly outdated) post.  Don't let it intimidate you too much -- you don't need to learn everything in it.  If you dive right in, you'll catch on eventually.  Eventually it'll be like the Matrix -- you won't even see the text!

As promised, character list:

1) Feco - A house servant, and aspiring assassin. Ate by a giant bug.
2) Akale - A ranger, and hunter for the merchant house Salarr.  Was loosely based on Mr. Eko from Lost. Got in a fight with a gith raider while hunting, and was killed.
3) Nemilrer - A mutated elf-creature from the Labyrinth -- crime ridden slums in Allanak. Killed by a spice addict, for his boots.
4) Esstas - A sneak who made his living grebbing salt in the salt-flats. Was killed by someone in the waste via throwing knife. Never found out who. Suspect it was one of the Red Fang, a notorious tribe of elven raiders.
5) Swarthy - Aspiring silt sea pirate. Cut his hand on a poison plant and died.
6) Kaves - A very successful weaponscrafter and merchant. Had the opportunity to craft a metal weapon, which is unheard of. Got cocky and walked through a bad neighborhood. A hobo clubbed him to death.
7) Arlkadi - Red Fang raider. Retired.
8) Persapheen - Another aspiring silt pirate. Was clubbed to death by a mul, which is an unstable half-dwarf, half-human.
9) Thiel - A ranger and hunter. Rode off a cliff, and tried to catch himself on the way down too many time. Basically smacked rocks all the way down and died.
10) Ser - A burglar in the pocket of the Allanaki Templarate (the warrior-priests who run the show). Retired.
11) Enali - A stone magicker, gemmed (meaning he was a magick slave of the Allanaki Templarate). Got cocky, and fell down a hole into a nest of gith.
12) Tirden - Silt-sea explorer. Was eaten by a nasty, secret beastie.
13) Echas - A secret Tuluki water magicker. Was killed by a vicious creature called a Kryl.
14) Nem - A burglar, who stayed relatively unknown. Retired.
15) Athelmil - A wind magicker who (again) got cocky. Killed by a surprise sentient plant.
16) Thal - A gemmed stone elementalist. Retired to play a Templar role.
17) Kalakiin Rennik - A blue-robed Templar of Allanak. Got obsessed with ancient stories of void-magick, and did some stuff I can't talk about without spoiling. Retired.
18) Ramit - A half-giant hunter. Got ate by a beetle.
19) Amos - A crafty, mustachioed member of the Guild -- a secretive organization sort of like a street gang + the mafia. Vicious murderer, burglar, and racist. Was surprise attacked by a half-breed and killed.
20) Rakh - (Redacted)
21) Karlade - (Redacted)
22) Vorsing - A horrific, half-elf, tribal void-elementalist who lived exclusively in the cities, risking the wrath of the Sorcerer-Kings. Was amassing cult followers. Was discovered by a home-invader, captured by the Templarate, and summarily executed, in secret.
23) Detum - (Redacted)
24) Brundle - A half-giant hunter who worked for House Kadius, one of the major merchant houses. Retired.
25) Tantamar - A shadow magicker. Details redacted.
26) Rill - An Allanaki spy, sent to Tuluk to commit acts of terrorism. Listed on the history page, but not by name. Managed to infiltrate the Tuluki military, and climbed the ranks a bit. Routed a Tuluki battle-squad during a battle, and provided information needed for the eventual acts of terrorism.
27) Enthir - A fire-magicker that joined a rogue group of terrorist magickers. Was one of the last living members of the group, to my knowledge. Got ate by a beetle.
28) Khalid - A psionicist and aspiring raider. Got bit by a snake and died in agony.
29) (Redacted) These PCs have all existed within the past year -- so they cannot be talked about, at risk of ruining interesting ingame secrets and such.
30) (Redacted)
31) (Redacted)
32) (Redacted)
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Re: ArmageddonMUD
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2017, 08:47:52 PM »
Is the game purely text based? Or is it like cataclysm?
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Re: ArmageddonMUD
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2017, 11:21:17 PM »
All text!

You might be in a room like this:

Code: [Select]
Crescent Dunes [N, E, S, W]
   Tall crescent dunes arch to the northeast, each more than ten cords in
height, with one slope leading upward very slightly while the other plunges
down sharply. The dunes consist of light, almost slippery sand, liable to
cause the most sure-footed to slip and slide down the crest. The sun hangs
soundlessly in the sky above, sending its light and heat onto the sands.
The dark-skinned, blue-eyed man is standing here, looking tired.

In this case, you might be in the middle of the desert.  The rooms to the north, south, east, and west, indicated by the [N, E, S, W], might be similar.  You can look in those directions, move in those directions, interact with the room (e.g., forage stones, hunt (look for tracks), interact with the dark-skinned, blue-eyed man standing there (e.g., say Hey there, you look tired., kill man, watch man, etc.), or do some other number of things (like type "hide" to codedly hide, or "sneak" and then "north" to try to get away without the person there seeing you, and so on).

There are.... an obscene amount of rooms that make up the entire world.  They're roughly placed on a grid.  There are game mechanics to this, too -- moving between rooms in the desert takes stamina, monsters might me roaming, other PCs might be hostile, etc.  You have equipment, you have skills taken into account during combat, etc.

Everything has a description -- items, rooms, people, etcetera.  Eventually it's like the Matrix -- you don't even see the words.

The other thing is that there is color -- the example above doesn't do it justice.  The PC will be colored differently from the room description, the room name, and the exit list, among other things.

It takes some getting used to, but it's totally worth it!

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Re: ArmageddonMUD
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2017, 02:51:03 AM »
I had actually never heard of the MUD genera of games before and I looked it up after seeing this. Nonetheless, this seems really interesting and I'd love to look into it more.

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Re: ArmageddonMUD
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2017, 03:00:34 AM »
Here's a link that tells you how to connect:

Let me know if you have any problems, or have any questions!

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Re: ArmageddonMUD
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2017, 09:49:31 PM »
I saw this thread, gave the documentation a read (it's really, really good, the races and such all feel new and unique) then hopped in, having never played a MUD before.

The last 3 days have been a whirlwind of excitement, I have so many stories and have had such a great time so far. Trust me, if you like the roleplay aspect of cata, or have found yourself wanting to tell anyone that will listen about your weathered survivor's struggle to survive in the cataclysm, and how they were finally cornered and struck down, you are going to LOVE this game.

The playerbase is fantastic, the roleplay is high quality and the game itself is just beautiful. I'm 3 days in and I'm shouting its praises, go give it a try!

One warning: If you get easily addicted to games, stay far away. :) I'd just kicked my cata addiction and toned back to a reasonable amount, and now boy oh boy has Arma hooked me.

It's got a bit of a learning curve attached to it, but if you're playing cataclysm, you're probably not scared of your characters dying repeatedly, right? ;D