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Improving the situation
« on: May 06, 2017, 01:16:10 AM »
The devs has said that they have no plans to "fix" the broken world in this game, but I think having a mod that allowed some local means of "fighting back" would be cool to try out.

The first and easiest (and probably least game-affecting, really) would be a way close shimmering portal and possibly even fix the lesser versions of that.  I think that could be done quite easily with something in the construction menu, actually - shimmering portal to weak spot, weak spot to regular ground.  What it would take is a little weirder to contemplate... it seems like the sort of thing that would fit in RD's Arcana mod, actually.  I think I'll message him about it.

Next would be something to help with the fungus... now, just plain killing them all would be WAY too good, but perhaps some kind of "anti-fungus" monster - a creature that spits out anti-spores that de-fungalize terrain (with the same chance as the fungus has to fungalize it to begin with, maybe?) and/or mutually destroy spores, and maybe damage fungal creatures?  Or perhaps, some kind of local field that makes fungaloids hurt each other instead of being all on the same team... or just prevents all fungal-ization within a certain range?  That could be interesting...  It wouldn't get rid of them, just help you deal with the locals.

The "field that makes them hostile to each other" thing could work for the plants, instead (not both, obviously), or perhaps some kind of disease?  Something communicable to each other that makes them take small damage over time, and perhaps lowers local plant spawn...  Again, it wouldn't fix the world, but it could be quite useful for dealing with a local infestation.

The only thing I can think of for the blob is some sort of wide-area weapon that does no damage but does split all blobs once... or maybe something that de-evolves zombies in the area?  Would be a nice way to deal with hulks...  But mostly, zombie/blob just needs a good beat-down, so I don't think it needs much.

Any thoughts?  Other methods of dealing with the locals?  Any thoughts on how to implement some of those ideas?
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Re: Improving the situation
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2017, 02:38:54 PM »
Fungal and triffid are supposed to be enemies.

We could give triffides more weapons. Triffid could emit a pheromone field that suppresses spore-releasing, and kills floating spores and fungal bed, within certain radius.