Author Topic: Makeshift Command Center - Zombies appeared inside a secured building?  (Read 1293 times)

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That only helps with NPCs in your group.  NPCs that aren't following you would still be free to take your stuff, then stick you with a morale penalty if you killed them to get it back (since there's no way to "rob" them like they can do to you).

Oh, so the "No NPC Pickup" zone only applies to allied followers? Well... shit. *scurries off to board up all his windows*

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P.S: Do the NPCs inside the building start running when you encounter them?
NPCs inside the base did not run away when I approached they just maintained their position.

The recruited NPCs were assigned to guard their position and only attack enemies that are within reach.

The zombies that were inside the base were not in the same room as the NPCs so perhaps they hadn't been disturbed by their presence yet.

(Sorry about the late reply.)

. . .It also keeps track of how many hours NPC companions spend on the jobs you can assign to them in those areas, paying accordingly.

I wasn't aware you could assign jobs to NPCs. Could you please tell me how to do this?