Author Topic: Jewel's Tale, Chapter 1: The Wrong Kind of Pain  (Read 1127 times)

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Jewel's Tale, Chapter 1: The Wrong Kind of Pain
« on: August 23, 2017, 03:42:31 PM »
--{ Chapter 1:  The Wrong Kind of Pain

She came to consciousness at some point when they were operating on her.

She knew this, because it hurt.  Intensely.

She could hear voices.

"Are you sure she can't feel this?  It sounds like she can feel this."

"FUCK.  I did it wrong again.  I don't think this one's going to last long, either."

The pain had that wrong feeling to it.  She'd never known pain before, none of which she could recall, but somehow, her body could tell.  Whatever just happened was not good.

"Get it out of here."

"Her, you mean?  She may be a cybernetic organism, Jacob, but she's still an organism."

"Whatever you say.  We're done with it for today."

Jewel heard a whisper at her ear.  "Shhhhh, quick pinch, and then the pain will go away."

Suddenly, Jewel realized the keening sound had been coming from her.  She'd been making that noise.

"HEY!  What are you doing?  We need tho-"

"Hush, Jacob.  If nothing else, it will stop the noise she's making."

"I should have you written up for wasting company resources on a failed cybernetic organism."

"Fine, have me written up.  There, see?  Nice and quiet."

The other person was right.  Jewel did feel....not better, but not hurting as much.  It was like a barrier had been thrust up between her and the pain.  She could tell it was there, but it was no longer scrubbing at raw nerves.  The needle was removed from her arm.

The man named Jacob had a rough, dangerous edge to his whiny voice.   "Now, get that thing off of my operating table.  We have others to work on.  This one's done.  Throw it in the basement.

The unnamed voice was much more gentle, but Jewel couldn't tell whether it was male or female.  It didn't really matter.  Gentleness didn't have a gender, and as far as she was concerned, she was grateful for being treated like something worthy of gentleness by this other creature.

"Very well. "  An amused note touched the voice.  "Try not to botch any more installations, Jacob.  I can't tell, but you might actually be getting worse at this."

Jacob snarled in the distance as Jewel was wheeled out of the room, lights passing over her half-closed eyes.

Eventually, no more lights passed.  There was no light at all.  In the deep darkness, amidst periodic beeps and whirrs of electronics and bionics, she felt gentle hands reach under her and lift her off the traction bench strapped to the gurney.  The gentle voice came close to her ear again.

"Despite what Jacob says, it's not too late for you. We've successfully implanted into you some cybernetic modules which enhance your combat. You can read and write, you can reason, and if my guess is correct, you can also feel."

There was the sound of scribbling, and something flat and smooth was slid into her left hand. "Get out of here, Jewel. I can't take you past the turrets on the surface, but I know you can make it. And if you get out of here, please do what you can to save the others. I wish you the best of luck."

A soft, cool hand pressed gently to her forehead before disappearing, carried away by swift steps into the darkness.