Author Topic: Jewel's Tale, Chapter 2: Promises in the Dark  (Read 888 times)

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Jewel's Tale, Chapter 2: Promises in the Dark
« on: August 23, 2017, 03:44:08 PM »
--{ Chapter 2:  Promises in the Dark

Jewel lay there, numb, listening to the clicks and whirrs of the lab for a few minutes, until the cold started to creep in.  These were not her usual chambers, and she didn't have her jumpsuit; they'd asked her to leave it in the room before heading to the Testing Center.  She shivered.  It was time to go.  She didn't know where, but the Kind Person had mentioned the surface.  That indicated she was underground, and needed to head up.

Clutching the stiff object the Kind Person had put in her hand, she struggled to stand, her head still swimming.  Halfway up, her hip spasmed and she fell again, her face slamming into the floor.  It was painful.  She stood up, slower this time, her eyes making a strange sound when she blinked into the inky blackness.  They felt strange, and with a humourless snort, Jewel realized that the sound they made when she blinked reminded her of a camera shutter.  "Maybe it will give me a photographic memory," she mumbled.

After righting herself, Jewel still felt shaky and unwell.  Whatever CBM, or Compact Bionics Module, Jacob had attempted to install in her made a sickening, squishy feeling somewhere around her heart.  Or maybe it was her lungs?  It was difficult to tell, but it was obviously not good.  It left a constant, trickling, burning sensation.  She needed to find a way to remove it as soon as possible.

Priorities, though.  Gotta stay focused.  "Come on, Jewel.  Let's see what this is, and then let's get some clothes somehow."  Feeling at the stiff object, she recognized it as the folder they kept on the stand next to her face while they worked on her.  She frowned, distracted.  What good was a folder to her?

As she focused, she became aware of an alarm going off in the distance.  That probably explained why all of the lights were off.  Still, there should be emergency lights somewhere.  She placed her hand on the cool stone wall to her left and began walking, very carefully, the other hand outstretched with the folder so she wouldn't run into a wall face-first.  Before long, her outstretched fingertips touched a metal door, and she pushed it slowly open.  Damn things.  Didn't matter how careful you were, they made a _lot_ of noise.  Despite her best efforts, it made a thunderous KA-CHUNK behind her, and she winced.  She held her breath for a couple of moments, then sighed and relaxed.  Just in time to hear a scream.

"WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!"  Something shrieked in a digital voice, just on the other side of the wall.  Jewel felt massive claws extend from her normally short-trimmed nails as she jumped, her fight-or-flight response obviously deciding on the former.  It was one of the few CBMs Jacob installed correctly, but unfortunately, it rendered her unable to hold anything.

She dropped the folder and automatically tried to catch it, the reaction ingrained into her from years of reflex training, and was rewarded with the sound of paper shredding as she did so.  Dismayed, she whimpered and willed the claws to retract.  They complied, and she felt the telltale electrical shock that signaled a power dump.  She wouldn't be able to use the claws again, not until she found a way to charge her internal power.  She shook her head; she'd have to worry about that later.  She scooped up what she could of the shredded folder and papers, and put them in her pocket.  She had a headache from the power dump, but at least her hands were free, now.

Time to go.  The voice on the other side of the wall followed her footsteps.  "HELP ME!!"

She gritted her teeth and picked up the pace.  She would be back.  She promised the pained voice in the dark that, once she was in better shape, she would return.  She just hoped it would be in time.