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The beta test version of Android
« on: September 14, 2017, 01:16:31 PM »
Hey everyone,
I posted this on the CDDA forums but figured I should relay it here too.
I've spent the last few weeks porting Cataclysm: DDA (0.C Experimental) to Android, and have just launched an open beta test on Google Play. I'll be releasing this for free when it's done.
Google Play
APK Downloads
Tilesets, sound, localization, lua mod support
Backwards compatible with desktop 0.C save games
Stores game data in a publicly writeable location:
Supports installation of custom tilesets, mods, soundpacks, and save games
Works with a physical keyboard or virtual keyboard & touchscreen
Auto-saves when the app loses focus (screen locked, switched apps etc.)
Highly customizable touch controls and automatic in-game contextual shortcuts
Swipe:                Directional movement (hold for virtual joystick)
Tap:                  Confirm selection (menu) or Pause one turn (in-game)
                      (hold to Pause several turns in-game)
Double-tap:           Cancel/Go back
Pinch:                Zoom in/out (in-game)
Back button:          Toggle virtual keyboard
                      (hold to toggle keyboard shortccode)
At the bottom of the screen you will sometimes see keyboard shortcuts.
Many screens within the game already have convenient shortcuts assigned, but as you play, typing a key will add it to the shortcuts for that screen.
Remove a shortcut by flicking up on it. Hold it down to see help text.
Android-specific options live under Settings > Options > Android.
Adjust terminal size under Settings > Options > Graphics (req's restart).
For the best keyboard experience, use an SSH-friendly virtual keyboard such as "Hacker's Keyboard" on the Google Play store.
Known issues:
On certain devices all text will appear garbled. This is a hardware acceleration bug in SDL. A temporary workaround is to rename '/sdcard/Android/data/com.MichaelDavies.CataclysmDDA/files/gfx' to 'gfx-temp', launch the game, enable 'Options > Graphics > Software rendering' and set 'Options > Android > Screen orientation' to 'Landscape', save + quit, and finally rename gfx-temp back to gfx.
As the game uses quite a bit of memory, it's likely that Android will kill the game when you switch focus to another app, especially on devices with <= 2GB of RAM.
Performance will obviously vary depending on your device. I've found it very playable on an HTC One M8 for reference.
Auto-saving when the app loses focus seems to work great, but I'm still a little nervous about it, as it means a quicksave can be triggered while you're in the middle of an in-game screen (eg. talking to an NPC, modifying a vehicle etc.) So if you want to play it safe, try and only lock your screen if you're in the main game view awaiting your turn.
I plan on running the beta for the next 3-4 weeks, but once it's released I'll continue working on it periodically.
Everyone is welcome to contribute to the source code. Please don't be shy with bug reports, feedback and suggestions.

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Re: The beta test version of Android
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2017, 01:20:33 PM »
That's neat, I would like a copy.

I wonder how different it will be from the Android port already out there.

Oh! I see what happened. You cut and pasted that from somewhere else, and it IS the regular Android version you are talking about. I think all of those got errors you listed at the bottom got fixed (by my buddy who lives in the Montana wilderness and charges his tablet with a generator, so he needs an Android version or there is no fun to be had) and pushed to the latest Google Play version.
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