Author Topic: We make bad suggestions and come up with horrible ideas  (Read 1096893 times)

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Re: We make bad suggestions and come up with horrible ideas
« Reply #3900 on: October 28, 2017, 05:25:25 AM »
Found this on reddit, I believe it will be appreciated.

I was just thinking that apparel could come with detailed pockets and pocket space such as:
Side pocket (left) (open) (0.5L/1L) Contains: plastic bottle of clean water.
Side pocket (right) (closed) 0L/1L (empty)
Inside pocket (left) (open) (0.75L/1L). Contains: USP .45 ++++
And so on.
Various apparel have pockets of various sizes. Hiking backpacks could have 4-8 small side pockets (plus a big main compartment). Potentially have differences in pocket accessibility: quick/normal/slow access. Alternatively assign each pocket a numerical accessibility value. Backpacks should be very slow to access.
Pockets have various sealing mechanisms: strap and plastic buckle (slow, silent), snap buckle (fast, makes noise), leather strap and metal buckle (slow, makes noise), velcro (fast, makes noise), normal button (slow, noiseless), snap button (fast, makes a little noise), an open unsealable pocket (fast), zipper (moderately fast, makes minimal noise).
Skilled tailors could change the sealing mechanism.
Pockets left open could potentially drop their contents under heavy action (running, melee fighting), depending on item bulk. It should be possible to overfill a pocket with a large item, such as by placing a plastic bottle in the small chest pocket (left) of an office shirt, thus making the bottle half exposed, and making the pocket unsealable. The more the item exceeds the pocket capacity, the more likely the item is to drop out. Inside pockets should have more resistance against unintentional item discard, even when unsealed.
Certain backpacks, bags, briefcases and jackets could have hidden compartments. Their bulk and contents are hidden unless (and until) specifically checked. That should make finding containers with hidden compartments bit more exciting. We could have two types of hidden compartments: rigid and soft. Soft compartments with items inside them should be easier to spot. The bigger the item volume, the bigger the chance to spot. Only briefcases could have rigid hidden compartments, and always remain equally hidden regardless of item volume. Upon cutting up or disassembling an apparel with an unfound hidden compartment, the contents could be found, and possibly damaged in the process.
Next up: Ability to sew items inside apparel...

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Re: We make bad suggestions and come up with horrible ideas
« Reply #3901 on: October 28, 2017, 10:22:07 PM »
I actually like the idea of overstuffing objects with a chance to loose them...

But, managing pockets... I feel a bite wound would become infected by the time I found my first aid kit and die before figuring out which pocket I put my antibiotics in.
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Re: We make bad suggestions and come up with horrible ideas
« Reply #3902 on: October 31, 2017, 07:15:58 PM »
Some random ideas Ive thought up involving NPCs without having to actually code anything just use of the Console. Sorry if someone else has mentioned this sort of thing before:

TLDR: Using the console to allow NPCS to craft and build for you with the appropriate items and skills. Also trading for basic goods that uses INT and the Barter skill, and Custom Missions from the Govt Representative to clear out areas for some MREs and stuff, encountering Mutant NPCs, NPCs driving vehicles for you

I've seen it mentioned before that people wonder why NPCs can't construct things (fences etc) or cook food and stuff while you're out looting/scavenging. In a way, they can, though its a little hacky/consoley and requires your willing to roleplay.

If an NPC has the skill to cook things, like for example Meat Jerky. You place a pile of the materials required at wherever you cook (Ten meat chunks, the salt needed etc) . Lets say they cook x10 of them. It takes 3 hrs in game. So if you've been out scavenging or whatever or are doing other things at your base, after 3 hrs or more they finish cooking it: You take the raw materials needed to make it and destroy them and then spawn the finished meat jerky. In this way, NPC can 'craft' for you though like I said it requires some roleplaying/console use on your part.

And for construction lets say you want them to build 4 sandbag barricades:  You get the 8 canvas sacks and the sand needed, and it takes 4 hrs to build. After 4 hours pass in your game, it gets built (You spawn it via console, and destroy/place the items needed in a seperate pile somewhere; in case you ever were to 'deconstruct' them for example)

Other random thought for trading:

You could find a secure/ideal place that you clear out or create with tents to make a Trading Post. At this you could trade extra/excess stuff you have for basic goods (Some foods and improvised gear; no Bionics etc as a matter of game balance) Your intelligence and barter skill could come into this calculation. Lets say that 3 meat jerky costs $200, depending on your barter/int it would get adjusted (Example: you have 8 int and 0 barter so you have to pay $300 for the jerky, something like that) Whereas if you had 4 barter it would reduce the buying price by like 20% or something (Thus making a use for the Barter skill) Keep in mind that I play with higher item spawn rate so I usually have extra stuff I could trade. The trading posts could have a demand for certain items every 7 days or something (Example: you roll a d10 and you get a 1, 1 being food so if you traded excess food you get a 10% bonus to the selling price because they need food more than tools/weapons) The Refugee Centers could also fulfil the role of a Trading Post in this way.

And also with the Refugee Center, the Government representative guy could give you 'missions' I.E. Clear out the city next to us of Zombies/Threats and I'll give you 10 Mres when you're done, something like that. Or he could want you to gather blood samples/pictures of dangerours monsters (Jabberwocks and so on) and would pay you in MREs or something

One other Idea that I saw someone post on the Cataclysm DDA Reddit (Not my original idea): To encounter mutant NPCs, you could roll a d10 or something and that could determine if they are a mutant and what kind (Example: You roll a 1, they are standard human, you roll a 2, they are a spider, you roll a 10 they are a chimera, etc. etc.)

Another idea I thought of: NPCs driving vehicles, again using the console you could drive your main vehicle and NPCs back to base, then using the console teleport back to another vehicle and also drive it home (As if one of your group drove the vehicle behind your main one or whatever.) Sure again a little hacky but it works with imagination/Roleplaying.

Anyway those are just some random ideas I thought of, if other people might have fun with that then go for it, and if its not your cup of tea thats fine too. I know its a bit hacky/arbitrary but its a way to have more trading/NPC interaction without anyone having to actually code the behavior/features directly in, just requires some imagination on your part.

Have fun Humans (and my Fellow Mutant) survivors.

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Re: We make bad suggestions and come up with horrible ideas
« Reply #3903 on: October 31, 2017, 08:00:56 PM »
What is this?, good but possibly hard to implement ideas? not on my watch!

Terrible idea:Holiday events!

Since the game does not use months, but ratter seasons we use those, so every 25 of winter if your survivor has not done anything bad (eaten people, killed innocents, etc..) a survivor in a red coat comes to visit you and leaves you a present, if you have been bad however...
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so be good, because post apocalyptic Santa is always watching
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what other seasonal events could the game have?
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Re: We make bad suggestions and come up with horrible ideas
« Reply #3904 on: October 31, 2017, 10:39:32 PM »
This is a great idea:
Instead the hassle of manually trying to determine if your survivor lives or dies and at what time by playing the game and waiting for the end, after you create a character it immediately skips to the death screen and details a few events that led up to your characters death. These events would be randomized and would entirely depend on your skills, traits, profession, starting area, and scenario that you picked in character creation.

This system would keep my play hours short so I could go outside or something irl.