Author Topic: Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures  (Read 61739 times)

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Welp, I'll be back to occasionally lurking. Forum's still FUBAR on my shiny Windows 10 desktop, but works on my old potatotop. :V

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I came to say hi, hi!

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Welcome, Rumpelstiltskin!
Actually I tried to write rumpel but the phone corrected it and I seriously love that name so I'm really really sorry
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If you have questions about my posts, send me a PM.

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well I swung by again briefly. So hi agian. Though I fear it will be a while till I get to pop in again. My internet has fallen apart. replacing the modem seemd to fix it but I am thinking now that it is another filtering issue. We are looking to switch to charter but apparently they aren't available yet, despite having torn up the right-of-way through our neighborhood.

All our home phones are filtered now but that doesn't seem to keep the modem from re crashing and going into 24-7 trying to reboot and failing mode after the first hour or so. My only guess at this point is that one of the filters are failing. though we went a couple years without filters before we had this problem the first time.

Unfortunately all the mucking around with the modem has factory reset it again I guess, and I didn't write down the ATT masterpasword for the account and stuff despite thinking that I did when I condensed our plethora of accounts into one -_-

so yeah,

tldr; my internet is trash right now, and not going to be running for the foreseeable future. I only got this out because in a hotel room saying hello to the sweet sweet internet for this brief stint. So, Hi. Bye. hope to see yall again sooner than later.
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