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Re: Veins of the Earth
« Reply #30 on: March 21, 2015, 10:51:13 AM »
Beta 7 is out!

Enjoy a load of bugfixes and content additions!
Metamagic feats, archery feats, (more) usable skills, spell points system, wounds and vitality system and more!

Grab it from GitHub or Bitbucket. Alternately wait for ModDB.


* bug fix - FBO lua error on save load
* bug fix - Lua error & nil exp for creatures with CR in-between table values
* bug fix - character creation screen now does check if a character save already exists
* bug fix - flavored amulets spelling
* bug fix - incorporate the engine fixes for ActorSeenDisplay, making the switch work
* bug fix - shooting not using the weapon's designated crit damage
* bug fix - flyers showing for critters outside lite range
* bug fix - assassin name typo
* bug fix - charges being displayed off or not displayed at all for multiple lines of spells in a spellbook
* bug fix - training stat tracker values are now properly zeroed when increasing stat
* bug fix - no more Lua errors on right clicking talents
* bug fix - no longer having to drop the fireball on yourself
* bug fix - visited zones not being saved leading to Lua errors when changing level
* bug fix - spell failure not canceling spells properly
* bug fix - cheat resurrect no longer throws errors if you happened to die while encumbered
* bug fix - Summon Monster I works as intended
* bug fix - used up arrows and/or thrown weapons are now properly removed
* bug fix - summons' tooltips no longer throws an error [Castler]
* bug fix - mage armor spell no longer warns you when you use it on yourself [Castler]
* bug fix - map no longer going under UI on left-hand side [kudos to Castler for pointing out the fix]
* bug fix - level up achievements now achievable

* update to T-Engine 1.3.0
* make use of engine updates, including room generator & ego functions
* enable sound capabilities
* new spells - divine favor, entropic shield, doom, shield of faith, deathwatch, summon monster II,
* new feats - Master Craftsman
* new NPC: human/dwarf/drow healer, drow tavernkeeper
* sorcerers and shamans now use a spell points system instead of Vancian spellcasting
* implement room descriptions
* hirelings now use party member code from ToME
* implement vitality/wounds system
* implement metamagic feats - Extend, Empower and Maximize Spell
* implement Precise Shot and Far Shot feats
* implement Jump, Intimidate, Heal skills
* implement spell points & psionic power
* consumables now stack
* humanoid NPCs now carry food & light sources
* some animals are now neutral and vermin now constitute their own faction
* unwearable items are highlighted in red; unusable ones in blue
* drow noble house is now named after the House that inhabits it
* can now throw thrown weapons
* low Int characters get separate answers now
* log message is shown when player gains EXP
* UI improvements and bugfixes for feat select screen [Castler]
* stair tooltips show where they lead to if you've been there at least once
* AI no longer walks into chasms/lava/water
* game options screen displayed before the first level is generated
* implement talent configuration from ToME
* item creation debug screen now allows hand-picking egos to be generated
* fixes and improvements to magic item generation

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Re: Veins of the Earth
« Reply #31 on: May 04, 2015, 08:04:55 AM »
Beta 8 "Mayfly-December Romance" is here! Grab it from here.

* bug fix - no more artifacts dropping on dlvl 1
* bug fix - init sound on loading game from a save
* bug fix - give humanoid NPCs weapon proficiencies
* bug fix - no more errors on log in healer chat
* bug fix - damage logged now includes all increases
* bug fix - effects outside sight range are now forced to be silent
* bug fix - shoot no longer throws a Lua error if you have a shooter but not ammo
* bug fix - can now drag items to hotbar without errors
* bug fix - hotbar will not burp errors when there are no charges at all
* bug fix - increase rarities of large+ vermin
* bug fix - amulet ASCII symbol not showing up
* bug fix - difficulty selection not being saved/displayed properly
* bug fix - Oathbow not counting as ranged weapon
* bug fix - personal reaction not used at all, leading to attacked neutrals not turning hostile
* bug fix - don't show talent cooldown if it's 0
* bug fix - no more option to wear things with INVEN slot
* bug fix - adjust food rarities and add a message on eating
* bug fix - spending a night with a courtesan counts now as resting
* bug fix - buttons overlapping in Help screen
* bug fix - encumbrance no longer considered detrimental
* bug fix - update the tutorial to mention wounds
* bug fix - add sex to character screen
* bug fix - wrap up Power Attack rework and update description
* bug fix - don't display pseudo ID tags on paperdoll
* bug fix - make the specific class resolver actually work
* bug fix - fix the HP allotted by both random and specific class resolver
* bug fix - don't show decimals in special damage messages
* bug fix - assorted spelling fixes
* bug fix - blindness/deafness now allows a save and uses the same TalentDialog code as other spells
* bug fix - cheat resurrect now restores mana, if any, and wounds

* added Symbola font and used it on map
* new zones: temple, drow temple
* new magic properties: weapons - bane corresponding to all monster types, aligned, elemental, elemental burst; wondrous items - of slow digestion
* uncommented fortification code, spiked armor and shields egos
* new item tiles: belt, girdle, club, helmet, mushroom, long composite bow, short composite bow, hand crossbow
* new NPC tiles: drow noble male, phantom fungus
* changed ASCII symbol for bullets
* changed ASCII symbols for grick, azer, djinn, efreet, xorn
* changed ASCII colors for lillend, barghest, some vermin
* changed ASCII symbols and colors for drider, will o'wisp, quasit, thoqqua
* added distinctive colors to individual mephit and formian classes
* added paperdoll graphics for almost all weapons (except double sword)
* added tips on loading zone level
* implemented the Luck stat
* implemented Monkey Grip feat
* implemented proper DC calculations for spells
* random and default buttons in character creation screen
* increase spellcaster classes skill points allotment to 4
* ammo capacity is now randomized
* some bags now limit what can be put in them (so an ammo belt will accept only ammo)
* the HUD now informs you that you are on the worldmap or gives you the zone name itself for other zones
* many dialog lists are now colored to help distinguish between good/bad/neutral options
* character sheet now takes all attack modifiers into account when displaying your attack
* the character screen now has a tab listing all effects you have
* the player character can now have children of his/her own
* if you die but have a child(ren), you can keep playing as one of the kids
* improved the loot generator
* skills are no longer hardcoded
* AI can now pick up items from the floor and swap weapons
* players can keep a ranged weapon in the shoulder slot and swap weapons with a keypress
* you can now wield, take off or use items with a keypress giving you a list of all applicable items
* improved combat messages
* neutral NPCs can now be told to move aside/swap places with you
* neutral NPCs who turned hostile due to attacks will slowly decay towards neutral again if not attacked
* add specific class levels to sages, courtesans, guards
* add more skill kits/update their descriptions
* giant ant queen CR bumped up and brought closer to PF version
* the player will now stop running automatically in some cases (chats, nasty stuff happening)
* worldmap now uses its own sight range
* code attacks of opportunity
* added outline to ASCII entities

In other news, while brainstorming monster CRs, I discovered our monster listing (not counting neutrals/townies) is already longer than Incursion's :)

P.S. Build name is totally on purpose - it was 1 May, after all!

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Re: Veins of the Earth
« Reply #32 on: May 20, 2015, 11:56:06 PM »
From the title I thought this was going to be a Dorf thread... I'm not disappointed though, this actually looks like a pretty interesting game.

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Re: Veins of the Earth
« Reply #33 on: May 21, 2015, 05:44:24 PM »
Thanks for the kind words and please give it a play - next beta won't arrive before 9 June, as that's when I hand in my MA.

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Re: Veins of the Earth
« Reply #34 on: September 12, 2015, 10:06:30 PM »
Giving it a whirl.  I'll let ya know what I think.

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Re: Veins of the Earth
« Reply #35 on: September 16, 2015, 01:36:36 PM »
Kryxx, are you running the newest beta or the bleeding edge?

Anyway, waiting for the feedback.

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Re: Veins of the Earth
« Reply #36 on: January 30, 2016, 08:09:06 PM »
Latest beta was in early January and I'm still working on the game!