Author Topic: Dust's Stupid RP Bullshit Thread [Starting 15 Years Later]  (Read 14121 times)

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Re: Dust's Stupid RP Bullshit Thread [Starting 15 Years Later]
« Reply #120 on: August 06, 2015, 08:06:52 AM »
So, I'm the girl that wrote 15 Years Later as a game to play with my uni friends, and it seemed fairly popular with them so I've shared the PDF with a few people I know online and kept working on it in my spare time. There's a wiki I've put together for the current version of things (I've tweaked bits here and there; mostly made the rules around combat a little more tactical, and made the mad plague cultists playable and kinda relatable), which is here.
I'm kind of amazed that total strangers have played my game, and thought I'd stick my head in to say hello.

(apologies for the horrible necropost here, I know the thread's been dead like a year but figured it was worth it)
Well this was an unexpected but pleasant surprise! Haven't been on this forum in awhile, but my friend made sure i checked it out. Think I saw you on /tg/ maybe a week or so ago too (then again, plenty of people claim work as their own).

Checking out the wiki though, looks pretty awesome. Thanks for dropping by!
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