Which feature should get the most attention next?

Air-Drops (will try to add "factions and licences" for a sort of "reputation system" to unlock better drops and care packages.)
57 (54.8%)
Chemical system (break it up into categorised and grouped raw chemicals, so no more "aspirin to Gasoline" sort of transformations. Chemicals will be grouped on if they are flammable, provide psychometric stimulation etc)
26 (25%)
3D printing (will try to add more flexibility to the items to be created, and might make a "liquid metal" printer too increasing the usefulness of this feature by expanding it to make items and tools out of metals)
14 (13.5%)
Zero-point (if anyone finds these crazy yet powerful items fun I can create a few more, items with dual functionality or the ability to change one raw material into another for example.
5 (4.8%)
Make something new instead of refining the current features, leave comments and I'll do my best to work anything out :) I'm open to any and all suggestions
2 (1.9%)

Total Members Voted: 100

Author Topic: "Air-Drops", "Chemical Breakdown and Re-creation", "3D Printing", and more  (Read 25965 times)

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Sounds gnarly

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I've been poking at the stuff in your mod, and I find it really interesting, but some of it seems, well, horribly balanced. I know you've been busy with uni by your posts, and that you're picking things up with a focus on the Air Drop system (and your plans for that sound really interesting, by the way) - how would you feel about me picking up and fiddling with the 3d printing section of things, and seeing if I can maybe get that to a more balanced/playable state?

I.E. I guess how do you feel about a collaborator?

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Truly sorry for the hiatus, exams are right around the corner, but anyway, no excuses.

I'd gladly pass parts of the mod off at this stage, I sit down and blitz the mod for a good 3-4 hours, take a break and when I come back wonder what I was thinking and undo what I've done, so progress is glacial :/

If at this stage anyone would like to step in and take over an aspect of the mod I'd not only give them my blessing but I'd actually appreciate it.

Reply with what section you'd like command of and we'll work it out. My only request is that (well, apart from original credit lol) that if two or more want to collaborate then please make sure you work together :)

TaiGambol, if you want the 3D printing side of the mod that would be fine :)
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Duros, 15 sept, 2014

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@Duros thanks for your work, good luck on your exams :)
The main difference is we focus on content and internal systems

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Any updated versions around for the latest exp?

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Hello! If you want some suggestions, here's what I think:
Depending on the weather, some flights might get lost (mist, low clouds, storm), crash (thunderstorm, strong wind or even somethunderzombiegodzeus could shoot it down) and some events might happen to airdrop too, like parachute failure, package flies many kilometers away due to strong wind or being too early/late dropped from plane.

All low-tier airdrops should be WW2 like - big duffel bags with parachute attached. If materials ordered were in big quantity, then airdrop would contain few such bags, and they often would land some distance between each other (100s meters).

Sometimes player, in stead of an airdrop, should get a quest "check crashsite" to get what's still usable and/or look for survivors.